Himbara, Anti-Rwanda Propagandist, fakes an Author badge as He faked his High School diploma

David Himbara, the weed smoking anti-Rwanda propagandist, is aggressively marketing his useless propaganda book. He is so aggressive that he has turned his medium blog in an advertising page, reposting a “please buy my book” article every two days. Weed Smoking Himbara hopes that his fourth book will not flop like his previous ones since people lost interest in his rubbish.

Smear Ranked 1.7 Million places from Top seller

The anti-Rwanda propagandist fraudster masquerades as published intellectual when in fact he self-publishers. His previous self-published book ranking illustrates how bad of a writer he is. All of his books are ranked at least one million places from the best seller, meaning he probably never sold more than 15 copies of his freelance smear. Yet on his CV, Himbara will be calling himself an author.

One of Himbara’s childhood friends explained that fraud and self-aggrandizement was typical behavior for Himbara. It turns out Himbara’s really name is Murunganwa, a high school failure who scored the lowest possible level. He then faked a name “Himbara” to get to University as he is currently faking the author badge to get some attention.

RNC’s Himbara, or Muruganwa, developed a complex that he tries to cover with fake titles from birth. He was born a taboo; his father took his grandfather’s wife and impregnated her. This makes him a step-brother to his father! To hide this, the megalomaniac propagandist grew up faking to be the son of an important royal, but everyone knew the incest and taboo behind his birth.

When he calls himself an author, or spams his blog with adverts of a book that will not even sale 10 copies, he is once again only fooling himself with illusion of “grandeur”. Everyone knows his 2020 book is just a collection of lies, we all know no one published it but someone printed it for cash. Most importantly, we know all know that his book is another failure for the noisy fugitive as he ranks in the millionth like he did in his high school education.

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