How will Museveni’s Stooge, David Himbara, earn a living in 2020?

In 2019, Museveni’s stooge –David Himbara – was caught red handed in hundreds of propaganda lies echoing Museveni’s evil thoughts on Rwanda as part of his continued mission to undermine a sovereign nation.

In his Museveni paid duty to tarnish Rwanda and its leadership, he regularly used to distort World Bank’s data to fit the Anti-Rwanda narrative which earns him a living. His distortions would receive relays from a network of neocolonial forces determined to tarnish Rwanda like the Financial Times or the Guardian. What he had not anticipated, along with his allies, was that eventually the World Bank would disown their trickery.

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It was a shock, having tried to built a reputation as a development expert, he was ridiculed and unmasked by the World Bank. Himbara’s reaction was quick, he suddenly turned on his data source (the World Bank) and claimed it too was faking development data on Rwanda. The only motive Museveni’s stooge could cook up was a crazy conspiracy that the Bank’s President was a personal friend to the Rwandan President.

Nepotism runs in Himbara’s blood, it is one of the key points he shares with his sponsor the Corrupt Yoweri Museveni. Governance, in their world, should be about family and friends promoting self interest. Being a paid tool, his attack on the World Bank President just like other people he attacks lacks facts and evidences which humiliates him in return.

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Fact is, all development agencies and experts are impressed with the strides achieved by Rwanda. The country has become an inspirational story of what can be achieved by fighting corruption, instilling efficiency, peace and security. The same experts and agencies do not have the same praises for Museveni, widely considered the source of corruption and chaos in Uganda.

In 2019, David Himbara’s trickery on development issues was debunked and exposed by the World Bank. He will certainly continue his efforts to destabilize Rwanda but in 2020, even his allies will be careful about the data he presents.

The fraudster Himbara was unmasked. 2020 will be a hard year for Museveni’s stooge, without a shred of credibility he will find it hard to earn his Anti Rwanda paycheques.

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