Himbara, The Weed Smoking RNC Propagandist, Angered By A Grant Of Ambulances To Rwanda

David Himbara, the weed smoking RNC propagandist, has ran out of fuel in his desperate attempts to smear Rwanda. Himbara, who masquerades as a humanitarian is now attacking a foundation for donating ambulances. He is unhappy that the First Laday’s Imbunto Foundation has donated ambulances simply because he is hired to opposed to any positive news from Rwanda.

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The RNC propagandist hides his utter discontent by playing a fake transparency card. He demands to know where the First Lady’s funds comes from. The hypocrite who refused to declare where he obtained $400,000 USD to pay lobbyists in Washington in 2015 to secure a hearing in the US congress, is now asking others to declare the origin of their funds.

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While his dark finance sources are known, some coming from Museveni (aka Exhibit #1510) and others from Tribert Rujugiro (aka #AnkleBeeps), he forgets that unlike him Imbuto Foundation is a reputable humanitarian fund. There is simply no comparison between the hate propaganda fund that pays Himbara to turn brothers against brothers and any foundation fundraising for humanitarian causes.

This time, the RNC Propagandist dishonest trickery lies in his deliberate mix up of the Foundation and the First Lady. As he pours his hate venom, he wants readers to forget that a Foundation raises funds, invests, and even contract loans. A foundation has partnerships, property and an entire management structure. Insinuating that what the Foundation does is similar to what the First Lady does is either dishonest or ignorant. In Himbara’s case, it is his paid duty to tarnish and smear Rwanda.

At face value, Himbara’s attack is simple. Sponsored to advocate for terrorists and genocide convicts, he stands at the opposite side of humanitarian actions such as donating ambulances to Rwanda, his target for destructing whatever Rwanda has achieved through his funded fictitious writings.

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