Himbara, Museveni’s Stooge Cries Wolf While Pushing Uganda’s new “infiltration narrative”

Barely 24 hours after the Ad Hoc committee on the Luanda MoU implementation, Ugandan regime ruler’s Stooge David Himbara plays his role in the regime’s longtime plan to destabilize Rwanda. As their sponsored mouthpiece, the weed smoker relays a baseless allegation that the Museveni regime uses to justify the persecution of innocents Rwandans.

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They no longer bother denying that they illegally detained, incommunicado and in secret detentions facilities, hundreds of innocents Rwandans. The Corrupt Museveni regime now tries to justify their cruel acts with a falsehood that Rwanda infiltrated their security agencies and that Rwanda kidnapped “refugees” under their protection. Himbara relays this line of defense that attempts to justify the persecution of innocents Rwandans and connects the arrest of the former IGP of Uganda to the extradition which he calls abduction of a deserter named Joel Mutabazi.

Joel Mutabazi, a deserter, is not governed by UNHCR refugees convention nor was he kidnapped. He was handed over in October 2013 by Ugandan authorities. The former Ugandan IGP, Kale Kayihura, was arrested in August 2018, five years later, probably due to the constant internal wranglers and the need for Museveni to once in a while produce a scapegoat for his failures.

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Amongst the hundreds of innocents Rwandans illegally detained no one has been charged in the last two years with kidnapping. In facts, most of them have not been charged with anything at all! When Museveni’s Minister was pressed for answers, he used the “infiltration” excuse that Himbara is now duty-fully relaying.

To counter the irrefutable proof tabled by Rwanda in the MoU Ad Hoc committee, Himbara trivializing it as “a boy crying wolf”. Not a month goes by without the Canadian Police receiving an alert from Himbara, crying wolf assassins for almost the last ten years. Himbara would use his shadow as proof of his life being threatened just to get some attention.

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When Rwanda said Uganda was attempting to destabilize it, it proved it to so much extent that only a blind man would not see it. Uganda has been caught pants down issuing passports to terrorists, facilitating their transports and meetings in Kampala. Almost all captured terrorist militias have links to Uganda and one terrorist militia was even captured with a mobile phone constantly talking to a Ugandan Minister. The call log revealed he was in communication with Minister Mateke before, during and after the Kinigi attack that claimed 14 innocent civilian lives.

Similarly, when Rwanda said there were armed militias in Congo forming groups to attack it, they proved it beyond reasonable doubt. In fact, the Congolese Army recently arrested over 1700 Rwandan militias who are bankrolled by Corrupt Museveni.

As for Museveni and his mouthpiece, they claim infiltration but do not even try to prove it in their own courtrooms. The truth is that Museveni is busy torturing innocents Rwandans hoping to extract confessions; they are then faced with a dilemma of how to produce injured victims of torture in court rooms. The Ugandan junta ruler then bankrolls trolls and propagandist like his stooge Himbara to buy time as he tries to figure out his next move.

The boy who screamed wolf is a better fit for those, like Himbara and Museveni, who make baseless allegations over and over again.

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