Himbara’s fixations in Rwanda

Usually, David Himbara, aka Rwabuzisoni, is fixated on the President of the Republic, Generals, Ministers and any loyal servant of the Republic. This week, as we commemorate for the 25th time the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, he fixated on guest lists, heartless mathematics (which he called Genocide credit) and awkwardly, on an ambassador.

The ambassador in question, the Rwandan Envoy to Zimbabwe, was the focus of Himbara’s attention. A awkward post of the ambassador taking part in community service deserved tweets & facebook and medium blog. Interestingly, the Liar in Chief for RNC missed an important event. The captured FDLR trials.

Either the ambassador’s story is spin or the FDLR story is not important enough to deserve his typing. The arraignment of very senior FDLR officials should have him, who claims to be an educator, tweeting and blogging about the significance of such a trial as we commemorate 25 years since the Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.

My assumption of spin, distraction, is the lesser evil of assumption. The ultimate assumption, which he will refute, probably after blocking and reporting, is that he has lost touch with reality. He is not aware of what is happening that is news worthy, educational, and is locked down trying to scan social media for anything to comment about that he might use to remain relevant.

I might be wrong, but the only to find out is to ask him; Mr David, Chief RNC Propagandist, what can you tell us about the FDLR case in Kigali? What can you tell us about FDLR? How do you feel about their arrests? Surely, they deserve one or two tweets, posts, article? Don’t leave us in the dark, educate us! Yes, we know about your usual targets (Presidents, Generals, Ministers etc..) but how come you never mention once FDLR, even during the 25th commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsis?

To all his followers; avoid asking questions as he will simply block you, and move on to label you and attack you with an anonymous account. My advice is that you should follow him knowing very well that either he has a hidden agenda (which includes protecting FDLR) or he has no sense of newsworthiness hierarchy.

If you are appalled by his spin, his deliberate disinformation, then take the risk and ask him. Telling the ambassador’s story is funny but that there are more serious event that warrant his attention. We will then know whether or not he is capable of educating.

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