Museveni’s army of crude propagandists goes off the rails as Gen. Nyamvumba runs afoul of Rwanda’s stiff accountability!

By Mwene Kalinda

The dismissal of Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba as Rwanda’s internal security minister has pushed Museveni’s army of anti-Rwanda propagandists over the edge. It is clear to see with their all-out frenzy of unhinged commentary.

ChimpReports (aka Cheap Reports), nominally published by Kisoro’s Giles Muhame – though under the control of Uganda’s military intelligence (sic), CMI – set the ball rolling on 27 April. They were spinning the dismissal as if it was some earth-shaking event, though it is an outcome of normal accountability that Rwandans demand and have come to expect as part of our country’s governance standards.

“Nyamvumba’s sacking will send shockwaves in the country’s security services,” Chimp blared. Not to be outdone, on 10 May, SpyReport UG, run by Bob Atwine under the supervision of former UPDF spokesman Col Paddy Ankunda, now in charge of CMI’s strategic communications (i.e. propaganda), screeched, “GUNS, AMMUNITION, OFFICERS & MEN DISAPPEAR FROM RWANDA’S GARRISON”. This fake claim was echoed by SpyReport UG’s stablemate in CMI’s large army of fake Rwanda reporting, The Great Lakes Post (aka GLPost), which gave the fantasy report extensive play.

SpyReport soon followed that up with a similarly imagined event, breathlessly shrieking on 14 May, “BREAKING: PAUL KAGAME LOCKS UP FIVE GENERALS”, falsely asserting that Generals Kabarebe, Nyamvumba, Kayonga, Karake and Murasira were all under lock. This must have come as a total surprise to those generals who were going about their official duties as usual. It must also have amazed colleagues and other people with whom they were interacting at that particular time. Everyone must have wondered what reality-altering substance Museveni was feeding his propagandists.

Museveni’s propagandists, are however, never deterred by such hilariously farfetched, easily debunked claims even when they know every objective reader, including many in Uganda, must be laughing at their crude concoctions. Credibility is less important to them than the paycheck they continue to receive from Museveni via CMI.

Unsurprisingly therefore, SpyReports UG is at it once more, screaming in a 22 May very shoddily written report fashioned from whole cloth, “PAUL KAGAME RUNNING HIS USUAL PROGRAM TO MURDER AN OFFICER OF RDF: GEN. PATRICK NYAMVUMBA”. Interestingly, this SpyReports story tells us, among many other equally astonishing things, that Patrick Nyamvumba is “a respected General of the UPDF” (I am sure even he will be left scratching his head in wonder at how he became one)!

But you soon find “Spy” is just hitting its stride of hilarity. It quickly shifts into crude revisionism to re-write the context and circumstances of a moment of Uganda-Rwanda history that continues to deeply rankle Museveni and his most senior military officers and political associates: the UPDF’s 1999-2000 complete mauling by the RPA in Kisangani. It was the event that permanently put paid to Uganda’s pretences as a regional hegemon.

At the time, the then Lt. Col. Patrick Nyamvumba was the commander of RPA forces in Kisangani while the then Col. James Kabarebe was RPA chief of staff and overall commander of Rwandan forces in DRC. About that time Museveni and his top officers accused the two Rwandan commanders – falsely as would eventually be established by the subsequent joint inquiry headed by then Rwandan chief of staff Brig. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa and UPDF commander Maj. Gen. Jeje Odongo – of having violated the ceasefire signed between then Rwandan Vice President and Minister of Defence Paul Kagame, and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. The joint Odongo-Nyamwasa inquiry would instead designate the UPDF commanders in Kisangani as the culprits that initiated hostilities and fired the first shots.

Be that as it may, Uganda continued to blame Patrick Nyamvumba and James Kabarebe for the outbreak of fighting, pushing for them to be withdrawn from the theatre in exchange for their own withdrawal of Kazini, Mayombo, Rogers Munyantwalu, and Gervus Mugyenyi. In other words, Museveni and his military and political associates largely blamed Nyamvumba for their heavy defeat and were anxious for him to be withdrawn from the theatre of operations.

Now in a hilarious volte-face, Museveni’s SpyReport has this to say about Gen Nyamvumba: “… In 1998, Nyamvumba, then a Colonel, was the commander of the Rwanda military in Kisangani and deputised by Gen. Emmanual Ruvusha was a Major (sic). These men received instructions from James Kabarebe, who was the overall commander of the Rwandan army in DRC, to attack and force UPDF out of Kisangani. Nyamvumba listened to James Kabarebe and responded that conditions on the ground didn’t call of (sic) hostilities against UPDF and even there was any need (sic), it was not tenable to put his officers and men in a fighting mood against the UPDF.

After a short interval, Nyamvumba received a call from Paul Kagame him (sic) who ordered Nyamvumba to fight. ‘Shoot down those foolish but arrogant Ugandans!’ Kagame ordered Nyamvumba.”

How times change, and Museveni’s propaganda with it. Needless to say, this is not how Museveni and his military recounted the situation at the time of the August 1999 clashes. The joint commission of inquiry headed by UPDF Commander Maj. Gen. Jeje Odongo on the Ugandan side, and Brig. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa (RPA Chief of Staff and a devoted Museveni mole in Rwanda’s military) on the Rwandan side, highlighted that prior to the Kisangani clashes, the city was already tense. This was “due to longstanding disagreements between RPA Commander Nyanvumba (sic) and Brigadier Kazini of the UPDF.”

In the aftermath of those clashes and the heavy UPDF defeat in which hundreds of UPDF officers and men were killed and even more injured, Ugandan top brass, including people like Kahinda Otafiire, were accusing Nyamvumba and his subordinate officers in Kisangani of violating a ceasefire jointly ordered by Kagame and Museveni. Now, in the interest of a new propagandist need, the same people are farcically trying to re-write their previous position to give us a mirror opposite of what it then was. All in the interest of trying to convince people that Gen Nyamvumba’s dismissal is tied to his imaginary historical pro-Uganda views! A more hilariously contortionist campaign would be hard to imagine.

Yes, those armed clashes in Kisangani two decades ago are relevant to today’s Uganda-Rwanda cold war, and are an important pointer in explaining Museveni’s Rwanda-destabilisation project. But not in the way Museveni and his propagandists would make you believe. In addition to Museveni’s long-time dream of somehow sowing divisions among Rwandans, especially Rwanda’s officer cadres and security forces, SpyReports soon lets us understand the motive for this piece. It is the still festering wounds of Museveni’s 1999-2000 misadventures in Kisangani where the UPDF was badly mauled by an outnumbered and outgunned RPA (now RDF)!

SpyReports’ piece is an awe-inspiring case study of historical revisionism that left this writer, and no doubt all those conversant with the actual history of the Uganda-Rwanda clashes in the Congolese city, rolling on the floor in laughter!

Since the Kisangani battles that left Ugandan forces badly beaten, with hundreds dead and even more wounded; and with his senior commanders captured and repatriated back home via Kigali, Museveni has nursed an extremely vindictive vendetta against Rwanda. This has involved the direct support of terrorist groups fighting the Rwanda government, and the establishment and activation of a huge anti-Rwanda propaganda campaign spanning all categories of old and new media.

In a meeting with President Mkapa as he tried to reconcile the two countries, President Museveni told President
Kagame in Kinyarwanda: Ntiturakaraba”. When Mkapa asked
Museveni what he meant, he replied that Kagame knew what
he had told him.

“Gukaraba inzigo” is an old Rwandan custom whereby if a family member killed a member of another family, the two families would sit together, the family whose member had killed would select one of their own to be handed to the bereaved family to exact revenge. That would be so as to end the bad blood between the two families, and bury the hatchet of revenge and counter-revenge.

Museveni was telling Kagame that there could never be any reconciliation till he had had revenge for the loss of his soldiers’ lives in Kisangani. Kagame, for his part, made it clear there was no possibility of such Rwandan sacrificial lambs.

In this regard, it is important to underline, once again, that the Jeje Odongo-Kayumba Nyamwasa joint inquiry cleared the RPA of any blame in the clashes, noting that the RPA approach of creating a joint RPA/UPDF command to avoid tensions among forces deployed in close proximity had been rejected by the UPDF. The RPA’s proposal to organise the RDC rebels into a unified fighting group had been similarly rejected by the UPDF which started creating other rebel factions instead.

The 5-7 August 1999 fighting was a UPDF attempt to give an African verification team – regarding the implementation of the Lusaka accords – the false impression that Uganda’s protege, Prof. Wamba dia Wamba controlled key parts of Kisangani. The UPDF had started reinforcing at the end of July, intending to completely take over Kisangani and expel the RPA from the city.

It was with this goal in mind that on 7 August UPDF deployed heavily in Kisangani, digging trenches and foxholes in preparation for the fight ahead. By 12 August, forces from the UPDF’s 3rd, 5th, 9th and 65th Battalions had already been brought into the town to reinforce the two UPDF battalions already there with 5 tanks.

By contrast the RPA had only 2 battalions – the 61st and 75th – deployed in Kisangani when the fighting erupted, as those RPA forces endeavoured to break the encirclement the UPDF forces had put them in.

Museveni has continuously initiated further hostilities since the first Kisangani clashes, which he inevitably loses. A wise man would by now understand to stop behaving as if he was insane as defined by Albert Einstein: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a fifferent outcome.

It is not historical revisionism about Kisangani and the role of different commanders in those clashes that will help Museveni achieve his longstanding fantasy of assuaging his enzigo.

Destabilising Rwanda, DRC and South Sudan makes Museveni the Region’s Chief Meddler

A Ugandan regime sponsored tabloid Spyreports handled by Bob Atwine benefits from Museveni’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence’s anti-Rwanda operations funds. The tabloid has yet again served up more of its anti-Rwanda fallacies, with more outrageous fictions.

In pursuit of publicizing Museveni and his Uganda failed ‘Refugee Policy’, CMI propaganda tool Spyreports run an anti-Rwanda hit piece titled: “taking stock of Rwanda’s decision to extend its borders into ‘lager neighbors’ territories: A case of Rwandan refugees in Uganda.”

This is a naked lie concocted to blame Rwanda for Uganda’s violation of international laws as it harbors and supports terrorist groups.

First and foremost Uganda has been on the spot over harboring, supporting and arming anti-Rwanda terror groups RNC, FDLR, FLN and RUD-Urunana bent on wreaking terror on Rwanda.

This was asserted by the United Nations Group of Experts report (UN GoE). In its December 2018 publication, the report revealed how Museveni and Nkurunziza support – by training and arming terrorist groups allied in terror enterprise known as P5 coalition – efforts to destabilise Rwanda.

The truth of the matter is, it is Museveni that meddles in internal politics of other nations. He’s tried to position himself as a godfather that pulls the strings in the region’s politics. He believes he can eventually influence leadership, or cause regime changes in neighboring sovereign states.

From a political point of view, Museveni’s meddling in the affairs of other countries is a total violation of international laws, and fundamental provisions of the United Nations act.

Museveni has invaded the Democratic Republic of Congo since the 1990s, as revealed by several UN reports. His army, UPDF unleashed all sorts of criminality upon innocent Congolese civilians. They stole mineral resources, raped women, killed innocent unarmed civilians. As a matter of fact Museveni was hit with a fine of US$ 10 billion by the International Court of Justice

Lesley Anne Warner rightly said, “Museveni plays peacemaker by day and combatant by night in South Sudan” in her article published by African Arguments. From John Garang to General George Athor, Museveni has a habit of inviting to Kampala, and killing anyone he perceives as a stumbling block to his ambitions of manipulating South Sudan.

Changing gears from meddling in matters of other countries; in the quest to deflect the world’s attention; Spyreports published a list of 53 people: alleged “missing” or “killed” Ugandans in Rwanda. These people’s identities remain questionable, since manufacturing fake documents is a speciality of the Kampala regime.

It is important to remind readers that Spyreports’ alleged missing and killed Rwandans in Ugandan refugee camps, were recruited to join anti-Rwanda terror groups by Museveni.

The people featuring on Spyreports’ doctored list were recruited by Museveni into RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana. Many of them were found in the Congolese jungles plotting to subvert Rwanda. Poor innocent Rwandans were mopped up by the Congolese army FARDC in efforts to pacify her territory. But Museveni will use funded tabloids like Spyreports to shift the blame to Rwanda.

Sypreports has embarrassed itself and its paymaster Museveni by reminding the world about the identity of the militias fighting in Uganda’s proxy groups. When FARDC attacked RNC bases in Minembwe, many were killed and those who survived led by their field commander (Rtd) Maj. Habib Mudadhir spilled the beans about CMI-ISO and RNC clandestine operations in Uganda and DRC.

“I was recruited by CMI and RNC in Kampala; I joined RNC with promises of money and positions when we topple President Kagame’s leadership. I was duped, I betrayed my own country, I am guilty for all crimes, and I ask for pardon. I also urge all anti-Rwanda groups to surrender and retreat peacefully,” Mudadhir said, coming completely clean on his crimes.

“We were recruited from Uganda refugee camps, we’re often visited by UPDF officers, CMI operatives, RNC agents who enticed us to join anti-Rwanda schemes with intent to cause a regime change. They promised us huge sums of money and positions in the army when we captured Kigali,” confirmed one of the 25 RNC captives.

Museveni will deceive none with his half-baked allegations.

Spyreports should first ask Museveni why UNHCR has never accused Rwanda of those alleged missing refugees in Uganda. The answer is simple, the refugee body is fully aware that the allegations are unfounded, but also meant to portray Uganda as a “safe haven” for refugees so as to swindle donors.

One has to remember that Museveni has turned refugees into a cash cow. Museveni’s government has been exposed for inflating refugee numbers, then fleecing UNHCR of huge sums of money.

In 2008 a UN Oversight Committee investigation discovered that Museveni’s officials reported doctored statistics. At the behest of Museveni, officials reported that Ugandan hosted 1.4 million refugees yet it had 1.1 million; they had exaggerated the figures by 300,000 refugees.

Museveni’s minister was heard in public, on International Refugee Day, expressing his frustrations about corrupt officials who stole UNHCR’s refugee funds to build mansions and secure acres of lands “whilst refugees die of hunger and poor healthcare.”

Museveni so-called ‘welcome refugee policy’ is a trick to con UNCHR and other humanitarian organizations, of which he embezzles millions of dollars that end up in his pocket and offshore accounts. Some of the donors like UK, German and Japan have suspended their refugee aid to Uganda after finding out Museveni’s financial shenanigans.

On killing people, Museveni has become synonymous with assassinations. Museveni has killed anyone who posed a threat to his lifetime presidency. Museveni killed high profile politicians, police officers, businesspersons whom he perceived as challengers to his throne. The Ugandan ruler killed most of his bush war comrades like Brig Noble Mayombo, Gen James Kazini, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Col Ibrahim Abiriga, AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi, ASP Muhammad Kirumira to name just a few.

The Ugandan ruler shamelessly descended upon young People Power movement supporters. He ordered his son Muhoozi’s SFC commandos to kill young aspiring Ugandans such as Ziggy Wine, Yasini Kawuma, Maria Nagilinya, Suzan Magara (Kainerugaba’s mistress) among others. Many Ugandans have disappeared mysteriously, the likes of John Bosco Kibalama who was abducted a year ago. His whereabouts are only known to Museveni and his SFC soldiers. These are just a few individuals; the list of people murdered by Museveni counts in hundreds.

One doesn’t have to be a Harvard graduate to see Museveni’s political betrayals and how he has endorsed himself as the region’s politics Godfather.

Museveni’s goose is cooked, he has failed in all aspects of destabilising Rwanda, and the only window that is left with is to peddle his hallucinations through anti-Rwanda tabloids he funds, like Spyreports which have failed all credibility tests.

Senile dictator Museveni trying to learn contemporary military strategy at old age

Today Bob Atwine’s Spyreports posted a story where the senile and cancer-stricken dictator, Museveni commissioned the Wargame Center at Matooke Republic’s senior military College, Kimaka, Jinja District. Kimaka Senior Command and Staff course was established in 2003.

For the last 35 years he has been in power, the senile dictator has been posturing in military uniform to scare every Ugandan – especially his UPDF senior and general officers who harbor the ambition of challenging him because of his misrule and corruption. These officers claim, and rightly so, that the senile and cancer-stricken dictator veered off the course of NRM ideology for which they fought..

In 1995 when Rtd Col Kiiza Besigye raised questions about the direction the country was taking, trouble ensued; it led to his incarceration on false charges. The latest casualty is Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, who voiced his concern about how the senile dictator has ruled Uganda for the last 35 years.

It is too late for the frail, senile and cancer-stricken dictator to lean contemporary military strategies; the growing anger and resentment within UPDF ranks may topple him any time.

Senile Museveni’s lapdog projects master’s mental issues on others

This latest rant by senile Museveni’s lapdog Obed Katurebe (aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere) is a sign of serious drug abuse! Katureebe, the attack mouthpiece has run out of imaginations to smear Rwanda and its exemplary leadership. It is simply too hard so he resorts to wild fictional tales of bunkers and paranoia inspired his own sponsors schizophrenic behavior.

To the naked eye, even a non medical expert can see how Museveni’s body is slowly rotting, ravaged by cancer. His fingers hold on for dear life on his hands as the non-stop chemotherapy destroys his skin. Impeccable sources indicate that he suffers from prostate cancer, and the ultimate proof of his prostate issue is visible to all keen observers.

Senile Museveni is always within three minutes of a toilet. He suffers from incontinence (lack of or low bladder control) and involuntary self-defecation. Sneezing, coughing or laughing hard can automatically trigger either. Senile Museveni controls his incontinence with a dozen of mobile toilets fitted car fleet, mobile toilets vans integrated in his convoy, and a huge supply of adult diapers. This hampers his travels abroad; his attack mouthpiece Katurebe should not blame others for traveling.

Senile Museveni is growing old and paranoid! His epilepsy tormented wife has systematically killed many women that get too close to Museveni. Janet Kataha Museveni, the epileptic woman and mother to 3 of his daughters, has him on a short and tight leash. She even forced him to make her Minister of Education and sport, so as to control his every movement! Janet Museveni is ruthless; she specializes in hunting down poor women bedded by her senile husband! He rightly fears that, eventually, she will bite him too.

Outside his bedroom, Senile Museveni has a lot more enemies. The first item on his mind is his genetically modified general son, the bored and uninspiring Lt-Gen. Muhoozi. Just like his step-Mother, he kills quickly and his ambition to be the next ruler of Uganda are public knowledge code named “Project Muhoozi”. Anyone opposing his succession plan ends up dead. Muhoozi, working with his uncle Gen. Saleh, has been specializing in poisoning and investing in a biological lab. The poisons are developed by North Koreans in the Nakasongola lab run by the thug Saleh and his nephew, an alcoholic, “genetically modified” general.

Outside his home, Senile Museveni’s paranoia is in overdrive. For all the crimes he committed against Ugandans, he fears Ugandans most. His convoy makes you realize how unsafe Senile Museveni actually feels. He moves everywhere with a whole batallion of heavily armed special force soldiers – complete with tanks and cannons. Propagandist Katureebe’s senile patron is scared of Ugandans, why? Because Ugandans totally hate him!

Senile Museveni is so scared of Ugandans that at the slightest fear, he has people killed! AIGP Kaweesi, ASP Kirumira, Col Abiriga, Muslim sheikhs, Gen Aronda, Brig Mayombo, and People Power Kibalama, Michael Alinda, others who were almost killed, like MP Zaake, Bobi Wine are just a few of his victims.

Katureebe’s sponsor is the head of a criminal family that’s bleeding Uganda dry! For 35 years, Senile Museveni and his adopted Bahima clan loot in broad-daylight Uganda. For example; UCB, Greenland, ghost soldiers, junk choppers and other mega scams, all perpetrated by senile Museveni’s crook of a brother Gen. Saleh Saleh. This mafia family includes crooked daughters, sired with the epileptic vampire, that literally sell young Ugandans in the Middle East as slaves.

This crooked Museveni family has eliminated so many Ugandans. The way they tortured Bobi Wine in Arua – just because he doesn’t agree with their thug regime – is spine chilling.

Yoseeri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa, Senile Museveni’s real names, and his family are a true curse upon Uganda.

Lapdog Katurebe thinks projecting upon Rwanda the behavior of his senile, disease-ridden patron will deflect attention. No amount of smears and propaganda can clean up Senile Museveni’s mess. Museveni is still drenched in blood.

Obed the lapdog propagandist is deceiving himself if he thinks anything he says can deflect from that fact.

CMI Troll Katureebe confirms Senile Museveni’s involvement in Burundi elections

Senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda camp is well equipped with a bunch of loonies that most of the time interpret their imaginations to earn a living. Obed Katureebe is one of them.

The minion runs Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook page. He browses Uganda Communication Commission’s free WiFi to forge slanderous lies such as – “Rwanda is planning to kill Burundians via its proxies”.

Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece has in fact only succeeded in confirming rumors that have been doing the rounds in the media for long: Museveni deployed a whole battalion of soldiers in Burundi. The Ugandan soldiers’ overt mandate in fact was to support Burundi’s ruling party CNDD-FDD to rig elections!

In attempt to digress from senile Museveni’s involvement in Burundi elections, a clown like Katureebe thinks he can dupe anyone by smearing Rwanda which has no involvement in Burundi.

Credible reports have already indicated that the polls were marred by irregularities (of which senile Museveni’s battalion was there to help with).

Katureebe’s congratulatory messages to CNDD-FDD even before full results are announced completely exposes his master, Senile Museveni’s mission to help CNDD rig the elections.

Senile Museveni’s regime is the most murderous in Uganda’s history

Senile Museveni’s favorite lapdog, Obed Katureebe, alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere likes to falsely attribute deaths to Rwandan leaders!

The mission of course is to demonize President Kagame – so even when people die from accidents, or natural causes, it is the Kampala propagandist’s job to claim “it is Kagame!” All the time.

The propagandist is now dredging up old lies about Assinapol Rwigara who died in a motor vehicle accident. Senile Museveni’s lapdog however forgets that people look at him, and know what he is doing: projecting upon Rwanda the crimes his very boss has committed.

If the propagandist wants to talk about assassinations, he has a multitude of such cases right in his backyard. If one were to chronicle the people senile Museveni has killed, extra-judicially, it would fill a ream of papers! One can begin with unsolved deaths that have haunted Uganda. The first was the assassination in 1987 of Andrew Kayiira, a prominent Ugandan politician that the country’s president considered “an unwanted rival.” Even when British Police conducted an investigation, Museveni sat on the report, up to today.

So many people have been killed since then, but the lapdog Katureebe takes time to smear the Rwandan leadership – because he is projecting.

Former Internal Security minister, as well as UPDF chief of staff Aronda Nyakairima died in 2015 after ingesting poison because he was totally against the shady “Muhoozi project”.

Before then former UPDF commander Maj. Gen. James Kazini was assassinated in 2009. The same happened to former intelligence chief Noble Mayombo, killed with poison.

The list also includes former Uganda Police spokesman AIGP Andrew Kaweesiand, and Muhammad Kirumira the late DPC, Buyende District. Senile Museveni’s murderous nature is such that senior Uganda government and army officials no longer eat at state organized events. According to Gen. David Sejusa, senior Ugandans carry their own snacks, chapattis and juice or water, in their coats or bags!

Influential Ugandans have for years been saying senile Museveni’s regime is the most murderous in the country’s history. The record proves this. Countless Ugandans have died in violent or mysterious ways.

Until today Ugandans are being made to “disappear”: like People Power mobilizer John Bosco Kibalama who has been missing since last year. State agents abducted him, and his family or friends haven’t seen or heard from Kibalama since then.

Obed Katurebe thinks projecting his master’s crimes on others will hoodwink people. He and his senile master are very mistaken.

Rwandans have a constitutional right to serve and retire from the State’s armed forces

Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, is a piece of a junky troll who sits at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) earning Ugandan taxpayers’ money to malign the Rwandan leadership under direct instructions from Museveni.

The propagandist of the matooke republic deliberately misleads his audience that Rwandans join the army through forceful coercion and remain in the organization by force. Katureebe should step in Rwanda to see how RDF properly recruits. Public announcements are made through all media channels inviting young educated Rwandans willing (not by force) to serve their country in the armed forces.

The clown should know that unlike the Matooke Republic’s armed force (UPDF), where old fellows recruited in the Seventies still languish in the army, Rwanda doesn’t do things like that. Rwanda’s military, RDF is a professional force that has no “lifetime” soldiers.

There are very many fine, former officers of RDF that voluntarily left the army, or retired upon reaching retirement age. Lapdog Obed fails, again.

CMI loudmouth Seruga takes his bankroller for a ride with an imaginary encounter with a Rwandan operative

CMI tool, Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa the midget has turned Rwanda into both his cash cow and a means to boost his deflated ego. In order to console his broken heart after the unceremonious dumping by his former Belgian boyfriend, the midget creates wild fantasies.

In one of his trade mark wild lies Seruga the midget conjures up a fake conversation with a Rwandan woman who only exists in his perverted mind, and turns his fantasies into a story to sell to gullible readers.

The said heartbreak (with a Belgian boyfriend) has caused Seruga so much pain and hallucinations and is only lucky CMI is always willing to cash in on his mental condition – but CMI is just that kind of client. CMI is very happy that their lapdog is taking them for a ride, by creating a nonexistent conversation between him and a nonexistent Rwandan woman who ostensibly is after him. Solange Kanimba is only a figment of his imagination.

It is quite apparent that the CMI obsessive attention seeker created a Whatsapp conversation to make CMI believe that he is “an important target” sought by the Rwanda intelligence. “Solange Kanimba” is just a fictitious entity in Serubwa’s head.

Here, it is also important to note that even the stupidest CMI propagandist knows how to project upon Rwanda crimes actually committed by the Ugandan regime – which is what Seruga is doing.

He is concocting a lie basing on how former Ugandan internal security minister, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima died. The late Aronda, also former army chief of staff, died on a flight from South Korea after ingesting a drink laced with poison that a female Uganda regime agent served him. Titus the midget is only smearing Rwanda with crimes that his CMI bosses are most adept at.

Obed Katurebe, Senile Museveni’s lapdog in failed attempt to drag Rwanda in Burundi’s affairs.

Senile Museveni’s lapdog Obed Katurebe, a Ugandan Communication Commission officer, has decided to use his Robert Fati Gakwerere Facebook page to try to drag Rwanda into Burundi’s affairs. He comes up with a falsehood that Burundi’s decision to close social media is Rwanda’s fault!

But Burundi’s affairs are Burundi’s. Does senile Museveni’s propagandist’s think people are stupid to believe Rwanda runs Burundi’s affairs? Does Katurebe mean to say that it’s Rwanda’s fault every time his senile sponsor blocks social media in Uganda, fearing a popular uproar after 35 years of a brutal kleptocracy?

It isn’t surprising however that Obed is smearing Rwanda at this particular moment. It is well-known how senile Museveni has been teaming up with Burundi in the plot to destabilize Rwanda. Testimony of their ill-fated joint venture is told by their pawns currently facing trial in Rwanda after being arrested and extradited to face justice. Retired Major Habbid Madhatiru of P5 terrorist alliance and 25 other co-accused elaborated how they are recruited in Uganda with the help of Ugandan authorities, facilitated in Burundi by Burundian security agencies to join East Congo. Katureebe must have heard of Callixte Nsabimana of the FLN terrorist organization who pled guilty to terrorism and went on to detail his interaction with Ugandan and Burundian intelligence.

Obed, the propagandist, lies but forgets that there is a UN report pinning both Uganda and Burundi – with reams of facts – to destabilize Rwanda through eastern Congo-based terrorist groups (Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana, and others). This is the UN Group of Experts report released on 31 December 2018.

Rwanda does not interfere in any country’s affairs, let alone Burundi’s, and Senile Museveni’s liars know that. Rather it is the other way round.

Deadbeat dad Sulah Nuwamanya exploits the passing of Prof. Nkusi for RNC cheap propaganda

The RNC deadbeat dad, Sulah Nuwamanya is a shameless liar, who likes to pretend to be what he is not, and has never been. He propagates his nonsense through his Facebook page where he misleads those who do not know him.

In his recent post, he talks about the late Prof. Laurent Nkusi (RIP) as if he is his equal. He fabricates outright lies about the situation surrounding the creation and ultimate closure of the ‘Weekly Post’. All is concocted in effort to present himself as someone that actually achieved something. The deadbeat father should quit tarnishing the name of a good man like Prof. Nkuusi with lies, and let him Rest In Peace.

But Nuwamnaya forgets that it’s futile to sanitise himself when everyone knows that he abandoned his family when he moved to Kampala to live with his concubine, now fellow terrorist Prossy Boona Baana. The clown left his family in the hands of the Government of Rwanda that now caters for them.

The RNC minion Nuwamanya is lying when he claims there was “registration to establish a newspaper”, the Weekly Post. The Weekly post was published without registration at all, and they sold copies from the boot of a car. If it was a legally registered newspaper, why were they selling copies from a car boot?

Everyone knows how Nuwamanya was booted out of employment at The New Times – plotting insubordination against his superiors, as well as incompetence.

It is ironical that Nuwamanya is busy working with the RNC terror group that is plotting evil against the Government of Rwanda, yet the same government is taking care of his abandoned wife and four children.