Political tensions in Rwanda is only Senile Museveni’s wishful thinking, it died right from the script

The Ugandan regime sponsored anti Rwanda propaganda has their obsessive smearing imagination in overdrive following a grenade explosion in Rwanda. Sponsored by a murdering regime that has ruled Uganda with distinct brutality under Senile Museveni for the last 35 years, these trolls carry their regime’s murderers mindset and project it on Rwanda.

Rwanda National Police statement was very clear about the incident. The victim, Tunezerwe Jean Paul, entered a hair salon with a grenade in his pocket. When the victim tried to show it to the barber, Niyikiza Pacific, he was asked to get out and in the process the smoke emitting grenade detonated. Naturally, investigation is underway and will provide more information. Rwanda is blessed with a world renowned security sector that will get to the bottom of the incident.

But despite the police statement, hostile trolls accounts like Bob Atwine’s Spyreports, Commandpost bankrolled by the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), are floating a fabricated version of “political tensions” as the cause of the attack. They draw their imagination from their sponsoring regime riddled with political tensions and assassinations. With Museveni’s health clearly getting weaker, he has killed a number of competitors and opposition to secure the “Muhoozi Project” meant to put his son in power.

Senile Museveni killed his former army Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, for opposing the “Muhooz project”. In trying to secure that his family stays in power, he killed numerous prominent Ugandans like Brig Noble Mayombo, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, Gen. James Kazini, AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, Col Ibrahim Abiriga, Yasin Kawuma amongst others. Trolls sponsored by the nepotistic murderous regime fighting to stay in power after 35 years interpret the grenade explosion in Kigali as political tension as it is the only thing they know.

With the low crime rate in Rwanda and high political stability, Senile Museveni is so envious of Rwanda that he sponsors more than just online propaganda to smear Rwanda. His regime has been proven to sponsor and harbor armed terrorist militias like RNC, FDLR and RUD-URUNANA that have failed to destabilize Rwanda.

A fiction of political tensions, that only exist in their world, is all they can achieve against Rwanda despite millions of Ugandan taxpayers moneys Wasted in their senseless anti-Rwanda agenda.

David Himbara, Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece brings back Kizito Mihigo to digress from Uganda’s $500m loan from IMF

Just as his Senile Museveni sponsor blindsided him, David Murunganwa Museveni thinks he can pull the same trick on his readers. Himbara, the weed smoking addict, recently ran a fake narrative claiming that Rwanda was running out of money. He claimed that the $100 million dollar loan from the IMF was proof of his idiotic theory.

Turns out that Senile Museveni requested five times that amount, a staggering $500 million loan from the IMF which obviously needed more time to establish strong guarantees. The IMF terms will include tough measures to avoid theft and corruption in the Senile Museveni regime, a plague in Uganda.

His favorite mouthpiece is lost for words with the loan announcement. The only thing he could come up with is a letter to the late Kizito Mihigo to divert attention.

He suddenly remembers and diverts to Kizito Mihigo. Himbara didn’t care about Kizito, he never tried to call him or even mention him. He had chosen to focus on the other matters. But as he runs out of steam, when he fails to find anything to smear with or whenever he burns his fingers; Himbara suddenly remembers Kizito Mihigo.

After shedding crocodile tears and writing poems to exploit the suicide of the late Kizito Mihigo, it took Himbara has now began writing letters to him. I wonder whether he bothers to write to Mihigo’s family? They would tell him to stop exploiting the death he caused together with his terrorist group Rwanda National Congress. They lured the young man to his demise, and now Himbara exploits it every time he runs out of smear.

Shamelessly, the academic fraudster will continue, all he cares about is his paycheques from his sponsor senile Museveni.

RNC minion and Senile Museveni’s Mouthpiece Himbara forced to eat a humble pie following IMF $500 Million emergency debt to Uganda

A deafening silence resonates amongst anti-Rwanda trolls sponsored by Senile Museveni following a stunning announcement that the IMF will be lending almost $500 Million to Uganda to combat support her economy that was severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic. A few weeks ago, when Rwanda sought a fifth of that amount, sponsored trolls and mouthpieces like David Murunganwa Himbara, Duncan Abigaba, Obed Katureebe, Ruhima Jonah, Gilles Muhame of Chimpreports, Sarah Kagingo of Softpower and many more, all began running a hostile narrative that Rwanda was bankrupt.

They left no stone unturned in smearing Rwanda but little did they know that Senile Museveni had requested for five times the amount but the requested was pending approval due to his corruption and lack of accountability record. It will be a very bitter pill to swallow as the IMF loan proves that everything Museveni has been saying is a lie. For hours, the 75 years old subjects Ugandans to lectures of how he has developed Uganda for the last 35 years. In his televised broadcasts, he downplays the impact of the pandemic on Uganda with delusional statement like, “Uganda will soon import via railways” or “Uganda will soon be a leading sanitizers exporter”.

It turns out it was all a big lie, the Ugandan regime is in trouble and was desperately seeking for help. Museveni must have been told to forget the 10 Billion Ugandan Shillings bribe he had promised to his Members of Parliament. He must also have surrendered his dodgy accounting books to more scrutiny. It is now obvious that in anticipation of the huge bailout out, Senile Museveni set his mouthpieces on Rwanda. All he was looking for was to prepare hearts and minds with some form of equivalence.

Blindsided, David Murunganwa Himbara and his colleagues will burry their heads in the sand. They will not be writing hostile titles like “poor countries seeking IMF help”; if that happens to be the measure of poverty, then Uganda is five times poorer than Rwanda. Senile Museveni has been lying to Ugandans for 35 years or more (if one considers the false promise made on his way to power), he equally takes them from a ride with useless scapegoating in his anti-Rwanda campaign. The IMF loan confirms that reality eventually catches up with him.

He cannot escape facts by sponsoring fantasies, slanders and rumors on Rwanda. After almost 35 years in power, his kleptocracy needs $500 million to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece and Genocidaire ally David Murunganwa Himbara masquerades as an international law expert

Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, the academic fraudster David Himbara, paid to tarnish Rwanda in a sponsored smear campaign, is now pretending to be a legal expert. In his fake attempt to interpret international law, he wants Rwanda to do the mistakes done by his sponsoring senile ruler of Uganda. Yoweri Museveni signs anything for showoff; Uganda now finds itself with billions to pay in reparations to a political court.

Himbara begins by equating the International Court of Justice to be the only address that handles crimes against Genocide. What the fake lawyer fails to realize is that cases can be trialed in national jurisdictions and that any international jurisdiction is an extension of national courts system. The weed-smoking propagandist forgets that Rwandans obtained justice through their national jurisdictions on genocide cases. Rwanda also had the benefit of seeing how slow and subjective the “international” courts are. Uganda tried that route, it now finds itself with a 10 billion Dollars fine to pay to Congo. Senile Museveni has, in his desperate attempt to be talked about, subjugated Uganda to courtrooms swayed by international forces.

In fact, as his mouthpiece writes, Senile Museveni has been scratching his head of how to undo his signature especially since his opposition signaled that they would be dragging him to international courts for crimes against humanity. At the end of the day, what Himbara fundamentally fails to do is to distinguish Rwanda, a state with a strong reputation with regards to independent judicial systems, and his Bankroller’s Matooke Republic, failed state that failed to deliver justice to the millions of caged suffering Ugandans .

Unlike Uganda, turned into a safe haven for Genocidaires like RUD-Urunana, FDLR and their RNC allies, Rwanda does not need a lesson on how to punish Genocidaires.

Murunganwa, an academic fraudster sponsored by someone who harbors Genocidaires and whose regime was convicted by the International Court of Justice, is the last person that should pretend to give a lecture on justice.

Deluded RNC terrorists like Sulah Nuwamanya think their whining can bring death to their adversaries

The untimely death of Jean Goulbert Burasa, a veteran journalist and a genocide survivor has shaken the local and regional media fraternity to the core.

The proprietor of Rushyashya, a Kinyarwanda vernacular newspaper, Burasa was known in the local media as a resilient media owner and journalist who weathered the media turbulence which affected the entire world, and managed to keep a print publication buoyant in troubled waters for several years when many closed shop, before bowing to change and going online. Burasa was a frequent invitee at presidential press conferences at Urugwiro Village, where he always articulated issues affecting the country.

But somehow, the RNC and senile Museveni anti-Rwanda propaganda orchestra seemed to have a problem with Burasa, who always defended Rwanda against their smears. They hated his guts for calling them out on their cowardice, fraud and dishonesty. Burasa did not mince words when it came to debunking RNC propaganda churned out on the dissident online propaganda radios operating in exile. Burasa died from a severe stroke after doctors at CHUK and King Faisal Hospitals fought to save his life but couldn’t.

It is quite sad to see failed journalists like Sulah Nuwamanya also jump onto the RNC bandwagon celebrating the death of Burasa. Typically, Nuwamanya can’t even spell Burasa’s name, but he has the audacity to fix himself on the list of those who came face to face with the wrath of Burasa’s pen. Because he saw others writing about the unfortunate death, the wannabe copycat felt left out, and had to weigh in.

It is funny that Nuwamanya, a deadbeat dad who ran off to Kampala to be with his long-time concubine Prossy Bonabaana leaving his wife and four children in the care of the Rwanda government, would delude himself that anyone would meet their death on his account. If anyone needs visitation from satan, it should be Sulah Nuwamanya and fellow RNC terrorists and senile Museveni sponsored anti-Rwanda propagandists.

Everyone will face death at one point, but Nuwamanya, the RNC gang and their senile sponsor will meet a humiliating one. Rest in power patriot Jean Goulbert Burasa.

Rwanda’s 2020 Vision review, a nightmare to Senile Museveni and his weed addict-mouthpiece Himbara.

Senile Museveni’s paid mouthpiece, David Murunganwa Himbara jumps hurray at the slightest mention of vision 2020. He jubilates as it gives him a chance to make good of his contract with Senile Museveni to tarnish Rwanda on a daily basis. The academic fraudster struggles hard to find anything to write about so he picks on vision 2020.

The weed smoking propagandist, cannot distinguish projections and implementation. The article he references to elaborate challenges and implementation levels of the globally achieved vision 2020. Surrounded by terrorist militias like RNC and FDLR and sponsored by a senile junta leader like Museveni, Himbara does not compensate for his intellectual limits to understand what results based management means.

Truth is, Himbara’s sponsor freestyles his kleptocratic rule of Uganda. As for the terrorist militia he founded with the cow stealing Kayumba Nyamwasa and the prostitute addict Patrick Karegeya, vision is simply a foreign concept. The academic fraud is simply not able to understand what a review means; if he did, he would review the decaying Ugandan regime or the hopeless RNC terrorist organization.

The only competence Himbara is capable of, along with his senile sponsor Yoweri Museveni, is to steal Ugandan taxpayers’ money to sponsor terrorism in the Great Lakes Region. Together, they embarked on an futile effort to destabilize Rwanda costing millions of Ugandan taxpayers’ money. While repeatedly failing to destabilize Rwanda, they also fail to address the most basic aspirations of the Ugandan people. Instead they offer a sad show of vindictive media attacks on Rwanda hoping to divert for their lack of a vision for Ugandans.

The weed smoking propagandist should continue reading The New Times, it is the only source for him to learn how sound management is done. He should read and take notes to his sponsor, hopefully it will inspire him to copy paste the Rwandan model. Alternatively, the academic fraud should write a comparison of Rwanda’s Vision 2020 and Uganda’s Vision 2020; it should be very easy since Museveni’s kleptocracy has no vision whatsoever.

Sponsored by a regime which is as good as dead, Himbara’s job will be so hard given the fact that the country he attacks is far ahead as far as good governance and national development are concerned.

Senile Museveni pumps stolen COVID-19 money in anti-Rwanda media propaganda after his propagandists ran out of steam

His senility Museveni has an awakward way of venting his envy and jealousy. When he is overwhelmed by the two emotions, he unleashes his overzealous propaganda brigade, prominent among them is his Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored tabloids CommandPost, Spyreports ( both owned by Bob Atwine), Belgium based dwarf Titus Seruga, Chimpreports, Obed Katurebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, David Murunganwa alias Himbara, to name but a few of senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda propaganda manufacturers, who are all on song, after benefitting from the COVID-19 heist.

Owing to healthy bank accounts thanks to the COVID-19 millions their master looted from state coffers, the propaganda machine is in motion, churning out rumours and fabricated facts on an hourly schedule.

In so doing, senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda propagandists use preemptive tactics like distraction, mirroring of senile Museveni’s issues and outright fiction to deflect attention from scandals and tension at home as well as venting their master’s jealousy and envy.

For instance, while senile Museveni is literally at war with his generals who have started coming out, one by one to denounce his misrule, he instructs his anti-Rwanda propaganda trolls to project his current fights with generals on Rwanda, by fabricating tall tales of a ‘fallout with generals’ in Rwanda.

As Senile Museveni fails to control his bush-war generals; he came up with a conspiracy theory aiming at sowing divisions among Rwandan senior army officials. Back in his UPDF the center can’t hold anymore as the Commander-in-Chief and his generals seem to be heading to different directions. Things are getting worse before getting any better; Gen Henry Tumukunde who served as his spy chief and security minister is now cooling his feet behind bars for just denouncing Museveni’s poor leadership and declaring his presidential ambitions, Gen Kasirye Ggwanga was abducted and now being held at UPDF main barracks Mbuya for supporting Museveni’s lead political opponent MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Furthermore Gen David Ssejusa Tinyefuza, Museveni’s former head of external intelligence was fired, jailed after revealing “Muhoozi Project”, a plot to make Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba president.

When senile Museveni realised he was making a fool of himself by usurping the responsibilities of his health minister and her COVID-19 task force by giving daily cooked up updates on TV, senile Museveni tells his propaganda minions to condemn his Rwandan counterpart for not doing the same. Yet it’s only him in the whole region who does that. Senile Museveni thinks a President must interfere in issues that can be delegated to other leaders.

Senile Museveni has been in isolation way before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. His despotic credentials have ensured that he is not invited to any global events, apart from the September United Nations General Assemby (UNGA) meeting where every head of state is invited by default. If this meeting wasn’t there, senile Museveni’s travel itinerary would be confined to Rwakitura. And yet, he makes that Rwanda’s problem, because the Rwandan head of state always has a busy global schedule, where he is invited to prominent global gatherings by merit of his leadership credentials.

Because senile Museveni has made it his business, out of jealousy and envy, to follow whatever the Rwandan head of state is doing, he tied knots around himself when his informers told him that the Rwandan head of state had been seen at a London airport on a medical evacuation. He and his cronies celebrated too soon. Senile Museveni forgets he should not be celebrating the ill health of fellow leaders, because he knows his own is plummeting.

As the sore loser that he is, senile Museveni is still haunted by the Kisangani walloping and will always create excuses for his army’s three humiliating losses. As if an armed war between armies is a fencing match, he says the ‘Rwanda army flouted basic rules of engagement to gain advantage over UPDF.’ As in who even says that? Moreover, someone who calls himself a general.

While the loot from then COVID-19 heist lasts, the world should brace for more ant-Rwanda fabrications by the well fed propagandists.

However, unless senile Museveni plans another heist soon, some of his mouthpieces may soon exhaust their stock of weed and run out of steam.

Senile Museveni has always had a wishful thinking of dividing Rwandans; and make Rwanda a failed state; he has for a very longtime enticed Rwandan generals to rebel against their Commander-in-Chief with intention to topple President Kagame’s Leadership.

Senile Museveni should be reminded that, If all wishes were horses, beggars would ride; Rwanda will not be ruled under his instructions neither will it ever become a kleptocracy like the regime he has ruled for over 35 years.

Himbara should advise his senile coughing Museveni to wear masks, his ministers are on the verge of contracting COVID-19

For anyone doubting that David Murunganwa Himbara is a paid mouthpiece, his incoherence is a definite proof. If Senile Museveni tells him write this, he executes blindly without considering his previous posts. For instance, the Ugandan regime mouthpiece’s weird medical advice for the Rwandan Leader to wear a mask barely a few days after writing rumors that he was no longer a live. In reality, the sponsored smear is a classic example of Senile Museveni’s deflection tricks.

We have all seen how it is done in Uganda. In order to fake good health, Senile Museveni engages in 2 hours live televised broadcast to delude Ugandans that he’s keeping up with the COVID-19 happenings in the country yet the opposite is true. His media team has an entire set of instructions on how to film and stage manage the event. The film crew quickly spins cameras at dizzying speeds away from the old and frail ruler of Uganda every time he wants to cough, sneeze or spit his cancerous mucus out. The weed smoking paid mouthpiece will not mention how dangerous it is to be in the same room or area with a heavy coughing sickly person.

In his senility, Museveni only comes to realize after that his media escapades expose his frailty. He then solicits the service of the immoral terrorist Rwanda National Congress propagandist capable of writing anything for money for damage control. Incoherently, Himbara pretends to be concerned about public health in Rwanda while taking and trafficking terrorist funds. Himbara who forwarded two million dollars to Ben Rutabana (a fellow terrorist that mysterious disappeared) to support RNC terrorist operations, is the last person to care about public health.

Speaking of people died in the President’s office; the truth of the matter is Himbara and fellow anti-Rwanda trolls attribute all deaths to the government even those who have died of natural causes like illness or accidents, are all blamed on the Head of the State and his government. Reading much from Himbara’s baseless allegations; the whole world knows how his sponsor Senile Museveni eliminated many of his comrades whom he perceived as threats to his life presidency. Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Gen James Kazini, Col Noble Mayombo just to mention a few; these were gallant officers that fought along Museveni and put him in power; but their only befitting rewards were mysterious deaths. Himbara should always check with facts before mudsling other leaders because his bankroller turns out to be worst.

Fact is, Himbara peddled rumors on the Rwandan President’s health to cover Senile Museveni’s ill health. His venomous “medical advice” is incoherent because it is sponsored and directed by an incoherent senile Museveni. Moreover, it is public knowledge that Himbara changed his name to fake academic credentials. For money, he now fakes expertise in public health.

Tricks and deceit will not change facts. Himbara’s sponsor is old and ill, Senile Museveni does not get younger or healthier when he pays Himbara and other trolls in his anti-Rwanda media campaign. The only thing they achieve is exhibiting their desperation.

Leading a nation for over 35 years and it’s still marred with endless mess, corruption, high profile assassinations, nepotism and all other sorts of turbulences; Senile Museveni and his mouthpiece Himbara should be more worried about how to fix Uganda; these petty games of attacking Rwandan Head of State will not be an added nightmare to their lives.

Himbara criticises everything done by RPF government to keep earning money from Senile Museveni and Rujugiro

Senile Museveni’s habit of interfering in other countries internal affairs is getting worse. A nomination in the Rwandan cabinet sparked his reflex to interfere. Unhappy with the new Rwandan Minister of State in charge of EAC, he immediately instructed his mouthpiece David Murunganwa Himbara, a weed smoking junky to mudsling two key Rwandan officials handling Rwanda-Uganda relations.

Senile Museveni whose leadership lies on its deathbed, has always been a corned man; his Canada based RNC and anti – Rwanda publicist David Himbara aka Murunganwa swindles him and walks away with millions of dollars to pump in anti-Rwanda media campaign where he criticises anything that happens in Rwanda that does not please Senile Museveni.

Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, Fugitive Himbara enthusiastically criticises everything the RPF government does, be it appointments, development policies, COVID-19 measures, to keep receiving millions of dollars from Senile Museveni and Tribert Rujigiro who fund anti-Rwanda propaganda and anti-Rwanda armed groups such as RNC, FDLR. For instance Himbara collected millions of dollars from Rujugiro two times of which he transferred to Ben Rutabana to support RNC operations in both Uganda and DR Congo.

Museveni’s meddling in Rwandan affairs is increasing day by day as he grows very old and senile. Murunganwa should first advise his boss about his old, sleepy and corrupt ministers who have held ministerial posts for the last 34 years.

It’s written on the walls that Senile Museveni after imposing himself on Ugandans for over 35 years now; he is the despot that never holds his fellow leaders accountable. It borders on comical how his mouthpiece Himbara says that a Rwandan official has served too long; Museveni is the only leader who makes lifetime appointments where frail and crippled leaders die in offices. These are the same corrupt leaders, who have stolen, grabbed citizens’ land and engaged in all sorts of mischiefs but Senile Museveni failed to fire them nor hold them to account for theirs crimes.

Senile Museveni has been worried by the appointment of the Professor Nshuti Manasseh as state minister for East African community who clearly knows Uganda, especially his adoptive Bahima clan. It’s important to note that, this mudslinging of Rwandan officials will do nothing to cleanse Senile Museveni and his minions of their anti-Rwanda sins and paying hefty sums of money to fraudsters Murunganwa to peddle their hostile propaganda in the media.

Professor Nshuti is a professor of economics, a man of integrity who after serving as a minister of finance and economic planing, served his country in other capacities till the day of his appointment in the foreign affairs docket. On the contrary Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece Himbara, a thief who plundered public resources, when he was fired from the President’s office ran out of the country. As an opportunist Himbara was hired by his motherland’s enemy with hefty pay, he joined anti-Rwanda terrorist groups RNC, FDLR who are bankrolled by Senile Museveni to destabilise Rwanda.

Any sober mind understands Senile Museveni and Himbara’s frustrations over Prof Nshuti’s appointment; this is the man who knows well Senile Museveni, his conmanship politics, all his shoddy dealings and political shenanigans, as a matter of fact Prof Nshuti has written series of articles exposing him and his anti-Rwanda elements on their failed “Destabilise Rwanda” project.

For Himbara aka Murunganwa, the self proclaimed economist and a fraudster, he will do anything as long as he gets money. He should be aware that attacking Rwandan leaders who served their country when he decided to desert to Canada will neither cure Senile Museveni’s regime which is on the deathbed, nor resurrect RNC terrorists whom Museveni hoped they would change the status quo in Kigali.

After RNC failed to yield positive results; Senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda effort now concentrates on online hostile attacks. Clearly, Museveni has truly run out of ideas of how to meddle in Rwandan matters to the point of hiring a fraudster to complain about matters that do not concern him like appointment of government officials.

In his cowardly approach, Senile Museveni always fears facing his advsaries; he establish proxies groups like RNC, FDLR, FLN to desterilize Rwanda; it is in the same events that he throws tantrums through his idle and virulent mouthpiece Himbara to criticize everything that happens in Rwanda.

Unlike in nepotistic regimes like Uganda, Rwandan government appointments are competence based

Senile Museveni’s weed smoking mouthpiece, David Murunganwa alias Himbara who appointed himself as a “Rwandan matters” expert to be able to swindle his sponsors, he is now belittling the appointment of Prof. Nshuti Mannaseh, as state minister in the foreign ministry in charge of East African affairs.

While the weed addict seems not to have an issue about Prof. Nshuti’s competence, the same cannot be said about the anti-Rwanda propaganda peddler.

Holding questionable academic credentials, Murunganwa could not be appointed to a cabinet position, let alone be ‘recycled’ from one to the other. What Murunganwa won’t tell his senile paycheque authosiser is the fact that in Rwanda there are no ‘junior’ or ‘senior’ positions, since what matters to Rwandans is service delivery, and any cadre can serve in whatever position they are best fitted, without regarding superficial titles and egos.

Obviously, this is a big deal for someone like Murunganwa whose Phd was not even earned. Senile Museveni will continue to sponsor the mentally deranged weed addict with Stolen Ugandan taxpayers’ money to taint Rwanda’s leadership image as attention diversion from angry Ugandans who are tired of Museveni’s 35 years of bloodshed, corrupt and nepotistic regime.