Ugandan regime trolls mobilized to conceal Mateke’s involvement in the destabilization of Rwanda

Yoweri Museveni has mobilized his entire arsenal of online trolls and media outlets to defend Philemon Mateke, his Minister of State for Regional Affairs and longtime point man for genocidal forces supported by the Ugandan regime. Born in Rwanda, Mateke is a household name in the PARIMEHUTU ideology. His divisionism can be traced almost 50 years ago, in 1972, when he led savage revenge attacks on Rwandan Tutsi in Uganda for what he claimed was happening to Hutu’s in Burundi at the hand of Burundian Tutsis. The attack on Rwandan refugees in 1972 illustrated how deep his hatred runs; he attacked innocent Rwandans blaming them for occurrences that were happening in a third country.


Philemon Mateke continued his “Rwandanphobic” when he served Obote and even in the 1990s under Museveni. During the liberation struggle, he used to tip Habyarimana army on RPF positions coordinates army for bombardment. Two recent anti-Rwanda acts prove that the octogenarian still has a regional approach to his bigotry with the support of his leader, Yoweri Museveni.

In the second Luanda MoU implementation, Ad Hoc Commission in Uganda the Rwandan delegation proved that Mateke was in constant communication with RUD-Urunana militias. The terrorists that Mateke coordinated, invaded Rwanda and killed 14 civilians with machetes and hammers, the weapon of choice of genocidal forces, and fled back to Uganda. They are currently hiding in Corrupt Museveni’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) barracks that provide terrorist movements with financial and logistical support.

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In 2018, he organized a meeting of FDLR and RNC at Serena hotel Kampala, his FDLR delegation ran into trouble on the way back to their bases in the East Democratic Republic of Congo. Ignace Nkaka aka LaForge Fils Bazeye, its spokesperson and Lt Jean Pierre Nsekanabo the intelligence chief were arrested and extradited to Rwanda. They were interviewed by a UN Group of Expert (UNGoE) and confirmed that Mateke is directly involved with anti-Rwandan terrorist groups operating in DR Congo. When the UNGoE sought Mateke to hear his version on the Serena terrorist meeting, he refused to meet the UN.

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The Ugandan regime was caught off guard by the public condemnation of their Minister of State; they wrongly presumed that the Rwandan side would play window dressing diplomacy. Without Museveni’s go-ahead, it would be unthinkable that a Minister would engage in active terrorism in a neighboring state. Defending Mateke is, therefore, defending Museveni who oversees and coordinates plots destabilize Rwanda.

This only happen in Uganda where the regime sponsors outright smears and virulent misinformation campaigns to defend its evil agenda aiming at toppling leadership of neighboring state.

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