Senile Museveni ass licker Katureebe becomes candidate for Butabika Mental facility

Obed Katureebe, the chief ass licker of the evil but senile Museveni, is becoming a ripe candidate for Butabika Mental Hospital. Calling himself “Rpf Gakwerere” on Facebook, Katureebe, a self-hating Munyarwanda servant of the evil dictator of the Matooke Republic is making deranged attacks on the Republican Guard of Rwanda.

The yapping buffoon Katureebe should surely receive a few months help in Butabika mental facility. The Rwandan Republican Guard, just like all Rwanda’s security forces, is disciplined, smart, and professional – focused only on its mission to protect Rwandans.

On the other hand, what is the “Special Forces Command” of Uganda?

As only one example ask the family of late Yassin Kawuma (Bobi Wine’s driver) whom SFC executed in Arua thinking it was Bobi Wine!

Ass licker Obed, a sick sycophant of senile Museveni the Matooke Republic dictator of 35 years is writing far-fetched rubbish about the Republican Guard of the RDF, knowing what the criminal goons of SFC are doing to innocent Ugandans!

These are goons that can surround high court premises in Uganda to kidnap people that a court has ordered to be freed! Criminals that act outside the law just!

Katureebe’s attack on the Rwandan Republican Guard is a misplaced transposition of the Special Forces Command of Uganda: a creation of Senile Museveni’s son the genetically “general”, Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Obviously it is to make the GMG feel like a soldier.

Ass licking Katureebe should keep his fallacies in senile Museveni’s Matooke Republic.

Gullible CMI loudmouth Titus Seruga peddling false information fed to him by CMI

CMI trumpet Titus Seruga aka Serubwa’s jealousy has turned into an obsession. The CMI midget has a particular issue with Volkswagen Rwanda, about which he has been posting on a daily basis, calling the venture a ‘PR’ stunt or a ‘car dealership’ just like Uganda’s Spear Motors.

What his midget brain has failed to register and accept is the fact that Rwanda also has the equal of Spear motors, in Akagera Motors and Rwanda Motors. But Rwanda goes a notch better, and has Volkswagen manufacturing brand new Volkswagen vehicles – transforming Rwanda’s public and private transport sector.

The CMI anti-Rwanda vuvuzela from his shack in Belgium tries to mislead his gullible followers about what happens in Rwanda, using the little misinformation he is fed by his CMI handlers.

Spin as he wishes, but neither him, or other CMI trolls can take away the fact that Volkswagen is established in Rwanda, and producing quality cars.

Isolated, cancer-stricken Senile Museveni seeks comfort in mudslinging Kigali

Obed Katureebe (so-called Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook) chief ass licker of the senile, prostate cancer-stricken dictator of the Matooke Republic Museveni throws mud at the Rwandan head of the state.

The dull-witted Katureebe, chosen by CMI to sling mud is very jealous that the President of Rwanda in February met top African football bosses. Yet his senile paymaster remains in total isolation from the world leaders.

He is unhappy that no international personalities or organizations (such as CAF) want anything to do with the Matooke Republic, and the evil, senile dictator of the Uganda regime. They already know that Uganda’s bad business environment due to its corruption and nepotism record.

Katureebe, an ass licker of evil Senile Museveni has no other mission in life other than to try to slander, smear or mudsling the Rwandan leadership. So he tries to spin everything that happens in Rwanda into a negative.

By the look of things Senile Museveni’s crooks have run out of steam and gone petty. Anyone knows that a presidential cottage is accorded maximum security.

Senile Museveni’s buffoon Katurebe feeds his master with foolish rumors about RDF

The ruler of Matooke Republic, Senile Museveni’s chief ass licker Obed Katureebe who writes as Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, throws his weight behind fabricated intelligence information with the intent to sow divisionism in the Rwandan army, RDF.

The mentally deranged crook, through his incoherent posts, attempts to undermine the RDF’s adept officers, calling them incompetent; but the clown forgets that Uganda broke all records on having unprofessional, ineffectual and brutal armed forces. UPDF is an army where professionalism, hierarchy and career don’t matter; the only thing that matters is someone’s tribe and connection to State House.

Appointments, promotions are earned not on merit but on ‘who-is-who basis.

In senile Museveni’s UPDF just like in all his government agencies, Bahima occupy all top positions. The likes of Muhoozi – First Son, Sabiiti Muzeyi, Abel Kandiho, Don Nabasa to name just a few, were made generals when soldiers who fought in the 1981-8 struggle are still junior officers.

Senile Museveni’s chief ass licker should be more concerned with divisionism, nepotism, impunity, and corruption in the UPDF. Katureebe, a blind sycophant thinks people forget how Bahima officers have been undermining and embarrassing their comrades.

For instance, Senile Museveni’s one-eyed Muhima General – security minister, Gen. Tumwine attacked Lt. Gen. Charles Angina and humiliated him publicly. Angina, a northerner, only remained quiet, but was very angry inside. The Bahima’s impunity and arrogance have created serious divisions in the UPDF.

It’s only a matter of time before a frustrated officer like Angina, Elwelu or Ochola – from other tribes will just shoot Senile Museveni in the head, and save Uganda!

Senile Museveni and drunkard Muhoozi desperately hope Obed Katureebe’s concoctions help the “Muhoozi Project”

Obed Katureebe, senile Museveni’s paid Facebook lapdog, is turning his gullible readers into vegetables with his constant bullshit. Using the Robert Patrick Gakwerere Facebook page, he delves into complete fallacies on Rwanda in his fruitless pursuit to smear Rwanda and its leaders.

Contrary to what the paid tool is claiming, Emmanuel Gasana isn’t jailed. His fallacies are only possible in the Matooke Republic ruled by senile buffoon Museveni. Nowhere else do they just throw people in jail without trial. Anyone that annoys Museveni can testify to arbitrary arrest and torture. Assassinations are common. Henry Tumukunde, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, Kizza Besigye who all know what it is to be targetted by senile Museveni. The evil ruler of the Matooke Republic also has had people killed for being too popular or opposing his “father to son” succession plan. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Brig. Noble Mayombo, Maj. Gen. James Kazini, AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, DPC Muhammad Kirumira and many more were killed simply because the evil, senile buffoon Museveni feared them!

Obed Katureebe –the chief ass licker of senile Museveni – cannot disguise how senile dictator Museveni has tortured and killed Ugandans since 1971! For example, when the agents of senile Museveni betrayed Eliphaz Laki to Idi Amin’s agents, they executed the innocent man in 1972.

Even before Idi Amin took power, senile Museveni was killing Ugandans as an intelligence operative for Obote. It is no secret that he was complicit in the state’s hounding of civilian politicians.

When senile buffoon Museveni lost elections in 1981, the criminal went to the bush, only to kill very many people in Luwero. He killed Hannington Mugabi, one of his first documented victims around that time, senile buffoon’s moles in the bush jumped up and shot Mugabi in the chest. Evil senile buffoon Museveni then ordered his executioners, a small clique headed by Somali half-brother Saleh, to execute very many civilians in Luweero. The plan was to blame Obote.

Once he took power, one of senile Museveni’s first acts was to execute Andrew Kayiira. The evil dictator’s executioners broke into Kayiira’s house and shot him full of bullets. The senile buffoon was so evil that he had ordered the killers to execute Kayiira in full view of his wife and children!

What evil resides in a man’s mind to do something like that? Katureebe can spend as much time as he wants on Facebook, no amount of propaganda will clean up his senile sponsor. Obed Katureebe, the chief sycophant and ass licker of the buffoon ruler of Matooke Republic, is a Munyarwanda himself: let him ask his thug boss how many innocent Banyarwanda he has had executed in CMI dungeons and torture houses aka “safe houses”!

Truth be told, senile buffoon Museveni is an abomination upon Uganda.

When he, and his no good offspring – the skirt-chasing Muhoozi Kainerugaba aka “genetically modified general” Muhoozi Kainerugaba killed Aronda, everyone knew why. It was to pave way for the skirt-chasing genetically modified general to inherit the Ugandan presidential seat: to turn the country into the kingdom of the house of Museveni! So they sent a nubile “sugar tits” armed with a slow working poison, to Gen. Aronda. She snuggled the poison into his drink. Aronda would die on a flight from South Korea.

This was the cost of opposing senile Museveni’s plan to handover to drunkard Muhoozi. Aronda vehemently opposed “Muhoozi Project” to turn Uganda into a Rwakitura kingdom.

But Ugandans will rise up. They will lose fear or threats of a senile goon that has sucked their country dry for 35 years! His cheap diversions tactics of Obed Katureebe running fake stories on Rwanda will not change anything for Ugandans; it will certainly not give his Muhoozi project any credibility.

Rwanda’s strict accountability alien to Senile Museveni’s attack dog Katureebe

Whenever a leader is relieved of his duties on accountability grounds, the ruler of the Matooke Republic, Senile Museveni’s attack dogs come out in a frenzied social media posts.

Obed Katureebe, chief ass licker of senile Museveni, the masquerading public servant at Uganda Communication Commission, is straining very hard to earn his paycheck through writing fictions.

Katureebe came up with yet another made-up tale about Emmanuel Gasana, the suspended governor of Southern Province, who he claims is detained.

Despite the fictions of Katureebe, Gasana is a free man (in Rwanda authorities follow laws – being suspended doesn’t mean being detained). Fair hearings are guaranteed to all, and no one is above the law in Rwanda.

On the other hand, Senile Museveni’s Generals are jailed without trial should they fall afoul of the evil dictator. Gen Henry Tumukunde was roughed up for no other reason than uttering a challenge to the senile ruler of 35 years. Tumukunde went on hunger strike until Senile Museveni panicked and released him. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga is still cooling his feet at Mbuya torture cells for supporting Bobi Wine, yet there never was a trial.

Rwanda is a country whose record speaks for its self: accountability is never compromised. There are no ‘historicals’ or ‘untouchable bush-war Generals’ in Rwanda.

However, in the Matooke Republic senile Museveni instituted lawlessness over time whereby anyone the evil dictator hates is just executed: ask the relatives of Muslim Sheikhs like Abdul Karim Ssentamu and Maj. Muhammad Kigundu who were shot in broad daylight: executed on concocted suspicions of “working with ADF”.

Dim-witted Katureebe reminds people about his outlaw senile Museveni’s modus operandi of silencing his critics by killing and torturing them. Rtd. Col. Kizza Besigye (once Museveni’s personal doctor), Bobi Wine, Zaake we’re severely tortured, teargased, why? Simply for speaking out about poor rule. Young Ugandans like Jimmy Akena, Ziggy Wine, Kibalama have endured the wrath of Senile Museveni’s brutal regime.

Katureebe, chief ass licker of the evil Ugandan 35-year dictatorship, is just vexed that behaviors like that are non-existent in Rwanda, so he resorts to fiction.

Senile Museveni’s reasons for maintaining smear propagandist Katureebe on his payroll

Senile Museveni’s Facebook mouthpiece, Obed Katureebe, writing as Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is clearly contaminated by the Museveni mental disorder virus. By constantly following instructions of his senile master, Katureebe has finally acquired his sponsor’s psychosis causing him to fulminate incoherently. All the time ranting about patriotic Rwandans and Rwandan leaders at senile Museveni’s behest is only exposing their mental issues.

Museveni’s mental disorders shaped his political path. The late Milton Obote and Mwalimu Nyerere knew about Museveni’s mental issues. Obote had the younger Museveni treated for it; he was not sure about the cause of the breakdown but suspected it had something to do with Rwanda. Nyerere was so scared of Museveni’s mental instability that he deliberately avoided making Museveni president after the fall of the Idd Amin regime. Museveni never forgave Nyerere for it, and immediately aligned Uganda with Qaddafi as revenge. His need to have revenge on Rwanda has deep roots; it is a grudge that will not go away.

The grudge begins with the circumstances of the Ugandan dictator’s birth. His mother was ostracized from Rwandan society when she slept with a houseboy; a Mutwa called Kayibanda. Back then, Museveni’s mother Esteri Kokundeka greatly shamed her family. The sanction was clear, she was thrown out of the family; out of the village, and eventually, out of Rwanda.

Bearing a child out of wedlock was tough, Esteri could not even get a Christian name for Museveni; he was raised as Tibuhaburwa.

Rejected by her family, she left with her Kayibanda to Uganda but their union was not bound to last. The father, Kayibanda, had found a cattle keeping servitude with one Amos Kaguta. Kayibanda, an incorrigible adulterous sex addict, repeated the same mistakes he had done in Rwanda with Kaguta’s wife. As revenge, Amos Kaguta threw him out of the homestead, but kept senile Museveni and his mother as personal property.

Museveni must have witnessed how the “punishment” progressively drove his mother mad. She endured Kaguta’s brutality and the second class concubine status. The senile Museveni did gain from his mother’s ordeal; he acquired the Kaguta name and an adopted Bahima clan. But genetically, he grew to be a Kayibanda with an uncontrollable urge to take women regardless of their status.

The senile dictator Museveni’s extra-marital affairs are public, And although his wife tries her best to eliminate his concubines, Senile Museveni always seems to find new ones.

Esteri Kokundeka was a troubled woman. She frequently suffered mental breakdowns remembering how her life was ruined by Kayibanda and how she had forcefully become Kaguta’s concubine. In her breakdowns, she would sleep with other men in defiance. Her strange protest landed her pregnant to a Somali driver, she gave birth to Salim Saleh. Kaguta’s reaction was more brutality, more humiliation but the young Museveni still blamed Rwanda and his mother’s biological family.

Although the dangerously evil Museveni learned violence from Kaguta, and inherent psychotic behaviors (promiscuity, mental breakdowns) from his biological parents, he still holds a grudge against Rwanda. By having Obed Gakwerere recycle deranged stories on Facebook, he secretly derives some pleasure. With his wife, who also happens to be the minister of education and sport, constantly killing his concubines, smearing Rwanda is one of the few last joys the evil and senile dictator retains.

Indecently, Obed Katureebe takes money to write unbelievable fiction to smooth his mentally unstable senile sponsor’s inner demons is indecent extortion and exploitation of a mentally unstable old man. Worst of all, entertaining Senile Museveni’s irrational hate only accelerates his cerebral degeneration.

Senile Museveni’s jealousy fits prompts propagandists to spread wilder lies about Rwanda

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) dwarf Titus Seruga aka Serubwa’s obsession with the Rwandan leadership continues unabated. Through this midget, we continue to see the jealousy of his senile master, Museveni manifesting exponentially.

The venture into Rwanda by Volkswagen has particularly pained senile Museveni, to the extent that his propagandists have incessantly been attacking it by spreading lies and spinning things out of context. The Belgium based CMI propagandist talks of ‘Ugandan made buses’ which his hallucination make him see being ‘supplied to the rest of Africa’.

But this is what it is – a hallucinatory pipe dream. While on the other hand, the Volkswagen Kigali plant that he foolishly ridicules is already producing cars that are boosting the transport sector. For the last 35 years, Ugandans are still grappling with creaky, overloaded public transport vehicles, made worse by potholed city roads.

Rwanda’s Mara Phones has rolled out ‘Made in Rwanda’ phones and they are already is use in several African countries. However, out of jealousy of the cancer-stricken senile Museveni, his midget propagandist lies that Uganda also has a plant that produces phones. However, many people will have heard about ‘Ugandan made’ phones for the first time from senile Museveni’s Belgium based propagandist.

Rwanda’s rapid transformation, which has seen the country and its people achieve much more progress than what senile Museveni has achieved in Uganda makes him jealous, hence the smears and mudslinging of Rwandan leaders by his CMI mercenaries.

Dwarf Serubwa is paid by CMI to run anti-Rwandan propaganda to create diversions from the nepotistic kleptocracy run by senile Museveni. For the past 35 years, Uganda is riddled with corruption and mismanagement scandals. Sadly, Museveni’s cronies only focus was how to swindle money on the back of suffering Ugandans.

Obed Katureebe expressing senile Museveni’s allergy to accountability

For propaganda purposes, Obed Katureebe, senile dictator Museveni’s lapdog of the Matooke Republic, distorts the suspension of two governors in Rwanda owing to accountability issues. The Matooke Republic is defined by grand corruption, fraud and scams against the taxpayer, embezzlement since the day in 1986 when the senile goon took power. Senile Museveni’s regime and all his minions only know corruption and mismanagement. They wouldn’t know accountability if it bit them in the ass!

That’s why minions of the senile dictator in the Matooke Republic are distorting the dismissal of two governors in Rwanda – they want to confuse everyone. The world knows well that in senile Museveni’s Matooke Republic they reward the most corrupt thugs with “offices for life”! The idea that corruption can be investigated is foreign to the Matooke rulers.

Imagine thugs like their Minister of Foreign affairs Sam Kuteesa, a fellow “exhibit” of Senile Museveni’s in a corrupt case heard in a New York courtroom for taking bribes from Chinese, facing justice. Kuteesa happens to be the father in law of the first son. Just imagine thugs like Gen. Salim Saleh, brother to Senile Museveni (of course untouchable!) and the senile buffoon’s whole family corruptily occupying major government offices. Nepotism and corruption is a whole way of life in Uganda.

It cannot be tolerated in Rwanda.

In the Matooke Republic accountability is zero. They are all peacefully enjoying the fruit of corruption and nepotism forever!

Very many Bahima thugs in the Matooke republic can embezzle, steal, mismanage office, grab public land, and so on – to the extent the country is owned by Bahima.

Let this ass-licking goon Katureebe tell us any Muhima that’s ever been held accountable for mismanagement of public office, even one!

Rather than accountability, the senile goon is fighting to ensure the privilege of looting Uganda and turning it into a private property remains in his family, with the shadowy “Muhoozi Project”, to ensure the first son inherits the senile Museveni seat.

In the Matooke Republic, fighting corruption is dangerous and anyone that opposes the project to have the son continue the corrupt father’s work is killed. For example, Senile Museveni and Muhoozi, his son the “genetically modified general” planned the murders of Gen. Aronda Nyakairima because he was against Muhoozi project. The late Brig. Noble Mayombo also was killed simply because the senile buffoon feared his popularity!

They also eliminated the former UPDF commander Maj. Gen. James Kazini, former Uganda Police spokesman AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, DPC Muhammad Kirumira, MP Ibrahim Abiriga and so many more.

This ass-licker Obed is fooling no one by pointing his finger at Rwanda for holding its officials accountable, yet it actually is Uganda that is burning. The question is, will senile Museveni ever hold any member of his Bahima dynasty accountable?

CMI loudmouth Titus Seruga aka Serubwa hallucinates again

The Belgium based CMI loudmouth is a hallucinator. He claims that ‘intelligence information’ shows him that Rwanda has deployed heavily on social media to criticize his senile master, Museveni. As always, his erratic CMI intelligence misses the mark, because Rwandans are famous for their high sense of patriotism.

Rwandans are always ready to defend their country and leaders against enemies, in whatever form they manifest.

Serubwa and fellow CMI mercenaries would not be expected to understand the concept of patriotism, as they are now accustomed to the terms of pay-per-attack on social media as the terms of engagement with Kandiho’s CMI.

The CMI lapdog is fond of making threats out of baseless arrogance, but one thing he needs to know, Rwandans are never easily shaken and are always ready to counter any attacks on their country and leaders punch-for-punch. The midget Seruga and his masters should know by now that Rwandans are relentless when it comes to defending the honor of their nation.

As for the threats by the CMI lapdog’s ‘choice to start reacting to posts”, one can only tell him to stop bluffing. Many who are more vicious than him have tried and failed because they could not sustain the consistence of the defense by Rwandans. The mercenaries paid by CMI to smear Rwanda and insult Rwanda leaders are no measure to Rwandans who are full of dedication and determination

The best response to Titus the midget on this threat is – bring it on!