Weed Smoking Himbara Contagious Ignorance Of Conservation Efforts

For the likes of David Himbara, a dedicated RNC smear and hate propagandist and a weed smoker, writing nonsense from a point of view of ignorance is not a concern. But for the rest of the world, normal and decent, a very basic fact check is _sine qua non_ (essential), to at the very least avoid making a fool of oneself.

The RNC propagandist recent wrote what he termed as breaking news, the Hirwa Gorilla family has moved from Rwanda to Uganda. He literary used a wildlife normal migration for political ends, politicizing natural conversation efforts. Gorilla’s move freely within the Viruga park area that extends in Rwanda, DR Congo and Uganda. In fact, a few years ago, the only group of gorillas moved from Uganda to join the twenty groups that lived in Rwanda. When this happened, there were no celebrations or political undertones attributed to the migration.

It was a normal occurrence much like the Hirwa movement to Uganda. Moreover, with the Greater Virunga Initiative, countries agreed to share revenue for tourists visiting a group that has crossed from one state to another. Meaning, Uganda will be sharing revenue generated by the Hirwa migration (assuming they keep their words).

Himbara and his cheap band of propagandists should keep gorillas out of your cheap propaganda. It is also unwise for them to pick on Rwanda’s conservation; it is a global success is there for all to see. Their cheap online thrills will not dent the global recognition of Rwanda’s conservation and environmental policy.

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