RNC Weed-smoking publicist Himbara exploits Joy Agaba’s natural death with illogical poems

The RNC weed smoking propagandist, David Himbara, is truly shameless. He is so hell bent to exploit a natural death by calling it an assassination that instead of providing evidence for his claims, he is writing poetry!

The death of Joy Agaba, the sister to Rwanda liberation hero Gen. Fred Rwigyema, has pushed Himbara to copy paste poems. Had he loved her so much, he would not be involved with a terrorist group that throws grenade at innocent civilians. He probably even forgot she existed, never bothered to check on her when she was ill.

He tries to exploit her death to harm Rwanda, on behalf of Corrupt Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, another crook that sponsors a smear campaign against Rwanda.

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Instead of quoting poetry, he should explain his sudden concern for the late Joy Agaba. He should also remember that Agaba is resting in the country she loved so much, the very same country he plots to destabilize with Corrupt Museveni. Hence the reason why she was in Rwanda while he finds himself in a cold and foreign land serving a terror organ after fleeing away from accountability.

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