CMI Propagandist Bob Atwine’s FDLR fictitious victory over RDF is desperate morale boost to Senile Museveni’s failed evil agenda on Rwanda

Bob Atwine, using Spyreports and CommandPost as cover names to hide Senile Museveni’s involvements in hostile anti-Rwanda propaganda, has just imagined a fiction where FDLR genocidal forces defeated the Rwandan army. The fiction is as wild as claiming that the moon is made of cheese, the genocidal group FDLR trembles and vanishes at the mere mention of the Rwandan Army (RDF).

Through his Minister for Cooperation with FDLR, RUD Urunana and RNC, Philemon Mateke, Senile Museveni supports FDLR and other armed militias to destabilise Rwanda. Their terrorist enterprise to set up bases in East Congo keep suffering major defeats as they are constantly uprooted from any base they set up. FDLR leaders are often captured or killed, those who are extradited to Rwanda to face justice openly testify that their Museveni led plans are in disarray. To boost their moral, Atwine writes a fantasy piece of an FDLR imaginary victory.

Following a FDLR genocidaire trademark attacks on cows in East Congo, Bob Atwine cooks up a fantasy to cover up Museveni’s “protégés”. Attacking cows is a trend entrenched in their obscure genocidal ideology that cows are valid “Tutsis” targets, but through Spyreports, Atwine’s CMI sponsored tabloid tries to assign the grotesque act on RDF. Anyone with common knowledge of the FDRL genocidal modus operandi will recognize their evil deeds, Atwine will not fool anyone.

With the loss of its top commanders, FDLR is in disarray. For example, in December 2018, Ignace Nkaka aka LaForge Fils Bazeye, FDLR’s Spokesman and its Intelligence Chief Lt Col Jean Pierre Nsekanabo alias Camara were caught on their way back from Uganda from an RNC meeting organized and attended by Philemon Mateke, Senile Museveni’s Minister for Cooperation with FDLR, RUD Urunana and RNC. In April 2019, Ignace Murwanashyaka FDLR’s founder died in a German prison and traveled on a Ugandan passport and in September 2019 Mudacumura Sylvestre, FDLR’s military overall commander, was killed in his hideout in East DR Congo. Atwine’s imaginary tales of a ragtag militia group on the run defeating a powerful State army like RDF only exists in his head so much so that he did not even attempt to give the specific location.

In reality, FDLR just like other Senile Museveni’s proxy armed groups are left with few disoriented pockets of bandits on the run that attack “soft” targets in their criminal activities to survive. They recently ambushed and killed 13 park rangers and 5 civilians in Congo’s Virunga National Park. It is the same criminal elements that obviously attack civilians and innocent people’s livestock. Only Ugandan Intelligence propagandists like Bob Atwine glorify them and then spin their evil deed to try to smear Rwanda.

One wonders, what will SpyReports do when even those few criminal remnants meet their end?

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