Seruga, the Kandiho’s son

If your country is Uganda why did you flee? You should have stayed and defended that so-called right;

This Belgium asylum seeker Ugandan Mukiga doesn’t know that Katuna border was never closed as claimed by his fellow anti-Rwanda partners; the border is under renovation works and will soon be completed; despite the works the border is still open for light traffic flow while heavy trucks are using Cyanika, Mirama Hills and Kagitumba border posts.

The diversionist SSeruga doesn’t want to tackle real issues at stake; Your central bank Governor Mutebire warned the Ugandan economy is shrinking, he advised your master to settle the differences with Rwanda or else Uganda will go back to Idi Amin days;

Seruga I will always remind you things you don’t tell your fellow nationals; Ugandan earns over 250 million dollars in exports from Rwanda; After Museveni promised Ugandans to find them other markets in DR Congo; Your people have been struggling to sell their produces since you blocked them from trading with Rwanda;

It’s important to recall that a few days ago Ugandan nationals were caught smuggling sugar and sweet potatoes from Rwanda; Seruga being the best at crafting lies will never tell Ugandans about this. You should have asked “how much is a kg of sugar in Kabale?” Rwanda remains fine.

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