RNC Propagandist Tries Old Divide and Rule Neocolonial Tactics.

David Himbara, the weed smoking RNC propagandist, is attacking the Rwandan governance system. He is viciously attacking the legislative branch, Himbara doesn’t like how senators are chosen.

Rwanda has a bicameral legislative branch composed of deputies and senators. The weed smoker takes issue with the fact that some senators are elected by an electoral college while others are appointed.

Masquerading as an activist for democracy, David Himbara plays an ancient neocolonial tune that a different governances system to his norm is to be labelled false and defunct.

The judicial, the executive and the legislature; three branches of government commonly found in sovereign states worldwide. Yet no two countries are exactly the same.

In Africa and in developing countries, neocolonial forces attempted to force a copy-paste model, with the skewed vision that one shoe size fits all. This ‘one shoe size’ prescription is given to achieve confrontational politics as opposed to consensual politics with the aim to always pin one against the other.

Interestingly, neocolonial forces will not taste their own medicine of pure confrontational politics, most of them actually adopt a bicameral legislative. They adopt an upper house or senate that is almost never a pure product of direct popular vote. With his obscure logic, the RNC propagandist would, therefore, find himself criticizing every upper house or senate in the world.

Some upper house and senate are elected by electoral college, others are nominated individuals by virtue of their past appointments, some are even hereditary positions, yet Himbara picks Rwanda as having done the unthinkable. As the neocolonialist, his objective is simple; he wants to pin brothers against brothers for the benefit of his RNC terrorist organization.

He does so deliberately because even Canada, his second citizenship, has an unelected senate. In his second country of citizenship, senators are appointed to serve for a lifetime only to retire at 75! They are all appointed by the Governor General – who represents the Queen – in consultation with their Prime Minister. (For More Informations On The Canadian Senate)

Canada kept a bicameral legislative modeled after its independence from the United Kingdom which also still has about 90 hereditary peers in the House of Lords (equivalent to the upper house or senate). In both cases, their governance system works and is tailored to suit their needs. Why would Himbara single out Rwanda?

In the immediate post-colonial era, the imposition of a confrontational system in sovereign states was generally done under the disguise democracy to divide and rule. It is a trickery still in use today by “pseudo activist” especially those like David Himbara who hide a more cynical agenda.

All he wants is people screaming and fighting over every single issue thus creating fertile ground for his recruitment in his terrorist enterprise.

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