Kayumba Rugema transferred to kitchen duties

Kayumba Rugema

Kayumba Rugema the former RNC coordinator in Kampala skipped to Norway when the East Congo battle began. He received, hastily, a visa and official new duties from his uncle the RNC Leader Kayumba Nyamwasa. It was a calculated move to protect his nephew as he sent others to certain death. He moved to Norway and became the RNC Representative in Scandinavian countries, at least in theory.

In reality, Kayumba Rugema went to Norway to be protected from ever going near a battlefield. A deserter of the RDF, Corporal Kayumba Rugema had been very active in Uganda where he used to coordinate with Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) to recruit Rwandans RNC members. Those who refused his RNC invitation and approach would see themselves abducted, tortured and deported.

In Kampala Coparal Kayumba was powerful moving around with armed bodyguards with powers to arrest but he had to be transferred, Nyamwasa always puts his family members first. He left his wife, Peace Rugema, a Ugandan Muhima and flew to Norway. Realities in Norway hit hard, he was no longer being driven around in CMI cars, he no longer had any powers to abuse innocent civilians. He took up a part-time job in Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel’s kitchen (Holbergsgate 30, 0166 Oslo) and has a side income selling bananas ‘matooke’ sent to him by his wife, a trader in Uganda.

To justify his redeployment in Norway to other RNC members, Rugema hurls insults and smear on his Facebook account. With his uncle, they agitate on social media for everyone to go fight in Congo or Rwanda, but both stay behind their laptop or smartphones screens.

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