Himbara, the RNC Weed Smoking Propagandist, admits defeat

The weed smoking RNC propagandist woke up to a massive slap in face. The Rwandan President’s press meeting left the propagandist bitter and sour, Himbara’s anti-Rwanda network was unmasked rendered useless.

President debunked several cheap falsehoods circulated in the anti-Rwandan propaganda. But what hurts Himbara is not that his “Rwanda is spying” narrative was debunked, or that his “Rwanda cooks numbers” lie fell apart; what hurts Himbara is the actual “meet the press” event.

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For years, the RNC propagandist’s central lie is that centers on tainting Rwanda as a brutal oppressive regime yet national and international press witness first hand how open and democratic Rwanda is. The atmosphere of the event trashed all that Himbara and his network have been saying.

Unlike in Himbara’s paymaster master Museveni regime where journalists are briefed on what to ask the president; for Rwanda’s presidential press conference the press was free to asked any questions. They asked questions on regional security and integration, trade and international relations including the Rwanda-Uganda conflict.

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All questions from the press were well addressed by the Head of State and everyone was satisfied. But Himbara doesn’t want to tell his readers how Museveni banned all sorts of questions about the Rwanda-Uganda conflict; Himbara should be telling us about his praised freedom of expression in Uganda.

It left the weed smoker confused and out of breath, resulting in one of the most bizarre post in which he quotes the Art of War and the Bible at the same time! Himbara knows his campaign failed and he fears his sponsors might reach the same conclusion. Yoweri Museveni (aka Exhibit #1510) and Tribert Rujugiro (#AnkleBeeps) have poured millions in financing Himbara and his network to tarnish tarnish Rwanda, a move that has died on arrival.

Meanwhile, Himbara keeps cashing his checks, making a living from an elaborate scheme of pseudo-activist and journalists that are in fact paid propagandists. In his conclusion, out of desperation, the weed smoker concludes that the Rwandan President will be removed “by the sword”, a blatant admission that his smear campaign has failed. Before writing his empty threat, the RNC propagandist should really have asked his military wing in “P5”; they would have explained to him that his “by sword” joke can only be typed on his laptop’s keyboard not in reality, considering the experiencing P5 had in Minembwe and Musanze district attempts to subvert Rwanda.

Fugitive Himbara, aka The Professor of Hate, is the only one in this era who still thinks countries are led by only reading and quoting books.

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