Maybe Seruga Titus should tell the world if the American tourists in fact have been kidnapped the same way innocent Rwandans vanish! (You know, maybe the US government should check in CMI and ISO torture dungeons at Mbuya and Mbarara).

Seruga, the regime you always defend has failed Ugandans in all aspects of leadership. Uganda as a country has failed to secure her territory and citizens. After having turned into a chaotic empire, Uganda then embarked on scapegoating its many failures on Rwanda! You Seruga, a paid CMI tool, we know each and every mess that happens in your country is the responsibility of the regime of your paymaster – Exhibit 1510!

You should be telling Ugandans more about the murders of Yasin Kawuma, Ronald Ssebulime, the infighting between Police and CMI; arrests and torture of journalists, Mutungo land scandal (whereby ESO agents put Lady Justice Bamugemereire on gunpoint), and so on. Poor buffoon, you think lying will get your regime out of trouble!? It’s a matter of time before it collapses under the weight of its crimes.

On fighting Rwanda, don’t you ever delude yourself that Rwanda is afraid of her enemies. Besides shouting, Kalilugambo Seruga (who is calling for war between Uganda and Rwanda) has never been on a frontline! Ask your masters (Museveni, Saleh, Kandiho and Kaka) to tell you the lessons learnt by UPDF during the battles of “Kisangani1”, “2” and “3”.

I bet Seruga is the kind of fellow that runs away to hide under the bed at the sound of a pistol, lol ☺

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