Museveni’s favorite Lie, “I didn’t know”

Since the Gatuna / Katuna Quadripartite summit on February 21st, there are number of facts that the Uganda leader suddenly forgot. A common phrase, “I didn’t know”, seems to be on the tip of his lips when dealing with the Rwanda-Uganda crisis. Barely hours after the Gatuna / Katuna meeting, Museveni claimed in a rally in Kabale that he did not know about anti-Rwanda militias operating in Uganda. It was a lie as he previously met them in Kampala and four days later, according Ugandan Intelligence sponsored media outlet, Museveni met RNC agents again disguising as humanitarians.

The women, Prossy Bonabanna and Phiona Barungi, claim their husbands were kidnapped by Rwanda and are all members of a NGO –Self-worth Initiative– claiming to be looking for their loved ones. In 2018, Museveni actually brought up the search for their husbands personally to his Rwandan counterpart, why would Chimpreports state, “A startled Museveni said he didn’t know”? Clearly, it was a sponsored lie designed to sanitize SWI as grieving women they take instructions from Kayumba Nyamwasa and live under the protection of the Ugandan Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI).

Not so long ago, in March 2019, Museveni wrote a long letter explaining how he “accidentally” held a meeting with RNC delegates headed by Charlotte Mukankusi its commissioner for diplomacy. He claimed he, “didn’t know” who he met. The same excuse is reported to have been used by Museveni when he was asked about RNC’s chief financier, Trilbert Rujugiro, he didn’t know him either until Rujugiro’s business links with the Museveni family (through Museveni’s brother) were made public. As it turns out, Museveni was lying initially denied knowledge of Rujugiro. In one letter, Museveni acknowledged meeting him and even wrote about the number of factories owned by the terrorists’ Chief Financier.

In short, one of Museveni’s favorite lie is, “I didn’t know”.

One thought on “Museveni’s favorite Lie, “I didn’t know””

  1. Whoever wants HE Museveni to abandon his lies is as if they wanted him to surrender his innate nature.


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