CMI’s defense that Mukankusi’s passport was a forgery crumbles leaving unanswered questions.

Not so long ago, a story broke that a Rwanda terrorist was traveling on a Ugandan passport. Charlotte Mukankusi, the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) head of diplomacy, acquired a Ugandan passport to facilitate her travels as a terrorist envoy. She used the facility offered by the Ugandan government on February 11, 2019 to good use; she traveled to meet President Museveni on March 1, 2019.

When the news broke about the RNC terrorist passport, it revived interest in the numerous Ugandan passports issued to terrorist and international fugitives. Most Ugandan media recognized that corruption was the cause of Ugandan passports being sold to terrorists and criminals. In April 2018, the observer published a story on an Eritrean national Medhaine Yahdego Mered, labeled the world’s most wanted man for his notorious human trafficking racket, was traveling on a Ugandan passport. The Daily Monitor reported in August 2018 that Ronald Magala Ssematiko, a principal immigration officer, had been arrested by Military Intelligence (CMI) of the passport saga. It was reported that passports were sold to foreigners at $5000 apiece and up to $20,000.

Mukankusi’s case is different. The mere fact that the passport was used to travel to meet the President of Uganda made it clear that the passport was genuinely issued to her. Unlike other reported Ugandan passports issued to terrorist, Mukankusi case received a spirited defense from CMI’s sponsored media and trolls. They attacked the integrity of the leaked copy of Mukankunsi’s passport claiming it was a forgery. The copy of her passport No A000199979 was called “photoshopped” by Giles Muhames (Owner of Chimpreport), Fred Muvunyi (a hostile DW journalist), David Himbara (an RNC Propagandist) and a long list of other trolls all offered the same version. “Mukankusi’s passport is a forgery” was the official response.

Chimpreport’s fake analysis

Giles Muhames’ analysis was particularly in-depth detailing why and how the document was a forgery. The forgery turned out to be authentic, so authentic that the Ugandan Government canceled Passport No A000199979 issued to Charlotte Mukankusi on February 21, 2020. The only remaining question; Why issue her with a passport in the first place?

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