Himbara’s imaginary Wars

David Himbara is not capable of telling the truth. After giving us his insight in blood economics, his choice of priority news, he is now engaging in diplomacy. True to his style, distorting words and stretching lies as usual, he claims that the President of Rwanda lied about the state of the East Africa Community. For the warmongering exiled disgrace, any positive news makes him tic probably hoping that others join his solitude quest and exile.

To understand Himbara indigestion, it is important to note that the RNC chief liar distributor does not like peace. Peace and development go against his objectives, he wants war, refugees, destruction and despair. In the Interview Himbara refers to, President Kagame eloquently explained these wars ideas, these orchestrated provocations hoping for that war would serve their cause.

Desperate in his attempt to have war and destruction, having failed to start war in Rwanda; his new angle is that EAC is on fire, war amongst state members. Unfortunately for David, EAC is doing fine, there is no war, and airlines are flying around in EAC, buses and trucks are buzzing from one country to another. He would not know that from his exile, he would not understand that no matter how many fake news posts he publishes screaming war, screaming run, no one is running and no one is fighting.

EAC is as healthy as the European Union, with difficulties, disputes and resolutions.  If he were writing about the Brexit, our liar in chief would have sounded the alert for world war 3. If he was writing about the UN Security council, he would have us believe that we are about to witness a nuclear war. It is his way of life and we cannot hold it against him.

Himbara needs a war to survive (even a virtual one), to relieve his allergy to peace. What would he do if peace prevailed? The war narrative enables him to fund raise and fund his numerous delinquencies. After promising war in Rwanda and failing to deliver, now he wants to promise an interstate war to his sponsors. I guess he has to justify to himself why he is on the wrong side of history, so he detaches himself from reality. Any psychiatrist would recognize David’s delusions as schizophrenic and would treat him accordingly.

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