Russia–Rwanda Nuclear Deal Makes Weed Smoking Himbara Furious

The weed smoking radical RNC propagandist is seriously unhappy at a Russia–Rwanda partnership in acquiring nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes, electricity in particular. It is one more proof that his lies and propaganda are not having any effect.

The agreement was first signed in Moscow last December but was revisited in May 2019 when Rosatom Global, the Russian government nuclear parastatal, said it will help Rwanda set up the nuclear plant by 2024.

This will not be changed by Himbara’s usual misleading statistics, his usual fall back plan when all other things fail. He claims Nuclear power plant cost $9 Billions when in fact the cost is about $2 to $4 Billions, (read Synapse Energy for more) on cost blatant deliberate over estimation. But most importantly is that these plants are priced per kWh as different capacities cost differently! The weed smoker once again exposes how he writes in complete ignorance and without a basic (even a simple google) research.

With his paymaster, Yoweri Museveni, they were under the illusion that they could bring Rwanda down by sabotaging a Rwanda-Ethiopia Electricity deal. All they have achieved is to make Rwanda more creative in sourcing alternative sources for Electricity.

As for the financing calculations against gross revenue, Himbara should look for a high school graduate to explain for him easy terms like loans, leasing or grants. Regardless, Rwanda is moving on unhindered by his Museveni sponsored online smear campaign.

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