Weed Smoking David Himbara, Professor of Hate.

The weed smoking propagandist David Himbara is a camouflaged agent of hate. He masquerades as some form of activists, or as a Professor, etc, but in reality, he is nothing but a Professor of Hate utilizing Nazi propaganda techniques to plant division and hate. His ultimate fantasy is for RNC, and their patron Museveni to bring down the Rwandan administration, so that their terrorist organization can take over as puppets of the Kampala regime.

Since the 31st of December 2018, the weed smoking RNC Liar in Chief produced an astronomical amount of hate pieces on his medium blog. In 295 days, to be exact, he smeared the President’s name 411 times his medium blog out of 417 blogs, with the name ‘Kagame’ in the title. In other words, 98% of weed smoking Himbara’s post are hate posts directed at the Rwandan leader with a repetitive mention of his name. The repetitions are more than a mere coincidence; Himbara is borrowing from known hate speech technics for indoctrination and labelling. The infamous Nazi propagandist Goebbels designed with these repetitions, he believed in constant repetitions to tarnish and slander.

Yoweri Museveni and Rujugiro finance and support the propaganda against Rwanda as they support and finance any effort to destabilize Rwanda. Himbara benefits from their deep pockets; in 2015 alone, they gave him more than $400,000 to lobby against the Rwandan government and it leader. The two grumpy old men also sponsor violent militias, genocidal maniacs and anyone else willing to join their enterprise to destabilize Rwanda.

The only thing he is currently teaching and preaching is hate. His last three books, self-published as all publishers refused to publish pure slander were also titled with “Kagame” as the first word. In reality, Himbara smokes his weed and then writes hate and slander, he is the Professor of Hate by excellence. The paid propagandist is relentless in teaching hate, give him a microphone or a camera and ask him to talk about the weather; he will begin with ‘Kagame’ and follow it with a hate sermon. Worryingly, the Professor of Hate still labels himself as an educator and is still allowed to approach young minds; parents and real educators should be concerned. The weed smoking RNC propagandist will intoxicate their young ones and lure them into terrorism, to certain death most likely in East Congo.

Their death will not stop the weed smoking Professor of hate to maintain his repetitive Nazi styled hate propaganda.

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