Revealed: Museveni caught pants down delivering SFC Uniforms to ADF

Over the past couple of days Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) trolls have been disseminating one of the wildest anti-Rwanda smears to date. This involves a strange hoax involving Ugandan military uniforms (specifically SFC uniforms) that Congolese Authorities intercepted after they crossed over from Uganda, but which the CMI trolls are now claiming were “coming from a neighboring country” (by which they mean Rwanda).

One has to wonder whether these people are in fact sane individuals, to try such a foolish lie. Museveni who is senile with age is no longer capable of even imposing discipline upon CMI, to at least even lie competently!

The DRC authorities became suspicious about the truck which was carrying the Ugandan SFC uniform, after it crossed from Uganda to DR Congo at the Mpondwe Border post. Upon a search, the military attire was discovered. The first question of course was: what are these military clothes doing!! They had obviously been cleared by Uganda customs, and passed all security inspection in Uganda.

That is one thing that shows how ridiculous and childish the subsequent Ugandan propaganda stories (that “Rwanda sent Ugandan uniforms to DRC to help ADF!”) Secondly, the border post is an entire country away from Rwanda – if you know your geography, the Mpondwe border post is somewhere north of Lake Edward, and nowhere close to Rwanda.

There can only be one reason for the wild fabricated story by CMI to smear Rwanda: they were caught red handed (in Butembo) transporting military clothes to Museveni’s illegal armed proxy groups in DRC, of which he sponsors several. In fact the fact that the trolls are accusing Rwanda of sending the attire to ADF means it actually is Museveni himself that was sending them to the ADF! Remember the propagandist tactic of accusing someone else of the very thing you are guilty of? That is Museveni.

Moreover Museveni has his clandestine links with ADF, which he regularly uses as a smokescreen group, to perpetrate killings, or invasions of DRC using ADF as a pretext. One needs no reminder of what the leader of the ADF, Jamil Mukulu said in court in 2018, “Museveni’s government gave us logistics!”

What more proof would anyone ask for? While UPDF claims “it is fighting the ADF”, very coincidentally someone from Uganda has tried to smuggle SFC uniform into Congo. Really?? And who could it be? Who controls Ugandan borders, customs, the apparatus to order military attire, pay for it, and truck it? It is the state of course, of Museveni.

The man (and his brother Gen. Salim Saleh) will never, ever give up his criminal activities in the DRC. It is like a raging addiction in them to occupy at least sections of DRC to perpetrate their illicit activities there, and when caught in wrongdoing, of course Rwanda is always there as a scapegoat.

Companies affiliated to Saleh have been implicated in trafficking arms for cocoa within regions where they claim ADF to be. 14 tucks with Ugandan registration UAJ661R, UAD721Q, UAK878A, UAD749Q, UAJ653R, UAD727Q, UAH928U, UDE946L, UAJ660R, UAD719Q, SSD252H, UAQ826C, T403CSU, UBE440Z have been identified in the trafficking, via the Nobili border, carrying cocoa from the Beni region.

These are facts that explain what Mukulu was saying when he shouted in court, “This government of Uganda sponsors ADF; but if it is a terror organization, why do they support us with military logistics and finance?!” Then the terrorist leader added, “They [Ugandan regime] sponsor ADF every month, and it is a fact!”

Take it from the horse’s own mouth!

Of course, when the the ICC asked for Mukulu to be sent to the Hague, Museveni refused, fearing his terrorist partner might spill the beans!

Everything is just self-explanatory.

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