Unlike in nepotistic regimes like Uganda, Rwandan government appointments are competence based

Senile Museveni’s weed smoking mouthpiece, David Murunganwa alias Himbara who appointed himself as a “Rwandan matters” expert to be able to swindle his sponsors, he is now belittling the appointment of Prof. Nshuti Mannaseh, as state minister in the foreign ministry in charge of East African affairs.

While the weed addict seems not to have an issue about Prof. Nshuti’s competence, the same cannot be said about the anti-Rwanda propaganda peddler.

Holding questionable academic credentials, Murunganwa could not be appointed to a cabinet position, let alone be ‘recycled’ from one to the other. What Murunganwa won’t tell his senile paycheque authosiser is the fact that in Rwanda there are no ‘junior’ or ‘senior’ positions, since what matters to Rwandans is service delivery, and any cadre can serve in whatever position they are best fitted, without regarding superficial titles and egos.

Obviously, this is a big deal for someone like Murunganwa whose Phd was not even earned. Senile Museveni will continue to sponsor the mentally deranged weed addict with Stolen Ugandan taxpayers’ money to taint Rwanda’s leadership image as attention diversion from angry Ugandans who are tired of Museveni’s 35 years of bloodshed, corrupt and nepotistic regime.

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