Revealed: Museveni caught pants down delivering SFC Uniforms to ADF

Over the past couple of days Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) trolls have been disseminating one of the wildest anti-Rwanda smears to date. This involves a strange hoax involving Ugandan military uniforms (specifically SFC uniforms) that Congolese Authorities intercepted after they crossed over from Uganda, but which the CMI trolls are now claiming were “coming from a neighboring country” (by which they mean Rwanda).

One has to wonder whether these people are in fact sane individuals, to try such a foolish lie. Museveni who is senile with age is no longer capable of even imposing discipline upon CMI, to at least even lie competently!

The DRC authorities became suspicious about the truck which was carrying the Ugandan SFC uniform, after it crossed from Uganda to DR Congo at the Mpondwe Border post. Upon a search, the military attire was discovered. The first question of course was: what are these military clothes doing!! They had obviously been cleared by Uganda customs, and passed all security inspection in Uganda.

That is one thing that shows how ridiculous and childish the subsequent Ugandan propaganda stories (that “Rwanda sent Ugandan uniforms to DRC to help ADF!”) Secondly, the border post is an entire country away from Rwanda – if you know your geography, the Mpondwe border post is somewhere north of Lake Edward, and nowhere close to Rwanda.

There can only be one reason for the wild fabricated story by CMI to smear Rwanda: they were caught red handed (in Butembo) transporting military clothes to Museveni’s illegal armed proxy groups in DRC, of which he sponsors several. In fact the fact that the trolls are accusing Rwanda of sending the attire to ADF means it actually is Museveni himself that was sending them to the ADF! Remember the propagandist tactic of accusing someone else of the very thing you are guilty of? That is Museveni.

Moreover Museveni has his clandestine links with ADF, which he regularly uses as a smokescreen group, to perpetrate killings, or invasions of DRC using ADF as a pretext. One needs no reminder of what the leader of the ADF, Jamil Mukulu said in court in 2018, “Museveni’s government gave us logistics!”

What more proof would anyone ask for? While UPDF claims “it is fighting the ADF”, very coincidentally someone from Uganda has tried to smuggle SFC uniform into Congo. Really?? And who could it be? Who controls Ugandan borders, customs, the apparatus to order military attire, pay for it, and truck it? It is the state of course, of Museveni.

The man (and his brother Gen. Salim Saleh) will never, ever give up his criminal activities in the DRC. It is like a raging addiction in them to occupy at least sections of DRC to perpetrate their illicit activities there, and when caught in wrongdoing, of course Rwanda is always there as a scapegoat.

Companies affiliated to Saleh have been implicated in trafficking arms for cocoa within regions where they claim ADF to be. 14 tucks with Ugandan registration UAJ661R, UAD721Q, UAK878A, UAD749Q, UAJ653R, UAD727Q, UAH928U, UDE946L, UAJ660R, UAD719Q, SSD252H, UAQ826C, T403CSU, UBE440Z have been identified in the trafficking, via the Nobili border, carrying cocoa from the Beni region.

These are facts that explain what Mukulu was saying when he shouted in court, “This government of Uganda sponsors ADF; but if it is a terror organization, why do they support us with military logistics and finance?!” Then the terrorist leader added, “They [Ugandan regime] sponsor ADF every month, and it is a fact!”

Take it from the horse’s own mouth!

Of course, when the the ICC asked for Mukulu to be sent to the Hague, Museveni refused, fearing his terrorist partner might spill the beans!

Everything is just self-explanatory.


Few people in Museveni’s state criminal system are like Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho. The head of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Kandiho’s name evokes a fear in Ugandans last known in the dying days of Idi Amin, when a deranged killer known as Maliyamungu roamed the country. The difference of course is that Kandiho has killed in cold blood, assassinated, tortured, or confined more Ugandans to mass graves than Maliyamungu ever did!

Museveni’s tool of brutality has no human feelings, at all, and in that he actually is very much like his master Museveni. The difference is that Museveni knows how to deceive some members of the public with his clownish antics, and buffoon jokes and therefore can disguise himself. With Kandiho, the fellow even looks like death; a plague that operates from behind the scenes.

Therefore he is the perfect head of a secret agency of murderous thugs, finishing people on Museveni’s black lists. Kandiho is tailor made as head of a security organ of the ethno-fascist regime of Museveni, being at the heart of the planning and execution of large-scale massacres, targeted murders, and, also, the systematic persecution of Rwandans in Uganda.

Let’s break down just a few of the crimes against humanity Kandiho has perpetrated:

  1. In 2009, a Major by then, Kandiho served as a military officer at CMI and used to physically strangle people, after electrocuting and waterboarding them. The lucky ones would be shot dead, but whoever was on his kill list ended up in a grave sometimes with a decapitated body.
  2. Kandiho’s brutality attracted the attention of dictator Museveni who in 2014, at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Kandiho was made the Commander at the Makindye Military Barracks, the UPDF Military Police headquarters, and embarked on a full scale of massacring.
  3. One of his latest attempts, the failed assassination of the Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala on the instructions of Museveni to eliminate powerful and influential Baganda in their ethno-fascism politics. Unfortunately, the assassination attempt took the lives of Katumba’s daughter Brenda Wamala and driver Haruna Kayondo.
  4. Additionally, among the prominent Baganda killed by Kandiho, are AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, Sheikh Abdul Karim Ssentamu of whom they used the same style as the botched plot on Gen Wamala.
  5. Others include Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, senior state prosecutor Joan Kagezi, UPDF officer Maj Muhammad Kiggundu and senior Muslim leaders Abubaker Kiweewa, Abdul Kadir Muwaya, Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga, Sheikh Abdulrashid Wafula, Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya
  6. There are also other assassinations done by Kandiho like the killing of Ibrahim Abiriga, a Member of Parliament for Arua Municipality, he was shot dead by assailants riding on motorcycles, Hajji Nasser Ntenge Sebaggala, Sheikh Dr. Abdu Anas Kaliisa, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, Yasin Kawuma.

Elections mass massacres

  1. At the build of the Ugandan elections, Kandiho was Museveni’s pivotal guy in clamping down on Museveni’s opponents. He particularly targeted Bobi Wine and his supporters using drone vans to abduct them and kill them. Thousands are still missing, with mass graves in almost all forests across the country filled with bodies of NUP supporters killed by Kandiho.
  2. Ever since he came at the helm of CMI in January 2017, Rwanda-Uganda relations got more frosty. With Kandiho embarking on abducting, torturing, and killing Rwandans. So far, close to 4000 innocent Rwandans have been arbitrarily abducted and tortured by Kandiho and close to 50 unlucky ones who didn’t make it out of CMI torture chambers and died from there.


After 35 years of Museveni’s ‘steady progress’, jiggers are still a public health problem

Jiggers, a species of flea, has infected over 400 families in the Bwambara sub-county of the Rukungiri district. The most affected are Rushebeya, Kateramo, Kempazi among others all in the Kikongi parish Bwambara sub-county in Rujumbura country Rukungiri district.

According to John Tumushabe, Chairperson Lc1 Kateramo Cell in Kikongi Bwambara sub-county Rukungiri District, he has been receiving such reports from his cell members. “Parents are the ones to be blamed for this because they have failed to monitor the hygiene of their children.” So much to blame Ugandan parents when the Kampala regime is responsible for driving Rukungiri residents into absolute poverty due to the Rwandan border closure, leaving border communities and businesses deserted.

According to victim testimonies, their feet and toes are in a sorry state and jiggers have started moving towards the upper parts of the body. The situation is worsening and needs quick intervention from the government. Is dictator Museveni going to rescue Ugandans from the jiggers? Or is he waiting for the infestation to become an epidemic to solicit relief funds?

Water and sanitation are basic human rights, fundamental to every child and adult, but in Uganda, it seems a luxury to so many.

It is such a shame that in this time and era, jiggers are a topic of discussion in Uganda. What happened to “securing your future” and “steady progress” or is it stagnation?

Revealed: Museveni is behind Goma violence!

The usual suspects, Jonah Ruhima, Sulah Nuwamanya, and others in on the CMI payroll; have had a busy day trying to stir up ethnic violence in DR Congo. As usual, they are trying to drag Rwanda into their toxic policies of divide and rule this time using the Bandandi tribe.

Museveni’s trolls circulated fake news that the Rwandan National Police (RNP) was deployed in Goma. With the help of other anti-Rwandan elements, CMI moved to mobilize violence protest and looting on the hoax they created in thin air. Despite efforts by Congolese authorities to warn against the fake news, CMI and its allies flamed on and continued to incite ethnic violence.

It’s not the first time that Museveni fans ethnic violence in Congo. In Ituri, he is accused by the international community of pinning Lendu against Hema and vice versa. A 2001 Human Watch report and several other reports by the UN confirmed that Museveni was behind violent ethnic conflict in Ituri.

Museveni has tried this divide and rule tactics in other neighboring countries. In South Sudan, Kenya, and even Rwanda; all have accused him of interference, sabotage and hostile attempts to destabilize their countries.

The recent case in Goma is, however, uniquely damning for Museveni. All his known trolls on Twitter simultaneously pushed the rumor of RNP’s deployment in Goma. The same accounts were busy relaying graphic fake images to stir up sentiments and cause more violence. He is doing so to demonize Rwanda, in his usual devious schemes to destabilize the region! Moreover, Museveni is doing this inciting in total disregard of the safety and security of the people of Goma.

It confirms what has always been said about Museveni; he is the source of regional tensions and instability.

Ugandan regime mouthpieces push ‘shot smuggler’ narrative to divert attention

Kampala regime mouthpieces, Spryreports, PML daily, Watchdog Uganda, Chimpreports and Andrew Mwenda’s The Independent are in overdrive with stories distorting the facts about a Ugandan smuggler who was shot on Rwandan territory.

The subject in question Muhereza Sidini aka Swidini whom CMI-funded propaganda grossly mislead as a “Ugandan businessman”, was in fact a notorious smuggler. At the time he was stopped (inside Rwandan territory) he was armed with a spear and machete. He resisted a lawful order to stop. He instead opted to assault members of a Rwandan security patrol, brandishing his spear and machete. Is that how businessmen behave in Uganda?

Smuggling is a crime punishable by Rwandan laws, whilst in Uganda criminality like smuggling apparently is a legal business.

All the media outlets pushing anti-Rwanda propaganda (sponsored by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI) are in ‘all system go’ mode. One reason probably is to divert attention from the recently released 79 innocent Rwandans that spent over two years in Ugandan prisons, and in CMI, ISO torture dungeons. All were held incommunicado, denied access either to family visits or consular services.

The victims were arbitrary arrested, detained and tortured over trumped up charges of illegal entry and espionage. It’s also important to note that the Rwandan victims were never arraigned before any courts of law, yet on the contrary in all Ugandan criminal suspects held in Rwanda have been treated with their full rights, including family, and consular visits whenever their embassy required it.

Furthermore they were prosecuted; the convicts are serving their jail sentences whereas those proven innocent were acquitted. Yet CMI propaganda is fixated on manufactured articles, turning violent law breakers into “businessmen”.

The Rwanda-Uganda relations will remain bleak ad long as such is Uganda’s conduct.

Museveni ass licker Katureebe deliberately confuses smugglers with “businessmen”

The fictions of ass licker Obed Katureebe, a Munyarwanda minion of Senile Museveni, are getting crazier. The ass licker together with an army of other propagandists of the regime of Senile Museveni are straining to turn black into white, to convince their gullible readers that up is down.

The minions of the Matooke Republic have been shouting that “Rwanda has killed a Ugandan businessman”. But who is this so-called “businessman” that they claim was killed by Rwanda?

The fellow, one Sidini Muhereza was a notorious, but hungry Ugandan smuggler! Senile Museveni’s corrupt, incompetent regime has turned very many poor people of the Matooke Republic into smugglers.

Senile Museveni is personally on record, calling his poor citizens to resort to smuggling as a way of survival. This gave rise to dangerous, violent criminal gangs of smugglers that are desperate to get into Rwanda.

This Muhereza, whom ass licker Katureebe and other Matooke Republic minions are lying that he was “a businessman”, was another smuggler that turned violent. When a Rwandan security patrol stopped him, he attacked them with a spear and knife.

Poor Matooke citizens should know smuggling is against the law in Rwanda and that their senile careless ruler’s advise to smuggle is dangerous. Museveni long ago opted to incite his poor Matooke Republic citizens to smuggling crimes as a means of survival.

Ass licker Katureebe better advise his hungry criminal smugglers from the Matooke Republic against breaking the law. Their ruler lied to them and doesn’t care about anything but his kleptocratic rule and his Bahima dynasty.

Cheap propaganda will not help hungry smugglers in Uganda.

CMI troll Katureebe runs another fake “missing person” story

Ass licker Obed Katureebe aka Rpf Gakwerere is jumping on a fictitious “disappearance”, a routine lie for the troll. Paid by CMI and handled by Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe, Katureebe is always claiming people are missing, so as to smear Rwanda. His lies quickly fall apart, but he is completely undeterred. He just pushes ahead with more fake rumors.

Here is a review of some of his fictional “missing” persons that turned out to be a complete lie. When Diane Rwigara was hiding in her kitchen, a desperate attention seeking stunt, Katureebe claimed she had been kidnapped. The senile Museveni ass licker played the same song when Aimable Karasira went offline for reasons only known to him. Again Katureebe went berserk on Rwanda, claiming murder! Karasira was well, and is well.

Equally when convicted prisoner Cassien Ntamuhanga, a terrorist, escaped from prison Katureebe sounded alarms screaming “Rwanda has killed him!” But the fugitive was already in Uganda. Now he is in Southern Africa (with the assistance of the regime of Matooke Republic ruler Museveni) openly engaged in online anti-Rwanda propaganda. This propaganda is paid for by CMI of the Matooke Republic.

The list goes on. Constantin Tuyishimire, a TV1 presenter who went to join hostile militias was declared missing by hostile trolls (including Katureebe). But eventually it turned out the man had ended up in Burundi. Tuyishimire was beaten up and photographed by imbonerakures in Burundi. He learnt a very good lesson about faking his own disappearance, but ass licker Katureebe went on radio silence.

Now, the good for nothing troll claims Venant Abayisenga is missing. He can fool only his gullible readers. Katureebe, a failure in everything except ass licking, has woven a number of tall tales to boost every anti-Rwanda lie.

Every sensible person knows these terrorists that pretend they’ve “gone missing” always turn up in eastern DRC, alive and engaged in terrorism. Another fact that is public knowledge is that many times those on anti-Rwanda terror missions often pass through Uganda, with the facilitation of the regime of Museveni, senile ruler of the Matooke Republic. Usually, the terrorists first camp at Philemon Mateke’s hotel in Kisoro, because the old Parmehutu thug is their coordinator in Uganda.

Therefore, ass licker Katureebe should come clean, does he know if this Abayisenga too has passed through Uganda vis Mateke’s place? Has he checked with his CMI handlers Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe? Eventually, just like the Habib Mudathiru of RNC or Nsabimana Callixte of the FLN terror groups, these missing criminals will find their way back to prison where they belong.

Lapdog Katureebe smears Rwanda in attempt to sanitize Mukankusi

Sycophant Obed Katureebe, Senile Museveni’s Chief Ass Licker bounces back with more smears.

The delusional Katureebe (who goes by the Facebook pseudonym Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere) tries to project upon Rwanda the murderous modus operandi of senile dictator Museveni. Ass licker Katureebe writes the smear that “Charlotte Mukankusi’s husband was killed by the Rwandan government.” This is no surprise since all Kampala regime minions are under instruction to blame the Rwandan government for every death that occurs in the country, whether natural; whether from illness; whether from accident; whatever!

It’s important to recall that the alleged husband of Mukankusi, Alphonse Rugarama died a natural death. At the time of his demise, Alphonse had separated with Mukankusi. Mukankusi’s marriage to Alphonse just like her two previous marriages to other men failed because of her drunkardness and infidelity.

A pervert Mukankusi went on with her harlot character, she slept around with men which affected her performance where she served in different capacities. Furthermore the mentally unfit Katureebe claims that Mukankusi fled the country yet she was already abroad in sexual affair with terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa. Mukankusi was later dumped by Kayumba and moved on with Theogene Rudasingwa whom she said could not satisfy her sexual needs and bounced back to Kayumba.

But ass licker Katureebe’s smears are particularly ridiculous.

But why would Katureebe make this latest slander? We can’t forget Mukankusi is a high official of a terrorist group, RNC, that is Senile Museveni’s favorite proxy group in his plots to destabilize Rwanda. Therefore in their propaganda campaign against Rwanda (part of Senile Museveni and RNC’s overall anti-Rwanda strategy) Mukankusi is complicit in allowing ass licker Obed Katureebe weaponize a death, just to mudsling Kigali.

This RNC bigwig after all was given a diplomatic passport by the wicked Ugandan dictator to shuttle the region, mobilizing for terrorism, in long-term plans to attack Rwanda.

Katureebe attempts to paint a picture of Mukankusi as “an innocent woman”. In trying to play the sympathy card, Katureebe can’t erase the fact that Mukankusi is committed to terror, and works for a terror organization behind a spate of grenade attacks that killed 17 Rwandans, leaving widows, widowers, and orphans. Unlike the concocted accusations against Rwanda, RNC has blood on its hands.

Ass licker Katureebe however also always tries to portray Rwanda as if it is Uganda, which Senile Museveni long ago turned into an outlaw state. His mission is to kill and dominate his opponents both politically and economically.

The ass licker Katureebe and his senile patron however, sooner or later, will have to tell Ugandans about Gen. Aronda (killed for opposing the ‘Muhoozi Project’), Gen. Kazini, Brig. Mayombo, Col. Abiriga, AIGP Kaweesi, to name but a few.

In senile Museveni’s primitive understanding of things, he thinks Rwanda acts like him: killing his own citizens. Senile Museveni, when it comes to eliminating people, does not even spare ordinary wanainchi, innocent young women like Suzan Magara, Maria Nagirinya, Brenda Karamuzi (former girlfriend to Thomas Nkurungira) who used to hang out with with Odrek Rwabwogo), and others.

Senile Museveni’s chief ass licker can only fool his few gullible readers.

Deadbeat Sulah Nuwamanya pretends to preach love, yet he abandoned his wife and children

Sulah Nuwamanya, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored, mentally deranged RNC agent is at it again, commenting on things for which he has no competence.

From his CMI rented bedsitter in Mutungo, Kampala, the deadbeat dad is trying to make the Uganda-Rwanda bilateral meetings about him. Judging by Nuwamnaya’s post one would be forgiven to perceive that the Government of Uganda is negotiating on behalf of RNC terror group members like him. By claiming “disappointment” about the outcome of the latest Quadripartite discussions, he is definitely crying more than the bereaved.

First of all, the terrorist pseudo “NGO” that he and his bedmate Prossy Bonabaana have been hiding behind to plan terror against Rwanda has been smoked out. To see that the Museveni regime was shamed into publicly disowning the so called NGO (Self-Worth Initiative) meant that even the Ugandan ruler realized how exposed this terrorist outfit was, and feared that his (Museveni) links with it was becoming too public.

Therefore the shameless Nuwamanya and Bonabaana will just have to work clandestinely. Yet terrorist Nuwamanya still feels he has the guts to mud-sling Rwanda! The moral degenerate even has the nerve to lie that “Uganda has never kidnapped, or tortured Rwandans!” Uganda has shamefacedly been releasing illegally detained Rwandans, many that have suffered untold torture in the dungeons of CMI. No wonder the clown is trying to divert history.

What the motor mouth and his sponsors need to get in their heads is that none of their risible attacks against Rwanda from Uganda will stop the disintegration of the RNC terrorist group. And neither will it turn tables to give Museveni an upper-hand in the negotiations.

Another irony in the Facebook post of the morally degenerate Nuwamanya, is that while he pretends to be ‘preaching love’ he is in reality a deadbeat who abandoned his wife and four children.

The mental case pretends to be preaching love but at the same time attacks the Rwandan Government which in fact stepped in to help out his family, with such things as Mutuelle de Sante, and help with the kids’ tuition.

The loudmouth RNC stooge also should know Rwanda decides who its diplomats, or diplomatic staff are, so his constant slanders against Rwandan embassy staff in Uganda are just more laughable rantings.

Just in case Museveni cracks, RNC activist Nuwamanya looking for a second safe haven in Burundi

Sulah Nuwamanya, a Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist activist, and a number of other hostile anti-Rwanda fanatics have been desperately bootlicking Evariste Ndayishimye, the successor to the Burundian President. They praised so hard that one would be forgiven to confuse Sulah Nuwamanya and his fellow goons to be Burundians and members of the ruling party CNDD-FDD. Nuwamanya, RNC terrorists and other hostile forces based in Uganda have a special interest in Burundi. They recruit terrorist in Uganda, and send them to Burundi to attack Rwanda directly or via the DRC Congo.

It is a deniability game. To protect the Ugandan regime and cover their tracks, Ugandan based terrorist organizations always seek to attack from non-Ugandan borders. The trickery of proxy attacks collapsed with several terrorist caught and repatriated to Rwanda for trial. The Ugandan ruler’s plan were unmasked when militia leaders like Callixte Nsabimana of FLN or Mudathiru of RNC openly confessing to the support Museveni gives them.

The Ugandan regime was confronted directly with proof in the Luanda MoU meetings. Nuwamanya’s name extensively features in Rwanda’s proof that Uganda supports terrorist militias. Unable to deny it, the government of Uganda deregistered Nuwamanya’s shell NGO dumbed Self-Worth Initiative (SWI) but did not hold him responsible for subversive acts. Bizarrely, Museveni’s regime simultaneously reinforced security for Nuwamanya and his partner Prossy Bonaabana.

Nuwamanya and his SWI partners in crime now travel with convoys of CMI armed guards. They were moved to secured houses with 24 hours security. But as the cost of supporting them continues to increase for Museveni, they know it is just a matter of time before he sells them out hence their bootlicking of the future Burundian ruler. It is an old classic case of Museveni using and dumping ponds in his treacherous games.

For Sulah Nuwamanya, congratulating and bootlicking it is not only a way of soliciting support but also a way to secure a second potential hideout. They know how unreliable and how sensitive to financial loss their Uganda host is.