Senile Museveni to dump Col Kaka anytime, sources

A Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored troll based in Belgium, Titus Seruga aka Serubwa, recently has been fanning internal wrangles within the Ugandan intelligence apparatus.

His new surprising attacks target the Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss, the embattled Kaka Byagenda. The Facebook CMI troll is aided in this new enterprise by Chimpreports, a propaganda mouthpiece controlled by CMI, which operates at the discretion of the agency’s head Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho. The CMI-ISO war for supremacy has been brewing for some time.

According to Chimpreport, Kaka Bagyenda’s fate is already sealed. Signs of this began last year when Museveni’s loudspeaker Andrew Mwenda publicly lambasted Bagyenda with claims that the latter was guilty of torturing Ugandans in safe houses. (Even though CMI in fact tortures, abuses or kills far more people!)

Museveni already is vetting other candidates for the ISO directorship. Bagyenda is said to be losing his job any time. Senile Museveni used him but he found Kandiho to be more effiective in executing anti Rwanda policies. Abel Kandiho beat Kaka Byagenda in detaining illegally, torturing, and killing Rwandans in “Safe” houses. Under Kandiho, CMI provided more support to anti-Rwanda terrorist organizations than its sister agency ISO.

The hardliners in the Museveni regime are promoting Kandiho, who distinguished himself with absolute inhumanity in the persecution of innocent Rwandans. It is, on the one hand, another strong signal that Kampala has no intention of respecting the Luanda MoU, which called for accountability for the crimes actors like Kandiho committed against Rwandans.

Furthermore, the speed by which online trolls are turning against Bagyenda is indicative of how the Museveni regime has no sense of loyalty.

They used Kaka Byagenda to commit atrocities in Uganda but he was not as brutal on innocent Rwandans as Kandiho, his colleague. So he was not good enough for Senile Museveni who has now decided to dump him like used rubber.

Sex-for-grades wannabe Professor Kambanda instigates a “standoff” between Tanzania and Rwanda

Charles Kambanda, of the sex-for-grades infamy seems to get his kicks from regional conflict, as opposed to regional harmony.

In his recent post, the wannabe professor seemed excited that Tanzania and Burundi had “boycotted” the EAC Heads of State virtual Consultative Meeting, meant to harmonize COVID-19 policy in the region. The sex pet goes ahead to speculate that there is a standoff between Rwanda and Tanzania and also claims that the President of Rwanda has ‘refused’ to relinquish the EAC Chairmanship.

If he was the lawyer he claims to be, Kambanda would know that the process of relinquishing leadership is clear; the summit has not taken place because countries keep asking for postponement of the Summit, where the seating chairman would normally handover the chairmanship.

Nobody understands what the sex pest is talking about, when he claims there is a ‘standoff’ between Rwanda and Tanzania. There is no standoff between Rwanda and Tanzania. It only exists in his head. Actually, one would be right to say that the said standoff is between Uganda and Tanzania, where we have seen senile Museveni’s minions like Andrew Mwenda condemn President Magufuli openly on social media. Senile Museveni’s PR man descended on Raisi Magufuli concerning his handling of COVID-19 pandemic in Tanzania. While covering-up COVID-19 infection numbers, senile Museveni adapts the holier-than-thou stance, and attacks the Tanzanian President, after misleading the world that he is a great pandemic fighter.

The fraud professor Kambanda poses a rhetoric question whether Kagame knows what led to Napoleon’s “spectacular” fall. His ignorance won’t allow him to understand that France is not Rwanda and Europe is not East Africa.

The mentally unfit Kambanda then shoots himself in the foot by showing he has no iota of knowledge in foreign policy like he likes people to believe; otherwise, he would know that relations between two states are not based on public policy. They are based on foreign policy.

This RNC-Museveni anti-Rwanda propagandist should go back to school although at his age this would be a waste of time.

Obed Katureebe, senile Museveni’s mouthpiece distorts Rwanda’s anti-COVID-19 measures

Obed Katureebe, aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, is making alarmist statements as part of his smear campaign sponsored by Senile Museveni. Immediately after the Rwandan Development Board (RDB) announced new contact tracing measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, he launched his hostile propaganda, as usual. It has become routine, any new sensible measure is attacked by Ugandan propaganda. This is done as Senile Museveni buys some time to copy-paste the measures.

In the first place, collecting information on guests in hotels is routine worldwide. If It is not done in Uganda, it is probably because their aging administration is light years behind. Most countries immediately began tracking hotel guests and visitors as part of their anti-terrorist strategy after the world trade center attack in the US. With the current pandemic, health officials use contact tracing techniques similar to law enforcement ones. As the initial cases were announced, Airline manifests and hotel visitors’ log were used.

As the scope of infections widened worldwide, contact tracing was enhanced. In South Korea, in the US and many other countries similar measures already exist. In one case, a South Korea’s city of Itaewon sent 11,000 sms to people who went to several nightclubs telling them to go for testing after one person was found ill. These new measures save lives as they limit infections. Adding registers for contact tracing will be integral to Rwanda’s successful fight to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, and as soon as it succeeds Museveni will copy it.

Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere better question his senile boss’s methods in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. He could question why Museveni prefers unleashing goons on people distributing food relief, such as MP Zaake, instead of smearing Rwanda which is doing its best to protect people against COVID-19.

CMI agent Seruga alarmed by Senile Museveni’s empty pronouncements on Rwanda

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence head, Abel Kandiho’s stray dog, Titus Seruga, alias “Serubwa the midget” is a big burden to his boss. Like a rabies-infested stray dog, the Belgium based CMI operative is rabid and untamable.

Being a loose cannon, Seruga has a way of sending hints and thereby inadvertently spilling secrets about his bosses’ hitherto covert moves.

Through Titus the midget’s posts we get to confirm that the very survival of Uganda’s intelligence, and its bosses by extension, is hinged on hatred towards Rwanda. By projecting Rwanda as the bogeyman, they get a reason to rob state coffers under the guise of drawing operations funds for ‘fighting the enemy.’

When senile Museveni, in an interview with NBS, made one of his trademark diversionary statements which he only reserves for media cameras, that he has ‘no problem with Rwanda or any other African country for that matter’, Titus the midget was alarmed because this would effectively signal the end of the CMI handouts to him. For the midget, the status quo of hostility must be maintained at all costs.

Naive to believe that his senile master meant what he said, Titus the midget whips out ‘evidence’ that Rwanda is up to no good, to urge his senile master to retract his statement. Except, of course, the ‘evidence’ is a couple of forged CMI letters (probably made from Nasa Road) that are supposed to be intercepted communication between Rwandan leaders, revealing malevolent plans against Uganda. Being a mediocre CMI operative, Titus the midget says he can’t distinguish a fake letter from a genuine one. Otherwise he would know for fact that the letters are the work of CMI’s counterfeit artist somewhere in Kikuubo.

Diversions and distortions of facts will not erase the fact that Uganda harbors and supports terror groups like RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana and FLN bent on destabilizing Rwanda. As if that is not enough, Museveni’s regime makes arbitrary arrests, torture and kills innocent Rwandans traveling, working and living in Uganda which is against EAC rules. For Museveni to state that he has no problem with Rwanda, it is a bag of comics; but it’s also very irksome for a head of state to lie about things which have got overwhelming evidence known to the whole world.

As for giving Rwanda ‘notice’ about ‘bringing the battle where it hurts’, that’s the cowardice talking, because senile Museveni knows that he can’t play with fire.

Senile Museveni’s son Muhoozi issues orders to kill and torture political opponents

As time goes, it gets clear that senile Museveni gets more and more desperate. As it dawns upon him that he might have to leave this world without realising his sinister motives against Rwanda, the senile ruler’s despair manifests in the online propaganda writings churned out by his hired anti-Rwanda propagandists.

Bob Atwine, senile Museveni’s most vicious troll and owner of several hostile blogs and websites like CommandPost and Spyreports Uganda – paid and supervised by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) – is one example.

Museveni and his cabal of cowards through their anti-Rwanda attack dogs attempted to mirror their rotten regime scandals to Rwanda; the claim that the Rwandan First Daughter tortured soldiers are not only illogical concoctions but also laughable.

In law abiding countries like Rwanda, First Family members don’t meddle in national politics; neither do they involve themselves in shoddy dealings like that of Senile’s Museveni’s wife and children. It’s known in the public domain that First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba issues torture and kidnap orders. For instance, People Power supporters in Uganda are abducted, tortured, killed on his orders. We have independently established that SFC soldiers murdered Yasin Kawuma (Bobi Wine’s Driver), upcoming artist Ziggy Wine was killed on orders of Muhoozi. Susan Magara, Maria Nagilinya were killed by Senile Museveni’s son.

The alleged torture claims by the Rwandan First Daughter is a concocted narrative to divert attention from senile Museveni and his Bahima Clan’s transgressions.

Senile Museveni is definitely throwing the proverbial last kicks of a dying horse by instructing his trolls to fabricate imaginary tensions in the Rwandan army and a purported ‘disappearance of soldiers and ammunitions’ which they have recycled many times, hoping it would magically become a reality.

Senile Museveni has seen the demise of many among the best of his cadres in the army and party, whom he deemed a threat to his life presidency and succession by his dim-witted son Muhoozi Kainerugaba. High positions in security, Defense and intelligence are held by Bahima who will facilitate Muhoozi takeover. Having killed Gen Aronda, Kazini, Noble Mayombo, Col Abiriga, AIGP Kawesi, ASP Mohammad Kirumira, Senile Museveni’s wishful thinking is to see Rwandans killing each other; which is why he has attempted to sow divisions in the Rwandan army but his efforts remained futile.

Senile Museveni knows the clock is ticking and time is running out fast for him, and all he can do is instruct his trolls to project his state of mind on Rwanda, hence coming up with illogical conspiracy theories.

COVID-19 saved CMI sponsored propagandists from early repatriation to Rwanda

With the COVID-19 pandemic, a key development in the last Luanda MoU meeting that scared to death a few Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence trolls who had been lured into illegal anti-Rwanda activities has been delayed.

In particular, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi and Prossy Bonabaana who operated under their CMI registered NGO, Self-worth Initiative (SWI), must have shivered with the signing of an extradition treaty between Rwanda and Uganda. Senile Museveni’s regime was willing to sacrifice them to have the border open. By sheer luck, the world faced a global pandemic of unprecedented scale and progress on the Luanda MoU stopped as the world focused on COVID-19. Nuwamanya and his fellow online criminals forget that they are only getting a temporary reprieve; the extradition treaty will eventually catch up with them. What Sulah Nuwamanya and his fellow Rwanda National Congress (RNC) terrorists do not seem to understand is that Museveni will be even more desperate to normalize relations with Rwanda after the COVID-19 crisis.

The Ugandan regime lost a lot because of its anti-Rwanda agenda. Senile Museveni deliberately decided to support terrorist militias like RNC, FDLR, FLN, and RUD-Urunana in a clear move to destabilize Rwanda via his proxy groups. Worst of all, his regime embarked on a manhunt, arbitrarily and illegally detaining innocent Rwandans that refused to join his terrorist enterprise. Rwanda issued a travel advisory to its citizens to protect them from the senseless manhunt in Uganda. Museveni’s hostile policies had effectively rendered Uganda unsafe for an important trading partner, its fourth export market. Within months, Uganda had registered over US$300 million loss and Museveni scrambled to normalize relations with Rwanda as his hostile stance had already cost him a lot.

Through the mediation of the Angolan and the Congolese Presidents, Rwanda and Uganda signed the Luanda MoU that had serious implications for ponds like Sulah Nuwamanya and other terrorists. With an extradition treaty, Rwanda will be able to present requests to have subversive actors based in Uganda sent back to Rwanda to face trial. Sulah Nuwamanya, bearer of Rwandan National ID 1 1974 8 0005445 0 67 will realize that Senile Museveni’s regime duped him. They continue to give him a false sense of security and direct him to launch vicious online anti-Rwanda propaganda.
When the economic challenges and the quest for economic recovery from COVID-19 hit Uganda, Senile Museveni will automatically seek to reestablish business links with Rwanda. Sulah Nuwamanya will learn a cold lesson in Museveni’s politics. Museveni will pack them up and ship them off to secure trade. While Abel Kandiho continues to pay them to smear Rwanda, they should know that in the NRM Kleptocracy, everyone is dispensable.

CMI tabloids Chimpreports and Spyreports fake death of 2 Rwandan soldiers to please senile Museveni

Chimpreports and Spyreports share more than the “report” part in their bizarre name. Both misinformation tabloids are sponsored by UgandaMilitary Intelligence (CMI) as part of Senile Museveni’s hostile propaganda against Rwanda.

Giles Muhame of Chimpreports and Bob Atwine of Spyreports are mere mouthpieces of the decaying Ugandan regime, constantly scan for anything to smear Rwanda with. An incident at the Rwanda-Burundian border illustrates their obsession with Rwanda.

According to the statement released by Rwanda Defense Force (RDF), On Friday 8 May 2020, on Lake Rweru a group of fishermen from Burundi illegally crossed into the Rwandan waters. “As the Rwanda Defence Force was ordering the fishermen to return back to their country, Burundian soldiers intervened from their side and started shooting at RDF; which retaliated.”, the statement reads stressing that it suffered no casualties. But the Ugandan sponsored hostile propaganda has a different version, they quickly made false claims that 2 Rwandan soldiers died to make their sponsor Senile Museveni feel good.

Senile Museveni that sponsors them also supports anti-Rwandan militias like the RNC and FDLR. These militias had faced massive losses with a huge number of their militias killed while others have been extradited to face trial in Rwanda. Senior FDLR officials like Ignace Nkaka (FDLR spokesman), Lt Col Jean Pierre Nsekanabo (FDLR Intelligence Chief), Rtd Major Mudathiru Habib (RNC Field Commander), Callixte Nsabimana (FLN spokesman), are all terrorists now under Rwandan custody. They all testified that the Ugandan regime supported their terrorist activities.

Chimpreports and Spyreports fake death in the Rwandan Army as consolation for Museveni’s failed plan. They were so eager to console him that they added the Rwandan President’s visit to the Gako Military Academy to their narrative. Out of ignorance they purported a war plan and linked to President Kagame’s meeting with RDF commanders to shape another false narrative that there are tensions in the country. But their narrative hit a dead end; what happened in Gako is a periodic meeting dubbed ‘RDF Command Council’ that has nothing to do with war planning and tensions. An inquisitive mind would wonder why a war has to be planned in a military academy of all places.

The most compelling evidence that both Chimpreports and Spyreports are controlled propaganda tools is that while Burundian officials are silent, Ugandan propaganda outlets are hyped up on the issue. Why else would Ugandan propaganda claim that 2 Rwandan soliders were killed when neither Burundi or Rwanda mention it?

An imaginary defeat of the RDF makes their senile sponsor feel good. It is comical to see the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence via Chimpreports and Spyreports swindle senile Museveni with “feel good” fabrications.

No one else, not even the Burundian side, believes the Ugandan regime troll version. The only purpose so far seem is to fool a 75 years old senile sponsor, hoping that he will continue to pump more funds in their propaganda outlets.

CMI Propagandist Bob Atwine’s FDLR fictitious victory over RDF is desperate morale boost to Senile Museveni’s failed evil agenda on Rwanda

Bob Atwine, using Spyreports and CommandPost as cover names to hide Senile Museveni’s involvements in hostile anti-Rwanda propaganda, has just imagined a fiction where FDLR genocidal forces defeated the Rwandan army. The fiction is as wild as claiming that the moon is made of cheese, the genocidal group FDLR trembles and vanishes at the mere mention of the Rwandan Army (RDF).

Through his Minister for Cooperation with FDLR, RUD Urunana and RNC, Philemon Mateke, Senile Museveni supports FDLR and other armed militias to destabilise Rwanda. Their terrorist enterprise to set up bases in East Congo keep suffering major defeats as they are constantly uprooted from any base they set up. FDLR leaders are often captured or killed, those who are extradited to Rwanda to face justice openly testify that their Museveni led plans are in disarray. To boost their moral, Atwine writes a fantasy piece of an FDLR imaginary victory.

Following a FDLR genocidaire trademark attacks on cows in East Congo, Bob Atwine cooks up a fantasy to cover up Museveni’s “protégés”. Attacking cows is a trend entrenched in their obscure genocidal ideology that cows are valid “Tutsis” targets, but through Spyreports, Atwine’s CMI sponsored tabloid tries to assign the grotesque act on RDF. Anyone with common knowledge of the FDRL genocidal modus operandi will recognize their evil deeds, Atwine will not fool anyone.

With the loss of its top commanders, FDLR is in disarray. For example, in December 2018, Ignace Nkaka aka LaForge Fils Bazeye, FDLR’s Spokesman and its Intelligence Chief Lt Col Jean Pierre Nsekanabo alias Camara were caught on their way back from Uganda from an RNC meeting organized and attended by Philemon Mateke, Senile Museveni’s Minister for Cooperation with FDLR, RUD Urunana and RNC. In April 2019, Ignace Murwanashyaka FDLR’s founder died in a German prison and traveled on a Ugandan passport and in September 2019 Mudacumura Sylvestre, FDLR’s military overall commander, was killed in his hideout in East DR Congo. Atwine’s imaginary tales of a ragtag militia group on the run defeating a powerful State army like RDF only exists in his head so much so that he did not even attempt to give the specific location.

In reality, FDLR just like other Senile Museveni’s proxy armed groups are left with few disoriented pockets of bandits on the run that attack “soft” targets in their criminal activities to survive. They recently ambushed and killed 13 park rangers and 5 civilians in Congo’s Virunga National Park. It is the same criminal elements that obviously attack civilians and innocent people’s livestock. Only Ugandan Intelligence propagandists like Bob Atwine glorify them and then spin their evil deed to try to smear Rwanda.

One wonders, what will SpyReports do when even those few criminal remnants meet their end?

Senile Museveni and his epileptic wife are gone case, reason why he’s pushing “Muhoozi Project” faster

Judging by his penchant for using the projecting tactic, senile Museveni is on first forward to meet the devil in hell. He has been hinting on his imminent demise by instructing his most vicious troll, the CMI supervised Obed Karurebe, alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere to write smears suggesting that the President of Rwanda is a ‘gone case’.

In reality, it is senile Museveni who has started to see the devil beckoning from a distance. He is throwing the last kicks of a dying horse, literally. And seeing the failure of his anti-Rwanda project melt before his own eyes, he is getting desperate at every stroke of the clock. But the anti Rwanda project and his health are on a very rapid nosedive.

It is no secret that senile Museveni’s life is now a matter of time, after oncologists gave him a specified time to live. Entebbe State House has been turned into an hospital wing, First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni is also battling his longtime illness of epilepsy, the whole house is under duress and succession battles have also emerged with both Senile Museveni and his frail wife seeing different candidates. This whole mess has been the reason why Museveni has been acting weird. Apart from trying to fast-track the now declassified ‘Muhozi project’, Senile Museveni has been venting on Rwanda all the fume he has, as a parting shot, since destabilisation has failed miserably in his lifetime. The rate which he is emptying state coffers makes one wonder whether he believes he could bribe the devil to add him extra time on earth, or better still, bribe for a ‘VIP section’ in hell.

Who can forget his viral ‘press-up’ video? That too, is a desperate effort to camouflage his ill health. No matter how futile this looks to everyone else, the deluded senile ruler believes this could hoodwink Ugandans into electing him in the 2021 polls, under the impression he is still ‘ healthy and energetic’. Well, we are not sure the senile oldman will be around for the next elections. That is is why he is preparing his dim-witted son Muhoozi Kainerugaba as back-up generator.

With his anti-Rwanda project disintegrating like a pillar of jelly, senile Museveni instructs his mouthpieces to fire fabrications from multiple barrels

As time goes, it gets clear that senile Museveni gets more and more desperate, as the passing of time dawns on him that he might have to leave this world without realising his sinister motives against Rwanda. The senile ruler’s despair manifests in the online propaganda writings churned out by his hired anti-Rwanda propagandists.

Obed Katureebe, senile Museveni’s most vicious troll based at the Uganda Communication Commission and supervised by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) is one example.

He has been choking on the volume of anti-Rwanda propaganda he has been producing. Obed Katureebe, alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere has been posting so much fictitious and venomous anti-Rwanda propaganda that he loses track and repeats the same nonsense.

Then there are the very overzealous conveyors of the anti-Rwanda propaganda like Spyreports and Commandpost, Sulah Nuwamanya, Titus Seruga the Belgium based midget Facebook troll, Canadian based Fugitive David Murunganwa aka Himbara are always eager to lift and post whatever rubbish is published on Rwanda, without any verification or scrutiny.

The augmentation in intensity and absurdity of the anti-Rwanda propaganda posts and steady increase in numbers of propagandists can only mean one thing – that senile Museveni is getting angry, irritated and desperate, after watching his anti-Rwanda project fall apart like a pillar of jelly.

Senile Museveni is definitely throwing the proverbial last kicks of a dying horse, by instructing his trolls to fabricate imaginary tensions in the Rwandan army and a purported ‘disappearance of soldiers and ammunitions’ which they have recycled many times, hoping this would mysteriously become a reality.

Then there is their dreams of presidential succession in Rwanda and their diabolic wishes that it would be ‘bloody’. There is also the outlandish theory that the Rwandan head of state is hiding from the population, this borne out of their belief that a President must issue daily TV updates on the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, as if the line minister and his task force are not there.

Senile Museveni knows the clock is ticking and time is running out fast for him, and all he can do is instruct his trolls to project his state of mind on Rwanda, hence coming up with illogical conspiracy theories like that of ‘its not a matter of when, not if”. Senile Museveni can see his end in a close distance, in 4D.

Senile Museveni has seen the demise of many among the best of his cadres in the army and party, whom he deemed were a threat to his life presidency and succession by his dim-witted son Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Senility and despair make him instruct his troll to insist these disappearances and assassinations of high profile cadres happened in Rwanda. The trick is to repeat this over and over again until senile Museveni himself believes it, and deflect it to elsewhere so that it stops haunting him now that he is certain that the end is near. His anti-Rwanda trolls are in overdrive, fulfilling near-deathbed wish after wish.