Weed Smoking Himbara, a terrorist propagandist, doesn’t want freedom of expression.

The weed smoking RNC propagandist, David Himbara, is once again quoting a source tarnish by his propagandist lies. He does that, he feeds a lie to a source he deems more credible and then quotes it as fact.

The most recent example is his lies in human rights activist circles that Rwanda has an online program to intimidate political opponents. He bases his lies on the fact that Rwandans refused to be silent at his terrorist sponsored propaganda. He is now finding it harder and harder to peddle lies with his terrorist network of fake accounts.

Himbara is well known for his “auto verification technique”, he uses it so often that it becomes easy to spot. He regularly uses it with Human right watch, Financial Times and other organizations. Once, he even used a complaint he made to the Canadian Police that he was being threatened and used his police complaint report to claim that, “the Canadian Police is investigating Rwanda”.

One should also recall the $450,000 campaign fugitive Himbara ran in Washington to tarnish Rwanda in the US Congress. The astronomical cost made it clear that the fugitive was sponsored. In reality, he could not even afford a $1000 campaign. He was given money by the notorious fraudster Tribert Rujugiro and the Ugandan regime.

As he continues to fake his credentials posing as a human right activists, economist or even militarily analyst, he should note that his online terrorism is well recorded. He will not silence Rwandans from debunking him and refuting his Ugandan regime sponsored propaganda. He will find out that his Genocide denialism is also rebuked, and his affiliation with terrorist militias exposed.

The world would have to be upside down for his propaganda and provocations to be unanswered.

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