FAKE NEWS found on social media – With my Comments

Found on Facebook – Gakwerere’s Imaginations

Who doesn’t know thqt Bihozagara was killed by the Burundian regimes RWANDOPHOBIA?

Here is the post

Another Son of the revolution – Muzehe Jacques Bihozagara, Being Assassinated by the same vampire.

On the 30th March 2016, in my social media post, I noted that I wouldn’t comment about Ambassador Jacques Bihozagara’s death without facts. Since Facebook is not under the protectorate of Kagame’s regime, I therefore have the right to air my analysis on the death of a public figure. As I post my analysis, Jacques Bihozagara’s son in law, who is a white Canadian, has written to president Nkurunziza demanding for the repatriation of his body back to Rwanda. I would like to inform readers that none of his relatives’ i.e brother or sister who lives in Belgium and France respectively has written to the Burundian authority demanding for such repatriation, before an exclusive investigation is done by the Burundian government. What I ought to point out is that, Ambassador Bihozagara’s family are under enormous pressure by the criminal regime in Kigali to ask/demand Burundi to repatriate Bihozagara’s remains.

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