Himbara Is Jealous

David Himbara, the paid mouthpiece for RNC and Museveni, is obsessed about presidential travels. He is now trying to “monitor” a head of states visits abroad forgetting about the white elephant in the room, jealousy.

Himbara is jealous at any positive results from Rwanda. Presidential visits symbolises progress and recognition, and both stir jealousy for Himbara. He perfectly understands that every visit is wipe thousands of his ridiculous lies.

As a negative propagandist, Himbara has a serious problem when foreign dignitaries visit Rwanda or Rwandan official travel abroad as he is left powerless as his lies are unmasked. The only angle left for him is to attack the cost ignoring the positive financial and political returns.

I am almost certain that Himbara secretly advises his sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro, to do the same. He probably wants them to travel more and carry his propaganda messages with them. Unfortunately, Rujugiro, aka ankle bracelet, is not free to travel with ease. He has so many arrests warrants out for financial and terrorism crimes issued by so many countries, that travelling is a serious challenge. Museveni is getting old, with serious discontent in is country after 33 years of rule marred with corruption and nepotism, travelling is a serious security risk.

Both his sponsors agree with Himbara on the subject of Rwanda’s diplomatic machinery, the only option they have is to use blogs to publish smear and slander. There is nothing else for them to do!

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