Weed Smoker David Himbara Faking His Death Threats For Attention

Weed smoker David Himbara, the RNC propagandist, has a special skill when it comes to fabrication especially for fabrication that draws attention to him. He is an attention seeker of epic proportion. Today, he sensationally published a letter from the Canadian Police and claims it’s is investigating possible threats to his life. The only reason the RNC propagandist comes up with such lies is to tarnish Rwanda as he is paid to do by Museveni (Exhibit #1510) and Rujugiro (#Ankle beeps). (Read about Museveni army of trolls)

In the twisted narrative, Himbara related an unbelievable story that someone called him to inform him that he was under pressure to “get close to him”. The Weed smoking RNC propagandist apparently directed the would-be ‘spy’ to file a report to the police. Himbara then requested for the police file containing his pseudo death threat. On social media, Himbara then shared the response from the Canadian Police, it tells another story.

Highlighted in the letter is, “Where you are listed as the complainant” meaning the RNC propagandist filed a complaint. When he pressed the police for the file, the response was a diplomatic NO, for privacy issues amongst other issues. His attempted trick to embarrass his target (typically Rwanda or Rwandan leaders) by mentioning them in a complaint, and then asking for a police record with their names failed. He will not get to play around with his statements validated by the mere fact that he told it to the police.

Equally important to note, is that Himbara and his RNC have been reported to encourage Rwandans to seek asylum under the false pretense. For some asylum seekers, the promise of an expedited process for their case is dangled in front of them as long as they support RNC fabrications. They are told to say that they cannot go back to Rwanda and coached lies that support RNC narratives.

David Himbara takes full advantage of economic migrants who intend to seek political asylum in order to stay in Canada. Key in this fabrication is Himbara’s behavior, he is publicizing it and exploiting it fully. If he believed the threat to be real, he would at least be concerned for his created informant during the investigative stages.

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