Himbara Blunders and Accidentally Praises Rwanda’s Leadership.

The RNC chief propagandist, drug abuser David Himbara is supposed to produce a constant stream of smear on Rwanda and its leadership. His most recent post is that the Rwandan President travels too much and does not attend Cabinet meetings. Himbara could not care less about cabinet meetings in Rwanda. Paid to smear Rwanda by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro (aka Ankle-Beeps), the weed smoker accidentally produced an article that shows how efficient the Government of Rwanda is.

Desperate in his attempt to tarnish the President of Rwanda, Himbara enumerated the President’s foreign trips. He calls it a scandal that Head of State travels too much; but reality, he just proved how hard working the President of Rwanda is. Himbara probably did not carefully think through his sponsored attack piece especially as most trips were invites to high-level, global leaders events that his sponsors failed to get.

World leaders’ travel are not spontaneous for example; if Museveni wanted to travel to the G20 this year, it would not have been possible, as he was not invited. He could have traveled to the UN General Assembly in New York but he skipped it as his name was mentioned in a courtroom in New York in a corruption case. He wanted to skip it to avoid embarrassing questions about how one Partick Ho was convicted of giving him – referred to as Exhibit 1510 – a $500,000 bribe.

Some leaders opt not to travel at all, fearing a coup d’etat the moment they step out, while others might simply not get invited as their reputation for corruption and mismanagement cause embarrassment to their host. Post-war and genocide Rwanda is a global success story due to its hard work and determination, it is a story that leads to its leaders being solicited and invited to additional forums.

The weed-smoking propagandist hates that Rwanda’s success story has not been tarnished by his smear campaign. By his own admission, Rwanda is doing well on the international scene otherwise its representatives would not be invited to attend world-class events.

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