Himbara Drinks And Breaks Already Known News

Glued to his phone, David Himbara is promising to report every single movement of President Kagame on his blogs. Himbara, with a legendary reputation of alcohol induced incompetence, will be reporting as part of RNC’s online terror campaign sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro.

The only thing the lazy RNC propagandist does is to google and scan social media for the name “Kagame”. He then writes on his social media accounts the President’s location as if it is a revelation.

Presidential travels are very public affairs, these are public officials doing public work. RNC’s drunk propagandist is not able to do more than this, he reports public knowledge as breaking news.

Sources in Canada hint that ever since RNC was defeated in Congo, Himbara’s drinking worsened. Himbara has already began drunk-typing even more ridiculously. On top of all RNC problems, keeping Himbara sober is increasingly becoming an impossible task.

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