David Himbara, the RNC propagandist has definitely run out of steam. He is playing his recycling game again as he writes an attack propaganda piece on behalf of his sponsors, Yoweri Museveni and Trilbert Rujugiro. This time, just as on the 19th of February 2018 and in December 2016, he is attacking Rwanda’s vision 2050. He not only recycles the theme, his fake data but also gets confused in the process misquoting and fabricating along the way. David Himbara forgets that internet search engines (google, yahoo, etc) make his lies extremely easy to detect.

Last time, Himbara recycled an article he published in May of this year, he was caught pants down. He is now opting for two to three-year-old articles to avoid detection. He underestimates the power and ease of online search. For example, Google reveals that in 2017, Himbara writes two different incomes per capita data citing the same IMF source, $773 on his medium post, $697 in different articles published on Genocide denial platforms such The Rwandan. He claims twice on medium that his source is IMF and then gives a simple unsigned excel table.

In both articles, the June 2019 and February 2018, he argues that Rwanda cannot reach its development target. Constant repetition is a known old propaganda trick that Himbara is exploiting unaware that technology has evolved.

The RNC propagandist completes his trickery by posting a cover to his self-published, un-academic, un-reviewed, book in an attempt to boost sales of his fictional work.

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