Himbara’s blood economics

David Himbara, busy blocking all posts and comments that makes him uncomfortable, has just publish a lesson in his blood economics. Where every other normal human being sees tragedy, he sees a skewed version of economics.

Publishing on medium, he claims Rwanda is losing Genocide capital reducing a millennium scale catastrophe to a mere game of numbers. Don’t bother engaging him, he will block any attempt to reply to his insane view of Genocide Capital.

Earlier, I posted the following;

“Himbara what do you mean by “Genocide capital”?

Such terminology identifies you, Himbara, as a card-carrying member of deniers of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Himbara, as a Tutsi yourself, you have permitted “the politics of the stomach” to deny the worst genocide against your own people.

What a craven, morally empty man you are!

In fact, what craven, morally empty all of you, those of your ilk that have among other things even joined forces with the likes of FDLR. FDLR! The very ex FAR and Interahamwe militias that were perpetrating mass murder, rape and crimes against humanity on innocent Banyarwanda.

Himbara, how do you even look at your face in the mirror?”

I wonder how long it will take him to delete, report, block. Meantime, we can give him a strong 10/10 for fakenews, immorality, and of course Economics.

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