Himbara’s imaginary Wars

David Himbara is not capable of telling the truth. After giving us his insight in blood economics, his choice of priority news, he is now engaging in diplomacy. True to his style, distorting words and stretching lies as usual, he claims that the President of Rwanda lied about the state of the East Africa Community. For the warmongering exiled disgrace, any positive news makes him tic probably hoping that others join his solitude quest and exile.

To understand Himbara indigestion, it is important to note that the RNC chief liar distributor does not like peace. Peace and development go against his objectives, he wants war, refugees, destruction and despair. In the Interview Himbara refers to, President Kagame eloquently explained these wars ideas, these orchestrated provocations hoping for that war would serve their cause.

Desperate in his attempt to have war and destruction, having failed to start war in Rwanda; his new angle is that EAC is on fire, war amongst state members. Unfortunately for David, EAC is doing fine, there is no war, and airlines are flying around in EAC, buses and trucks are buzzing from one country to another. He would not know that from his exile, he would not understand that no matter how many fake news posts he publishes screaming war, screaming run, no one is running and no one is fighting.

EAC is as healthy as the European Union, with difficulties, disputes and resolutions.  If he were writing about the Brexit, our liar in chief would have sounded the alert for world war 3. If he was writing about the UN Security council, he would have us believe that we are about to witness a nuclear war. It is his way of life and we cannot hold it against him.

Himbara needs a war to survive (even a virtual one), to relieve his allergy to peace. What would he do if peace prevailed? The war narrative enables him to fund raise and fund his numerous delinquencies. After promising war in Rwanda and failing to deliver, now he wants to promise an interstate war to his sponsors. I guess he has to justify to himself why he is on the wrong side of history, so he detaches himself from reality. Any psychiatrist would recognize David’s delusions as schizophrenic and would treat him accordingly.


Himbara’s fixations in Rwanda

Usually, David Himbara, aka Rwabuzisoni, is fixated on the President of the Republic, Generals, Ministers and any loyal servant of the Republic. This week, as we commemorate for the 25th time the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, he fixated on guest lists, heartless mathematics (which he called Genocide credit) and awkwardly, on an ambassador.

The ambassador in question, the Rwandan Envoy to Zimbabwe, was the focus of Himbara’s attention. A awkward post of the ambassador taking part in community service deserved tweets & facebook and medium blog. Interestingly, the Liar in Chief for RNC missed an important event. The captured FDLR trials.

Either the ambassador’s story is spin or the FDLR story is not important enough to deserve his typing. The arraignment of very senior FDLR officials should have him, who claims to be an educator, tweeting and blogging about the significance of such a trial as we commemorate 25 years since the Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.

My assumption of spin, distraction, is the lesser evil of assumption. The ultimate assumption, which he will refute, probably after blocking and reporting, is that he has lost touch with reality. He is not aware of what is happening that is news worthy, educational, and is locked down trying to scan social media for anything to comment about that he might use to remain relevant.

I might be wrong, but the only to find out is to ask him; Mr David, Chief RNC Propagandist, what can you tell us about the FDLR case in Kigali? What can you tell us about FDLR? How do you feel about their arrests? Surely, they deserve one or two tweets, posts, article? Don’t leave us in the dark, educate us! Yes, we know about your usual targets (Presidents, Generals, Ministers etc..) but how come you never mention once FDLR, even during the 25th commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsis?

To all his followers; avoid asking questions as he will simply block you, and move on to label you and attack you with an anonymous account. My advice is that you should follow him knowing very well that either he has a hidden agenda (which includes protecting FDLR) or he has no sense of newsworthiness hierarchy.

If you are appalled by his spin, his deliberate disinformation, then take the risk and ask him. Telling the ambassador’s story is funny but that there are more serious event that warrant his attention. We will then know whether or not he is capable of educating.

Himbara’s blood economics

David Himbara, busy blocking all posts and comments that makes him uncomfortable, has just publish a lesson in his blood economics. Where every other normal human being sees tragedy, he sees a skewed version of economics.

Publishing on medium, he claims Rwanda is losing Genocide capital reducing a millennium scale catastrophe to a mere game of numbers. Don’t bother engaging him, he will block any attempt to reply to his insane view of Genocide Capital.

Earlier, I posted the following;

“Himbara what do you mean by “Genocide capital”?

Such terminology identifies you, Himbara, as a card-carrying member of deniers of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Himbara, as a Tutsi yourself, you have permitted “the politics of the stomach” to deny the worst genocide against your own people.

What a craven, morally empty man you are!

In fact, what craven, morally empty all of you, those of your ilk that have among other things even joined forces with the likes of FDLR. FDLR! The very ex FAR and Interahamwe militias that were perpetrating mass murder, rape and crimes against humanity on innocent Banyarwanda.

Himbara, how do you even look at your face in the mirror?”

I wonder how long it will take him to delete, report, block. Meantime, we can give him a strong 10/10 for fakenews, immorality, and of course Economics.

Museveni is no Spiritual Father

Rwanda is not Uganda’s Spiritual son

A series of blogs, websites, Facebook accounts, etc… posted a rather offensively patronizing article claiming that Museveni is the spiritual father of Rwanda. Reminiscent to another spiritual father around in the region, the article almost grants the lands and hearts of Rwanda to the most merciful Yoweri Museveni.

The premise of the article is that Uganda spared Rwandan forces in Kisangani out of good faith, out of petty for a young army. Supposedly, Museveni had to beg his army to let Rwanda win, he begged his generals not to go all in and crash Rwanda. This argument confused me; does it mean Museveni deliberately sided with Rwanda in the Kisangani battle? Clearly, even for a spiritual father, this would be treason against his followers.

For a country that once had a “His Excellency, President for LifeField Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular”, we should really be concerned about these title giving exercises. If Museveni is Rwanda’s Spiritual Father, what is he in Uganda and what will he become tomorrow?

The article does give a perfect opportunity to address certain deliberate distortion of history. Uganda did not liberate Rwanda, just as Tanzania did not liberate Uganda. Attempting to take credit for the liberation of Rwanda would open Pandora’s Box on the validity of Museveni’s liberation of Uganda.

Written by Joshua Sebahororo, titled Mr Kagame Sir, ‘You Have NEVER Defeated Uganda Militarily And Never Will’ the article was circulated by the Nile wire, the New vision, posted on twitter, Facebook by NRM fans but curiously, it was also circulated by RNC and FDLR fans. Joshua probably only wanted to defend his nation’s pride, understandably defeat is a hard pill to swallow. Defending his President and attributing him spiritual leadership, a consolation price, instead of addressing the causes of systemic failures that are weakening Uganda.

Idi Amin was defeated with external help and Obote too was defeated with external help. Importantly, corruption, human rights abuse, cartel and mafia state capture and unholy alliances also contributed to the fall of Amin and Obote. Sebahororo should help his spiritual father that way. He should council his spiritual Father and give him the candide advice that he is obviously lacking.

I cannot attribute Joshua a high fake news score, after all, he simply explained UPDF’s defeat. Joshua gets a 6/10.

Fake Wars Part 2 (8/10)

Yesterday, I gave a 9/10 for fakenews to RPF Gakwerere… He had taken it upon himself to send 3 battalions in Congo, and even gave us the luxury of an exclusive with FARDC army officer (Congo’s army) conversing in a melange of English and broken Swahili. – Instead of French and good Swahili.

For my part 2 of this imaginary war, I want to present you with a screenshot

This time, his imaginary war takes us in Nyungwe, and it is complete with sensational military jargon – 60 mm and 81 mm mortars, self decorated Generals and Majors.

To summarize, according to Gakwerere, there is a war of epic proportions in one of the most visited natural parks of Rwanda. I wonder, what will he really do when tourist post their day in Nyungwe?

I do have to reduce his score to 8/10, he lacked the imagination of giving us a live interview and his choice for virtual battles are getting boring!

Seruga, the Kandiho’s son

If your country is Uganda why did you flee? You should have stayed and defended that so-called right;

This Belgium asylum seeker Ugandan Mukiga doesn’t know that Katuna border was never closed as claimed by his fellow anti-Rwanda partners; the border is under renovation works and will soon be completed; despite the works the border is still open for light traffic flow while heavy trucks are using Cyanika, Mirama Hills and Kagitumba border posts.

The diversionist SSeruga doesn’t want to tackle real issues at stake; Your central bank Governor Mutebire warned the Ugandan economy is shrinking, he advised your master to settle the differences with Rwanda or else Uganda will go back to Idi Amin days;

Seruga I will always remind you things you don’t tell your fellow nationals; Ugandan earns over 250 million dollars in exports from Rwanda; After Museveni promised Ugandans to find them other markets in DR Congo; Your people have been struggling to sell their produces since you blocked them from trading with Rwanda;

It’s important to recall that a few days ago Ugandan nationals were caught smuggling sugar and sweet potatoes from Rwanda; Seruga being the best at crafting lies will never tell Ugandans about this. You should have asked “how much is a kg of sugar in Kabale?” Rwanda remains fine.


Maybe Seruga Titus should tell the world if the American tourists in fact have been kidnapped the same way innocent Rwandans vanish! (You know, maybe the US government should check in CMI and ISO torture dungeons at Mbuya and Mbarara).

Seruga, the regime you always defend has failed Ugandans in all aspects of leadership. Uganda as a country has failed to secure her territory and citizens. After having turned into a chaotic empire, Uganda then embarked on scapegoating its many failures on Rwanda! You Seruga, a paid CMI tool, we know each and every mess that happens in your country is the responsibility of the regime of your paymaster – Exhibit 1510!

You should be telling Ugandans more about the murders of Yasin Kawuma, Ronald Ssebulime, the infighting between Police and CMI; arrests and torture of journalists, Mutungo land scandal (whereby ESO agents put Lady Justice Bamugemereire on gunpoint), and so on. Poor buffoon, you think lying will get your regime out of trouble!? It’s a matter of time before it collapses under the weight of its crimes.

On fighting Rwanda, don’t you ever delude yourself that Rwanda is afraid of her enemies. Besides shouting, Kalilugambo Seruga (who is calling for war between Uganda and Rwanda) has never been on a frontline! Ask your masters (Museveni, Saleh, Kandiho and Kaka) to tell you the lessons learnt by UPDF during the battles of “Kisangani1”, “2” and “3”.

I bet Seruga is the kind of fellow that runs away to hide under the bed at the sound of a pistol, lol ☺

Fake News Fake War

Advocates of War. 9/10

As an advocate for peace in the region and a consumer of social media news, fake news distributors and advocates of war are a problem for me. Should we standby as crazy conspiracies circulate freely to the point of starting imaginary wars? A few pages shocked me considering the level of insults and the level of lies. I had to do something; I had to respond with equal passion for peace in EAC and in the Great lakes.

I am certain that these creative storytellers have an agenda, so I will try to be polite and not fall to their level, I will even welcome them to post their replies on my blog (as long as no insults / threats are contained)

I have also created a Mucyo Fakenews Score (MFS) to rate these news based on how fake and how dangerous the news is. Hopefully, we will see less fake news and more debates on real issues such as energy, health and development.

So welcome to my 1st story with a strong 9/10 MFS….. It is that crazy.

RPF Gakwerere decides to write:


My source in DR CONGO army – FARDC. “Nduku, I have information that I am following up. Ule Kagame and his spies in FARDC plus Mai Mai Cheka have attacked Rwandans refugees in Kalehe, South Kivu. They have killed innocent people. I am a bit busy with other assignments but I will pass the info once I get the full picture.”

A few facts.

  • 3 Batallion = 3000 people; very hard to miss.
  • How will they get to South Kivu unnoticed in North Kivu or by MONUSCO?
  • His source, an FARDC that does not speak Swahili, but speaks English? (Nguku instead of Ndugu; Spies instead of espion)
  • My favourite part of this fakenews, “I am a bit busy with other assignments but I will pass the info once I get the full picture.” Really? You announce a war and take a break half way for other assignments?

This deserves a 9/10 If it had audio and video, I would have given it a 10/10   


FAKE NEWS found on social media – With my Comments

Found on Facebook – Gakwerere’s Imaginations

Who doesn’t know thqt Bihozagara was killed by the Burundian regimes RWANDOPHOBIA?

Here is the post

Another Son of the revolution – Muzehe Jacques Bihozagara, Being Assassinated by the same vampire.

On the 30th March 2016, in my social media post, I noted that I wouldn’t comment about Ambassador Jacques Bihozagara’s death without facts. Since Facebook is not under the protectorate of Kagame’s regime, I therefore have the right to air my analysis on the death of a public figure. As I post my analysis, Jacques Bihozagara’s son in law, who is a white Canadian, has written to president Nkurunziza demanding for the repatriation of his body back to Rwanda. I would like to inform readers that none of his relatives’ i.e brother or sister who lives in Belgium and France respectively has written to the Burundian authority demanding for such repatriation, before an exclusive investigation is done by the Burundian government. What I ought to point out is that, Ambassador Bihozagara’s family are under enormous pressure by the criminal regime in Kigali to ask/demand Burundi to repatriate Bihozagara’s remains.