Weed Smoking Himbara’s Audacity And Delusions

The weed smoking Rwanda National Congress propagandist, David Himbara, is always under the illusion that his terrorist affiliations are unknown. It is the only possible explanation for the audacity in his “demanding” explanation on Rwandan matters.

Himbara is paid by the Corrupt Museveni regime and Tribert Rujugiro, an international conman with a grudge to smear Rwanda and its leaders. Himbara usually writes all sorts of propaganda fiction to satisfy his sponsors. His drug use does trick him to believe that no one else knows the obvious fact that he is a sponsored mouthpiece. Where else would Himbara raise $400,000 USD in 2015 just to secure a hearing in the US Congress?

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Himbara is so obvious in his campaign, just in 2019, he published almost 500 titles beginning with “Kagame”. While you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a mere obsession, in reality, Himbara follows strict instructions for the sponsoring Ugandan regime. The corrupt regime also inspires him with materials for his smoke filled head; when Museveni kills or steals Himbara gets inspired for his next attack.

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The RNC propagandist cannot pretend to care for Rwanda and be part of a terror enterprise to destabilize it at the same time; why would Fugitive Himbara care about construction of roads for Rwandans while his terror organ RNC launched grenade attacks killing and injuring the same people? Furthermore, he is so disconnected to reality that he doesn’t even know the current exchange rate. 71 Million dollars is 66 Billion Rwandan Francs, not the 76 Billion he claims. But since Himbara is always cooking numbers and stories, the propagandist will write anything regardless of reality as long as his paymasters instruct him to do so.

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