A Free Lesson For Weed Smoking David Himbara

The RNC propagandist David Himbara questions openly the motive behind the appointment of Col Andrew Nyamvumba as the Head of Research and Development in Rwandan military.
He writes, “What will Nyamvumba do as head of research and development or R&D in Rwanda military? R&D normally refers to innovative activities by companies or government research agencies. Their work is to develop new products or improving existing services or products.”

Can someone help weed smoker David Himbara understand this simple concept? Research and Development exist in the military. Below are a few links for him to learn about R&D programs in the Military.

The RNC Chief propagandist should do some research before posting, he is an embarrassment even by the very low, almost nill, standards that his sponsors (Exhibit #1510 and Ankle-Beeps Rujugiro).

US Army


South Africa


It’s a shame Himbara is incapable of research, below are links for him to read more substantial writings on R&D in the military:


But the most appropriate link for Himbara will be Google, he should simply google ‘R&D in the military’ before writing nonsense.

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