Fake News Fake War

Advocates of War. 9/10

As an advocate for peace in the region and a consumer of social media news, fake news distributors and advocates of war are a problem for me. Should we standby as crazy conspiracies circulate freely to the point of starting imaginary wars? A few pages shocked me considering the level of insults and the level of lies. I had to do something; I had to respond with equal passion for peace in EAC and in the Great lakes.

I am certain that these creative storytellers have an agenda, so I will try to be polite and not fall to their level, I will even welcome them to post their replies on my blog (as long as no insults / threats are contained)

I have also created a Mucyo Fakenews Score (MFS) to rate these news based on how fake and how dangerous the news is. Hopefully, we will see less fake news and more debates on real issues such as energy, health and development.

So welcome to my 1st story with a strong 9/10 MFS….. It is that crazy.

RPF Gakwerere decides to write:


My source in DR CONGO army – FARDC. “Nduku, I have information that I am following up. Ule Kagame and his spies in FARDC plus Mai Mai Cheka have attacked Rwandans refugees in Kalehe, South Kivu. They have killed innocent people. I am a bit busy with other assignments but I will pass the info once I get the full picture.”

A few facts.

  • 3 Batallion = 3000 people; very hard to miss.
  • How will they get to South Kivu unnoticed in North Kivu or by MONUSCO?
  • His source, an FARDC that does not speak Swahili, but speaks English? (Nguku instead of Ndugu; Spies instead of espion)
  • My favourite part of this fakenews, “I am a bit busy with other assignments but I will pass the info once I get the full picture.” Really? You announce a war and take a break half way for other assignments?

This deserves a 9/10 If it had audio and video, I would have given it a 10/10   

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