Breaking News For Himbara, Rwandans Play Basketball!

The pseudo professor who cheated his way in almost every aspect of his life, David Himbara, is wondering if basketball is played in Rwanda. This follows the completion of Kigali Arena, an ultra-modern basketball complex in record time.

Himbara is paid to write smear and slander on Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro. Unable to criticize the spectacular achievement in engineering and project management displayed by the completion of the Kigali Arena, the only thing the propagandist could come up with was, ‘who will use the Kigali Basketball Arena?’

The problem with paid mouthpieces like Himbara is that they write first, and then, exceptionally, think logically afterward. Rwanda not only has a vibrant national league, but also hosts Zone 5 (East and Central Africa) competitions.

One feel like writing to Himbara a breaking story, ‘Basketball is not new in Rwanda’, but evidently the mouthpiece knows this. He is probably scratching his head looking for a negative comment to write under pressure from his sponsors.

By promising unlimited lies on Rwanda, the fraudster chewed more than he can swallow.

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