Fake Wars Part 2 (8/10)

Yesterday, I gave a 9/10 for fakenews to RPF Gakwerere… He had taken it upon himself to send 3 battalions in Congo, and even gave us the luxury of an exclusive with FARDC army officer (Congo’s army) conversing in a melange of English and broken Swahili. – Instead of French and good Swahili.

For my part 2 of this imaginary war, I want to present you with a screenshot

This time, his imaginary war takes us in Nyungwe, and it is complete with sensational military jargon – 60 mm and 81 mm mortars, self decorated Generals and Majors.

To summarize, according to Gakwerere, there is a war of epic proportions in one of the most visited natural parks of Rwanda. I wonder, what will he really do when tourist post their day in Nyungwe?

I do have to reduce his score to 8/10, he lacked the imagination of giving us a live interview and his choice for virtual battles are getting boring!

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