RNC’s David Himbara and Tom Wilson of The Financial Times Auto-Validate Each Other On BBC Business Daily

The BBC Business Daily, in an attempt to revive the erroneous Financial Times article that poverty reduction is not real in Rwanda, asked for David Himbara’s opinion. Weedsmoking David Himbara, the chief RNC (Rwandan National Congress) propagandist, was more than happy to support his Anti-Rwanda RNC narrative.

The BBC tries to sanitize the Chief Propagandist of a terrorist movement by introducing him as “the founder of the government policy unite” but make no mention of his link to the FT article he was about to interpret.

The Business Daily show and the Financial Times both cite David Himbara as he cites them in return to salvage some credibility after the World-Bank disowned their outright manipulation of the Bank’s reports. They all deployed a simplistic maneuver of auto-validation. Himbara feeds them with a narrative and later is asked for comments as a third party. This is an extremely lazy and dishonest maneuver to circumvent an embarrassing fact, the World Bank disowned their narrative.

Inviting David Himbara, quoted in the original Financial Times fabrication is suspicious enough, but when one remembers that David once paid US $400,000 just to speak to congress, clarity sets in. RNC’s Chief propagandist is financially backed by Rujugiro (nicknamed ‘ankle beeps’, for the beeping his ankle monitoring used make while under house arrest), and Yoweri Museveni.

They give him hundreds of thousands to spend in tarnishing Rwanda’ image, they do this as they support RNC’s military adventures in Congo as they desperately seek away into Rwanda. RNC targets Rwanda’s success and development as it is an indictment of their failures to destabilize it.

When offered the microphone, the propagandist went on to give false lies that economic indicators are dictated in government. After attacking the Rwandan Government, they attacked the World Bank claiming it’s a conspiracy to present good poverty alleviation numbers! They do however expect us to trust unnamed and unpublished academics.

To conclude their self-validation exercise, Weed smoking David Himbara, the Rwandan Canadian national claims to be in exile in his own homeland, Canada.

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