David, Yoweri, Trilbert, The Fraudsters Trio

One is bound to be disappointed at any David Himbara posts for any sort of in-depth analysis. The fraudster who lied his way through school, undergraduate and graduate school specialized in plagiarism and fabrications. His expertise earns him a living, Museveni and Rujugiro sponsor him to fabricate and propagate lies as an RNC propagandist. He is paid hundreds of thousands in US Dollars per year by both men. Rujugiro and Museveni offer him unlimited resources to smear Rwanda. In one of his stunts, he received over $400,000 just to make an appearance in the US senate!

Himbara is a paid professional liar, Rujugiro is an international crook whose legs vibrate with tracking bracelets warning authorities of his movements. Museveni, well, has lied to Ugandan for 33 years and counting. The trio converge on Rwanda with fury, hoping lies and propaganda will eventually work.

One of his most favorite tools in lying is statistical data, he cooks up numbers from nowhere and then uses them to denigrate Rwanda.

Angered by a recently announced visit from Zimbabwean officials to Rwanda to learn from best practices in various fields, Himbara writes an entire article comparing Zimbabwe and Rwanda. In his skewed analysis, he works out that Zimbabweans have nothing to learn from Rwanda. Ignoring the fact that no genuine educator can say that there is nothing to learn, who wouldn’t want to learn from one of the fastest-growing economy on the continent, reputed for its transparency and its miraculous economic recovery?

A confidential source informed us that David Himbara used to be called Murunganwa in his younger days. He started calling himself Himbara later in life, after failing his O levels. The source says that he probably had to use someone else’s O levels Cambridge leaving certificate as his own results were catastrophic; seven 9s (lowest mark equivalent to ‘F’) and an 8 in English (second-lowest equivalent to ‘D minus’). Reading his propaganda, one can directly see that David Himbara Murunganwa still deserves the lowest possible mark. It also explains why all his recent publications are self-published, the propagandist knowns that he could never fool a panel of real academics.

With the recent revelations that Yoweri Museveni should rather be called Yoweri Kayibanda, David Himbara to be David Murunganwa, the next article we will explore Rujugiro and his multifaceted identity.

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