Ridiculous Himbara Backtracked One Lie with Another Lie

After writing a series of article that the President of Rwanda has gone missing, David Himbara the RNC propagandist realized that his posts were ridiculous and is now saying the President is no longer missing. Using an army acronym, AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave), the RNC liar slanders and smears in his usual fashion.

From his previous posts, which almost always start or contain the word ‘Kagame’, we know that Himbara is a paid propagandist desperately seeking attention. In his AWOL article, he gives readers a summary of the President’s cabinet meeting. For some strange reason, Himbara is of the belief that he is aware of all Presidential engagement and affairs. He sells this belief to his sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro, promising results in his smear campaign.

The definition of madness, according the Einstein, is repeating the same thing over and over again while hoping for a different result. For all his smear campaigns, we have never seen a response from President Kagame his target. In fact, I don’t think that Himbara’s sponsored provocations have ever resulted in any official response. Yet Himbara keeps writing and self-publishing, desperate for any response for him to milk it.

In his pursuit for propaganda, he creates falsehoods, recycles old lies and now attempts to use military jargon. Probably, the more he writes the more he is paid leading him to spam especially as he seems to run out of topics. Himbara and his associates should know how fruitless their efforts are and spare internet users of all the fake news, propaganda and attack pieces.

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