RNC Propagandist David Murunganwa, aka Himbara, attempts to create panic with COVID-19

The weed smoking terrorist propagandist David Murunganwa aka Himbara, after his macabre dance that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Africa and Rwanda in particular, is pretending to advise how to manage the outbreak. As a sponsored propagandist, he deliberately laces his fake advice with a narrative designed to create panic and chaos.

Murunganwa, paid to run the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist propaganda, has always tried to cause panic and chaos in Rwanda. In 2009 and in 2010, his terrorist militia threw grenades at bus stops, markets and other crowed areas in an effort to create chaos. They had grossly underestimated the Rwandan people resolve, their terrorist attacks brought Rwandans together and their attempt to destabilize was faulted. Himbara now hopes that COVID-19 will succeed where RNC failed, even with the Ugandan regime support.

With 17 cases detected in Rwanda, the government put in place stringent measures to contain the outbreak. Rwanda is doing exactly what needs to be done to avoid playing catch-up. Contrary to what the terrorist propagandist is saying essential services (Banks, hospitals, fuel, food and farming included) are still operational. He deliberately omitted to mention that, just as he forgets to mention that he lives in a red zone with 1328 cases of COVID-19.

As a paid propagandist, he has to overlook his old age and his frail immune system to write smear and fake news about Rwanda. Deep in side, he definitely would wish to be in Rwanda for its stringent measures would keep him safe.

In the very near future, Muruganwa will find it very difficult to ignore that Rwanda took the right decision. Someone should actually tell him to begin writing apology letters to Rwandans, he might soon need to seek shelter in Rwanda!

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