Matooke / Banana Republic

A Ugandan blog, Matooke Republic literally meaning banana republic, secretly rejoicing that the Rwanda Uganda Border is now open on a 14 days trial but opts to hide their joy to save some pride. They quote the Ugandan Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, who is also shamed by recent events, saying Rwanda opened the border because it needs Uganda more than Uganda needs Rwanda.

Matooke Republic and the Ofwono Opondo are childishly proclaiming the border construction did not affect them when the Bank of Uganda publicly stated that they were losing an estimated US $12 Million per month. What Ofwono Opondo and his sponsored trolls fail to realize is that two out of three borders were never closed for repair. Their losses were due to a much more serious issue, Rwanda’s travel warning to its citizens as a result of the ongoing persecution of Rwandan living in Uganda.

The Gatuna border closure narrative is a sponsored spin by Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) whose actions are hurting the Uganda economy. CMI unleashed a well-documented witch-hunt of Rwandans in Uganda, in a wave of arbitrary arrests, torture and illegal deportation of hundreds of Rwandans. The Government of Rwanda responded with a warning to its citizens. Naturally, Rwandan traders sort out other safer sources of imports and exports causing harm to the Ugandan Economy.

Instead of secretly rejoicing and shamefully hiding their relief over one border reopening when two others were never closed, they should address their military intelligence hostile policies that are starving them of a much-needed market.

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