The Museveni Cartel Drug Links Part 1

US courts have heard the name MUSEVENI mentioned twice in less than one year, once in a corruption case and a second time in a drug-dealing case. The Museveni family is slowly becoming a crime syndicate of global proportion. Personally, the head of the criminal cartel Yoweri Museveni was bribed by Patrick Ho along with his Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa, Partick Ho was convicted of corruption in a US Court. In his trial, the prosecutor provided evidence on how Partick Ho bribed Museveni and Kutesa $1,000,000 ; the duo shared it equally each receiving $500,000 .

Museveni’s eldest son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is married to the daughter of his Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa, Charlotte Nankunda Kutesa. In effect, the bribe was kept in the family with no consequences to either the President or his minister of foreign affairs. Two days ago, in US courts, the name Museveni resurfaced again. This time around, US courts were dealing with one of the most notorious crimes families in East Africa, the Akasha brothers.

The Akasha are Kenyan brothers drug lords that were arrested and extradited to the US for drug trafficking. They were so notorious that one is said to have killed his wife and branded his son with a hot iron. During their trial in the US, the prosecutor brought forward a key witness that narrated how Museveni’s sister in law, Jovia Akandwanaho, was in the center of the drug network. It is not the first time that Museveni’s brother Gen. Salim Saleh’s wife is mentioned in a drug scandal. In 2015 she was reportedly arrested in China with a significant consignment of drugs. She was saved by the fact that her entire cartel, unlike the Akasha family, enjoys diplomatic immunity courtesy of the Ugandan government.

The revelations into the Museveni’s drug links saga will continue as court documents enter the public domain after the Akasha’s are sentenced at a later date.

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