Obed Katureebe expressing senile Museveni’s allergy to accountability

For propaganda purposes, Obed Katureebe, senile dictator Museveni’s lapdog of the Matooke Republic, distorts the suspension of two governors in Rwanda owing to accountability issues. The Matooke Republic is defined by grand corruption, fraud and scams against the taxpayer, embezzlement since the day in 1986 when the senile goon took power. Senile Museveni’s regime and all his minions only know corruption and mismanagement. They wouldn’t know accountability if it bit them in the ass!

That’s why minions of the senile dictator in the Matooke Republic are distorting the dismissal of two governors in Rwanda – they want to confuse everyone. The world knows well that in senile Museveni’s Matooke Republic they reward the most corrupt thugs with “offices for life”! The idea that corruption can be investigated is foreign to the Matooke rulers.

Imagine thugs like their Minister of Foreign affairs Sam Kuteesa, a fellow “exhibit” of Senile Museveni’s in a corrupt case heard in a New York courtroom for taking bribes from Chinese, facing justice. Kuteesa happens to be the father in law of the first son. Just imagine thugs like Gen. Salim Saleh, brother to Senile Museveni (of course untouchable!) and the senile buffoon’s whole family corruptily occupying major government offices. Nepotism and corruption is a whole way of life in Uganda.

It cannot be tolerated in Rwanda.

In the Matooke Republic accountability is zero. They are all peacefully enjoying the fruit of corruption and nepotism forever!

Very many Bahima thugs in the Matooke republic can embezzle, steal, mismanage office, grab public land, and so on – to the extent the country is owned by Bahima.

Let this ass-licking goon Katureebe tell us any Muhima that’s ever been held accountable for mismanagement of public office, even one!

Rather than accountability, the senile goon is fighting to ensure the privilege of looting Uganda and turning it into a private property remains in his family, with the shadowy “Muhoozi Project”, to ensure the first son inherits the senile Museveni seat.

In the Matooke Republic, fighting corruption is dangerous and anyone that opposes the project to have the son continue the corrupt father’s work is killed. For example, Senile Museveni and Muhoozi, his son the “genetically modified general” planned the murders of Gen. Aronda Nyakairima because he was against Muhoozi project. The late Brig. Noble Mayombo also was killed simply because the senile buffoon feared his popularity!

They also eliminated the former UPDF commander Maj. Gen. James Kazini, former Uganda Police spokesman AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, DPC Muhammad Kirumira, MP Ibrahim Abiriga and so many more.

This ass-licker Obed is fooling no one by pointing his finger at Rwanda for holding its officials accountable, yet it actually is Uganda that is burning. The question is, will senile Museveni ever hold any member of his Bahima dynasty accountable?

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