Himbara and His Entire Team Of Liars In Pointless Jubilation

The RNC chief propagandist and heavy weed smoker David Himbara and a few other loud anti-Rwanda sponsored mouthpiece such as Charles Kambanda are trending that South African has issued indictments against several Rwandans. They jubilated victoriously, tweeted, Facebooked and published on blogs, that the South African prosecutors had issued arrest warrants and extradition requests in the Karegeya case. They seemed to forget one massive part when they jubilate, Rwanda too has arrest warrants and extradition requests issued against RNC leader Kayumba Nyamwasa.

The RNC circles aided by South African white supremacist group “AfriForum” led by Gerrie Nel used a series of backdoors to generate hype. The RNC is abusing a little known legal provision of private prosecution to reignite their propaganda editorial lines. In the murder investigation of Karegeya, they sought the services of a private prosecution service known to do everything in its power to undermine South African institutions since the end of Apartheid. RNC wants to smear Rwanda, AfriForum wants to discredit black South African’s ability to manage and run South Africa.

Their collusion is based on AfriForum temporarily being color blind and turning a blind eye on the crimes committed by the terrorist RNC group. The terrorist group also turns a blind eye on the controversial AfriForum that publicly claims Apartheid was not a crime. (Read related article)      

The SA prosecution and elite police investigation unit had investigated the crime fully and found no links to Rwanda. In their loophole tactic, AfriForum and RNC used an informal inquest to refer the matter back to the National Prosecution Authority once more. Using a lower court in Randburg, they pressured or possibly corrupted their way to the re-opening Karegeya’s case to obtain arrest and extradition warrants. What they failed to obtained with normal procedure, they hope to obtain via a private (paid) prosecution.     

Rwanda issued arrest warrants as far back as in 2010 against Kayumba Nyamwasa (Link to TNT). As Kayumba had fled the country, he was tried (in absentia), convicted and sentenced to 24 years for terrorism, complicity and conspiracy to commit murder amongst other charges.

Kayumba Nyamwasa’s crimes are well documented, he orchestrated a series of grenade attacks that killed 17 innocent civilians and injured over 400. His crimes do not just stop in Rwanda, a UN Group of expert detail how his terrorist organization is involved in terrorisms and trafficking in DR Congo (UN GoE Report). The UN Group of Experts details how RNC in P5 (Alliance of terrorist and genocidal forces) established a network to recruit into their armed groups via Kampala and Bujumbura also trafficking weapons and smuggling of natural resources in Congo. Their aim is to establish bases in Easter Congo to launch attacks on Rwanda.

In 2019, the prosecutor general of Rwanda issued new arrest warrants on the P5 terrorist network, South African authorities have not honored any of the requests. If the South African prosecutor honored extradition request from Rwanda, justice would be severed for thousands of Rwanda and Congolese victims of the RNC terrorist organization.   

In International Law, extradition treaties are bilateral, reciprocal treaties that are based on good faith. As each state that enters in an extradition treaty is sovereign no state is ever under the obligation to honor an arrest or an extradition request, even an INTERPOL issued one. These agreements are mutual and negotiated as one of the key principals of international relations is sovereignty which limits jurisdiction within one’s border. Himbara and his entire team entertain themselves in pointless jubilation, conning their audiences on something as baseless as warrants with nothing to back them.

They are supported by a few international neo-colonial fanatics well placed in different media houses and pseudo human rights activist organizations. Some of these individuals are journalists at the Guardian newspaper of UK and others at the Globe and Mail in SA. You will also find that most people pushing the anti-Rwandan rhetoric are networks of genocide deniers, revisionists, and those with a political axe to grind with the Rwandan leadership.

In this Karegeya case, these networks are particularly vicious as they attempt to kill two birds with one stone. The opportunity to pin an African state against another was too good to pass, attacking the ANC and Rwanda by manipulating the South African judicial process.