Himbara’s Diminishing IQ


Himbara has been accusing President Kagame, who he worked for twice, of having blocked the UN in stopping the genocide against Tutsis in 1994. These revelations are made during the 25th commemoration ceremony in an effort to sabotage the one person alive to have led real action against genocide.

If Himbara was an honest man, he would reveal that his admiration for President Paul Kagame was such that he did everything possible to work for the President. If he was honest, he would recall how proud he was working for the leader that stopped the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda.

His dishonesty, his frauds and inferiority complex got him fired once, and pushed him out a second time. With only fraud and manipulation on his belt, he is now trying to lie to the world that he worked for a monster. As the say goes, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. He forgets that he once praise President Paul Kagame, then slandered him, came back to praising him and now he went back to slander. Who believes such a person, who would not label him a conman, a fraud, a manipulator?

The world knows is his the RNC’s chief propagandist, an armed outfit that now has Genocidal forces as allies. He will deny this and pretend to be a human rights activist who will block any attempt to a debate. David Himbara’s attacks on the President are found in the lowest form of intellect, his ad hominem attacks (attacks on the person) are usually for those with no content in their argument.  

A quick look at Himbara’s blog reveals a serious lack of content. It reads Kagame this, Kagame that, topped it off with his recycled narrative and you are left wondering what he is writing about.

It causes more than one reader to ask me if indeed Himbara is a PHD holder. I have also struggled with it, and I can only promise to investigate his credentials. I suspect his lack of content is explained by a simple fact: – Himbara is a sore loser. He is unable to digest that he is now irrelevant after attempting to topple government with a click of extremist. He should admit it, he lost it all trying to reach for more, he tried to fly higher and burnt his wings like Icarus.

He should enlighten us and tell us about his role in stopping the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, or just entertain us with a real demonstration of his intellect by arguing facts. Then again, defeat is a bitter pill to swallow, perhaps he lost his mind and is in need of medical help?    

Himbara & RPF Gakwerere’s selective memory.

RPF Gakwerere is just about to explode with anger and envy. Himbara too suffers from the same syndrome. They are hurt that the useless propaganda, their sleepless nights cooking up lies have crumbled.

They aimed to damage President Kagame’s reputation with all their fakebook credit, with all their might, and now they have to swallow the bitter taste of defeat.

It is going to become an acquired taste for them, defeat and defeat, it will drive them over the edge. They have attacked the President on every front and lost, RPF Gakwerere even tried attacking the first family but failed miserably. Himbara tried with his blogs but failed, now he attempts personal attacks. They should get used to misery, as it should be for anyone engaging in Genocide denials.

Lets take a moment and recap what the mad RPF Gakwerere and his Liar in Chief went through this week. His Professor of blood economics, Himbara, came up with a diabolical concept of Genocide credit (Failed), they then went out of their way to pressure and sabotage all commemoration activities (Failed), tried to start a war (Failed), tried to incite revolt (Failed). We have to pity their keyboards, innocent victims of Kayumba’s camp serial failures.

Now, they are screaming, kicking that the only leader alive to have stopped a Genocide is commercialising Genocide. For the sake of clarity, let it be know that no one else understand their senseless attacks. We all understand they are now looking for support from Genocidal forces like FDLR. We know President Kagame is fighting to keep us safe from them and their FDLR associates.

President Kagame stopped the Genocide against Tutsiss in Rwanda, the world thanks him, Rwanda thanks him. RPF Gakwerere, Himbarae might as well thank him to, we know he saved their families too.

Excepting gratitude from a mentally unstable General and a clown like Himbara, both reduced to social media noise, might be unrealistic, lets just hope someone close to them gets them medical help. Surely, Kayumba Gakwerere is crazy, take a look at Himbara facial expressions and you will know he too has gone crazy!

RPF GAKWERERE, The New Radio Milles Collines

Reading this latest Facebook post of Kayumba Nyamwasa – masquerading as “RPF Gakwerere” – he is some resurrection of the infamous RTLM Radio Station.

Nyamwasa has been trying his hand as a propagandist, under the pseudonym “RPF Gakwerere” for some time now, using the most venomous language to sow hatred of Rwanda. Every lie he utters against Rwanda or its leadership; e.g. that “Rwanda is killing Ugandans” (even when he knows well who is killing those people, i.e. his patron); that “Kigali is ‘kidnapping Rwandan refugees’ from Uganda”; that “Rwanda is sending spies to carry out missions in Uganda, and in Burundi”! is calculated to sow hatred.

The shameless vuvuzela went ahead to claim Rwanda kidnapping an American Tourist, in Uganda! Now he is claiming detailed knowledge of supposed Rwandan plans “to infiltrate Uganda”.

In every utterance, of course he is backed, or supported by the regime that’s in bed with him; the same regime that hosts his terror operation, helping recruit for his RNC rebels, and the like. He is not alone.

But Nyamwasa is getting crazier.

Recently he has been accusing the Rwandan head of state of jailing his future son in law. That is, after doing his best to pin the tragic death of a model on the first family, but giving no evidence of course. This is proof that “RPF Gakwerere” aka Nyamwasa needs treatment in a mental facility.

It is highly questionable whether this man is still well mentally.

He has been desperately trying to start a war against Rwanda since he went to self-exile. So far it has not worked out that way. When they tried an attack through Nyungwe, they got a thorough thrashing.

Late last year Nyamwasa’s plans suffered another body blow when two of his top FDLR partners got arrested.

Fils and Abega have been giving damning information not only about FDLR plans and plots, but also about RNC, plus the entire alliance with a couple of morally bankrupt neighboring regimes.

This may explain Nyamwasa’s increasingly erratic behavior.

Crocodile tears

Gakwerere and Himbara have joined hands in their long quest to tarnish Rwanda for a while now, but they recently started giving each other complements for their low level articles. They have been posting about imaginary hardships oan behalf of Rwandans. Rwanda which has a parliament, a vibrant media and civil society that would raise any hardships in an efficient manner does not need their help.

We all know that their single most important objective is to harm Rwanda. From throwing grenades, launching demonizing campaigns, forming armed rebellions, all they do day in, day out, is attack Rwanda. Recently, Gakwerere credited Himbara for the ‘exclusive’ pictures for his story and followed it with established pattern. – Lies, slander and fantasy.

These con artists combined effort to produce exceptionally fake articles. It is the collabo from hell, one pretending to see starvation from Canada, the other seeing closed borders, both voicing concerns about poverty and development in Rwanda. We could ask them if the terrorist attacks and their wave of negative campaign they unleashed is a poverty alleviation effort, but we would be giving them an opportunity to spin, rant and propagate their lies.  

Crocodile tears, filled with acid, is what comes to mind when the two corrupt characters begin to cry for the poor. From their plunders, in their luxurious lives in Canada and South Africa, they will critic everything and anything as long as it harms Rwanda. Almost all of RPF Gakwerere and Himbara’s post begin with Kagame and follow a series of lies.

Gakwerere and Gicibwa are also intolerant, they have never believed in free speech. So far, they manage the most censored social media accounts blocking anyone who does not agree with their posts. As they joined hands and heaps together, let us wish them good luck and thank those who are keeping us safe from their nonstop machination.

As the duo engage us with their version of ‘Dumb and Dumber’, we should relax because history tells us such unholy alliances do not last. RPF Gwakwerere is greedy, unstable and so is his partner, his spokesperson, David Himbara.
Gakwerere and Himbara are nothing more than ambulance chasers, chasing for a headline, they probably obsess about the number of viewers and confuse that to the number followers. They will confuse the number of followers on their fakebooks to the number of soldiers in their imaginary armies.               

Himbara will use you and dump you.

Himbara and young girls

Under normal circumstances, Himbara’s petty crimes are ignored as he is committing higher crimes (treason). His lust for attention and power are not entirely new to those who know him. Moreover, his systematic abuse of young bodies and minds, power and influence is no state secret either.

We see him posting and inciting Diane Rwigara to lead a revolt, we obviously ask why. Is it because of his love for her or is it in line with his attention seeking? You would be forgiven to think that he simply wants to cause trouble for Diane in a calculated equations of how to reap from her troubles.

Before one decides on the attention seeker’s motive, it is important to note that he has a partner. Yes, he does have a history of luring others to do the heavy lifting, he kind of missed the war and just returned to reap other people’s hard work. Mr Gicibwa also has a history of taking advantage of other peoples’ suffering. Yet his past experience with women and men makes it clear that he also enjoys inflicting pain and suffering.

My deduction is that he wants Rwigara to suffer and reap the benefits, not just for political gain but also to satisfy his inner demons. Out of respect for his past victims, I will refrain for giving details that might be used to identify them, but as a father, I would ask all parents to keep Gicibwa (AKA Himbiri) away from their children. – both girls and boys.

Himbara and Theology

Once again, David Himbara is misleading his readers. Churches were given basic standards to meet (sanitary facilities, Parking space, etc…) and most of them conformed. He then throws in names of Pastors in conflict with the law for embezzlement, inciting violence, sexual harassment, in an effort to confuse readers.

It’s clear Himbara will say anything as long as it’s against Rwanda. The extent he would go to in criticizing anything Rwandan is astonishing. Is he asking a Pastor to censor and only pray for the holier than thou? Obviously, he has no idea what Christianity stands for and would find it difficult to attend church service (hangover issues); unless service is held at night in a bar.

Christians around the world should say a prayer for Himbara; that the demons of ego and envy, lust and hate release his soul.

Gwakerere Virtual Imagination


An RNC account gives us perfect insight as to how they would manage government, thank God that is as impossible as the sun sending snow our way. The fake account, rpf Gakwerere, gives us an insider look to RNC mind-set. They are virtual in every sense of the way, nothing real, just virtual.

RPF Gakwerere writes about a virtual investigation, in his virtual world, and expects us to believe his virtual creations. His virtual imagination has no limits. According to him, from his Facebook hide out, he can not only hear Presidential conversations, monitor bars in Kigali, access medical data in Kenya, but he also happens to be capable of reading minds. – From his ‘fakebook’ account.

I do wish he could read my mind; it would certainly avoid me the effort of restraining myself as I write. A hint, in my mind, I am thinking about his parents’ failure to raise anything worth more than a cigarette. In truth, Gakwerere is very similar to a cigarette to his parents, family and friends. They spent time and money on him and in exchange, the likely reward will be cancer.

RNC has a toxic operative, we can only be glad that he will intoxicate them beyond belief wasting their time in virtual make believe. The anonymous account hold should ask himself one question, what will he do when his friends rat him out? What will he do when technology advances to decrypt the crumbling wall of privacy online?

To appease him, I will offer him a virtual price. RPF Gakwerere, I am hereby granting you Lake Kivu as your personal swimming pool. Enjoy your virtual gift, virtually, in reality you have nothing! Its fake news, fake gifts, fake stories, fake investigations. Have your virtual beer and enjoy your imaginary war. We are glad RNC is in possession of such a toxic asset.

To all his virtual friends out there, help him claim his price, let him know he has a virtual Lake Kivu.

Himbara, Racism and Diplomacy.

Himbara racist comments.

The RNC extraordinary and plenipotentiary envoy has launched his diplomatic offensive. When Himbara decided to bedazzle the world with his knowledge of diplomacy, he did so by publishing about an Ambassador taking part in community service. He followed that article with a series of publications on South African, EAC, Canada and Sudan. All along, he stays true to his reputation of incoherent work, edging closer to a complete schizophrenic breakdown.

Of particular interest was his featured article on Rwanda’s relations with the South Africa. He claims that Rwanda is demanding that South Africa normalizes relations, “or else”. – A first in diplomacy. Our RNC analyst knows very well that his article is misleading; he is simply trying to provoke or entice South Africa. He figured that if he backed South Africa into a corner saying Rwanda ordered normalization “or else”, South Africa would refuse normalization. (Needless to state that he prefers conflict between Rwanda and South Africa)

Mr Liar in Chief, I do have Breaking News for you. South Africa is aware of cheap trickery; it will definitely not fall for a simple reverse psychology trick. Himbara actually insults his readers’ intelligence too with such low level manipulating tactics. Furthermore, his insults crossed a line in his bizarre critique of Rwanda Cooperation Initiative (RCI). With a condescending tone fueled by a misplaced superiority complex, Gicibwa dives into racial slur against Africa.

“Lord have mercy. Some naive African country is going to fall for this delusional artful deception.”

Associating naivety with an entire country is wrong; annexing Africa to his ill-advised simile is scandalous. The self-proclaimed diplomat, international relations analyst, blinded by hate will not hesitate to insult an entire continent if it harms Rwanda. We mentioned Himbara list of known allergies in previous articles, factors that will send him in a crisis mode and give him a series of minute heart attacks, Rwanda’s success stories are seriously harmful to his health (mental health in particular).

HIMBARA’s allergies

RDF Promotions.

As is customary with any army, some promotions and transfers were announced yesterday in the Rwandan Defense Force leadership. Some top official have been redeployed, promoted or transferred. As we, normal citizens realize the normalcy of the next day here in Rwanda, we should rest assured that in a few hours, when Himbara wakes up and give a conspiracy theory.

His disconnect is amplified by time zones, and such a juicy news required him to google a few facts as he prepares a series of in depth review. He will most likely wake up early to polish a few lies masked as inside information. Thankfully, his disconnect should enable us to have lunch in peace here in Rwanda. Unable to keep up, Gicibwa will give us an unbelievable twist to attract readers. Little does he know that most people will be reading about it as they read a tabloid, a parody accounts.

The RNC Liar in Chief likes RDF stories, Presidential nominations; it might be that he simply hopes one day to see his name included. Until then, without his name, all nominations must face attacks as elements that point to a disaster fueling his imaginary war. Yet far from harmless tabloid and parody, as the RNC chief propaganda officer, his rants contain venomous objectives. The articles he writes are deliberate attempts to seed discontent, hate, and division.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that in his poisonous comments, he will most likely take us for a ride into reading family connections, clans and tribes. How lucky are we that he is not in the same time zone? I do not exclude the possibility that he is in our time zone physically but that alcohol mixed with depression sends him back and forth in a lunatic frenzy.

In future articles, we will explore more of Himbara’s known allergies. So far, Peace, Nominations, and Development are top on the list.