David Murunganwa Himbara, Senile Museveni’s Mouthpiece, unable to comprehend AU Solidarity Initiative

In Museveni’s kleptocratic world, Rwanda’s contribution to the Africa Union (AU) CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the AU COVID-19 fund is incomprehensible. When news of the Rwandan $500,000 donation to each AU initiative hit the airwaves, hostile propagandist hit back. David Murunganwa Himbara, Senile Museveni’s preferred mouthpiece, immediately linked the Rwandan contribution to the AU with its recent acquisition of an IMF credit facility. In his shallow world, he simplifies two unrelated concepts to make it look like Rwanda borrowed to donate.

In Senile Museveni’s world, the order of the day is taking while giving is a foreign concept. If contributions, grants and donations were exclusively reserved for debt free countries, there would be almost no country donating to any cause. It might come as a surprise to Himbara, the pseudo expert hired by Senile Museveni, but the most indebted countries in the world like Japan and the USA also happen to be some of the most charitable countries in terms of grants and donations to global causes. The Ugandan regime cannot hide from its continental obligations by hiring a weed smoking mouthpiece to tarnish those stepping up to mitigate continental challenges.

As Rwanda contributed to the AU, Senile Museveni issued 10 Billion Ugandan shillings to its MPs (offering 20 million to each Member of Parliament). The move was so shocking that Ugandan courts declared the allocation to MPs illegal, but as Senile Museveni is determined to bribe his stay in power, court orders were simply ignored.

Rwanda is a member of the AU; fighting diseases and COVID-19 on the African continent is in Rwanda’s interest. Although contributing to special AU funds is voluntary, every African Union member should follow suit and contribute for a comprehensive continental approach to succeed in the fight against the pandemic.

In reality, with COVID-19, one is only as safe and clear from infectious virus as his neighbor is. COVID-19 is described as a global pandemic and is being fought through international cooperation and coordination.

Senile Museveni’s sponsored attack is a diversion of the gross mismanagement of Coronavirus in Uganda. He is further angered by the lack of trust that international lending institutions displayed in dealing with Uganda. Who would blame international lenders from caution on giving the Ugandan regime anything?

Clearly, Museveni’s priority will be to feed his cronies with unexplainable allowances and to finance a weed smoking propagandist like Murunganwa Himbara in a smear campaign against Rwanda.

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